Your questions for Jimmy Greaves

I have been asked to do an interview with Tottenham Legend Jimmy Greaves tomorrow and I’m looking for White Hart Pain readers to submit some questions!

He’s going to be at Burger King in Leicester Square tomorrow. It’s all connected to the World Cup and their Whopper Legend promotion.

Visit the website here to see what it’s all about

Please add anything you fancy asking Jimmy to the comments section.

15 thoughts on “Your questions for Jimmy Greaves”

  1. Jim,
    What ever has gone on between you and spurs we as fans dont know.But please put it all behind you and walk on that pitch for an interview and take the crowds huge respect for you! If you cant do it for yourself, then do it for us the fans! Youre never forgotten at the LANE!

  2. Jimmy, why do you think the England players struggle to put three passes together in international games?

    The foreign teams seem much quicker and sharper passing the ball along the floor.

    What do you think could be done to help English players develop this aspect of their game?

  3. Jimmy
    With talk of Robbie Keane leaving and Defoe going through a bit of a slump in form, my question is….. Have a still got your boots?

  4. Jimmy
    With talk of Robbie Keane leaving and Defoe going through a bit of a slump in form, my question is….. Have you still got your boots?

  5. Jimmy,
    Would you say that “Gillie” was one of the most talented,enigmatic players you ever played with? As far as i’m concerned we won the European Cup in 1962, as you scored perfectly legit goals against BenFica in the semi final which an incompetent ref disallowed.

  6. just want to echo kevin hills sentiments posted above. Jimmy greaves is the reason i’m a spurs fan and was in my humble opinion the absolute greatest goal scorer bar none. does he still remember his header against derby from around the edge of the box, lol absolutely greatest footballer bar none. would walk to whl from belfast to see him again

  7. would reiterate tony’s comment re kevin hills; Jimmy is one of the core Spurs players in the modern era, and possibly the greatest icon of what the club is about; to see the club’s renaissance without the presence of Jimmy doesn’t seem right; you had a great part in making the club great and you should be around now!

  8. Jimmy

    I know you always rated Bobby Smith and Gilly as your two favourite partners. Appreciating that it is not always easy to compare players from different era’s but how do you think you would have fared with Teddy Sherringham at your side. I have always thought you two together, both at the top of your game, would have been a absolute joy to behold for a Spurs fan.

  9. Do you think Spurs should sell Bentley.With the exacting shedule expected next you think he should be retained as a sub. for Lennon?

  10. Jimmy Greaves – best goalscorer ever for Spurs and England. As good a player that Bobby Charlton was, he needed double the games for England to beat Jimmy’s scoring record -discuss?

  11. Jimmy Greaves – one of the reasons I too started following Spurs. Even called my son James, after him.So many great goals, so many memories. Jimmy – does any particular game stand out in your mind ? For me it was your hatrick for England in Belfast 1965 in the first 20 minutes in England’s 4-3 win. Clinical finishing – poor Pat Jennings was shellshocked.

  12. Jimmy I saw you play at White Hart Lane many times. You were a joy to watch. You could read a game like nobody else, your positioning was unreal. Today managers want strikers to pay all over the place. You were the BEST STRIKER EVER by far. I wish we could bring back those old games. I have to say the two I remember very well were the 2 games against Man. United they beat you at Old Trafford and you beat them at White Hart Lane. They were two of the best entertaining games I have ever seen, and look at the talent on both sides. When are you coming to Canada. If you do you can stay at my place, and I will take you golfing. All the very best Jimmy. Regards Norman.

  13. you took the words right out of my mouth .come on jim we want to see you in the spurs hall of fame right at the top of the tree.

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