You can only endure a clown for so long

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Heurelho Gomes cost us a game under Harry and it finally happened yesterday at Craven Cottage. I’ve been fighting his corner while most people have been knocking our Brazilian keeper be you cannot defend the indefensible.

His save from Jimmy Bullard’s free kick was exceptional but ultimately pointless. What good is a keeper who can pull off the spectacular if he can’t do the simple things? It would be like a striker who scores a pinger every so often but misses a couple of open goals every game.

I know he was highly rate before arriving at Tottenham and played well at the Lane when we played PSV in the UEFA Cup but I just find it hard to believe he wasn’t making the same sort of errors week in week out for them.

There hasn’t been a game this season where he hasn’t made some kind of mistake and the amount of goals he’s cost us now is completely unacceptable.

Harry keeps coming out and defending him to the media which is all he can really do but surely he must be thinking about giving Cesar Sanchez a chance. I know he’s getting on but he isn’t really old in goalkeeping terms. He looked solid enough when he came on against Liverpool the other night and simply has to be a better option than Gomes at the moment.

Obviously a keeper will be a priority in January but it will come down to who is available. I can’t see Newcastle wanting to sell Given especially in the middle of the season and that’s even if he fancies a move to London. I really don’t want David James. I know he’s ironed out a lot of the simple mistakes he used to make but you can bet your life if he arrives at Spurs they will suddenly appear again. I hear Blackburn have a good keeper, Paul something or other.

Maybe we need to be looking at goal keepers that are keeping the bench warm. There are a number of good keepers not getting a game who we may be able to prise away from their clubs in the transfer window but it’s whether Harry wants to take a punt on someone who hasn’t been getting regular first team football.

This is a big decision for HR but I really think he needs to drop Gomes for the next game. What’s the worst that can happen? If Cesar does turn out to be that bad, Gomes can always come back in. Being dropped may knock his confidence but I don’t see how he can play any worse that he is at the moment.

6 thoughts on “You can only endure a clown for so long”

  1. My sentiments entirely, enough is enough, either Hennessy of Wolves or Green of West Ham as Newcastle wont let Given go even for a ‘Kings Ranson’. Harry dosent suffer fools for long.

  2. what has happened to out young keeper Alnwick?? He couldn’t be any worse and what I have seen of Oscar Janson even at the tender age of 18 he cant be worse either!
    It’s no wonder our defense is so vulnerable!!

  3. The problem with fighting his corner while everyone else goes against him, is that everyone else if normally right and you, being the fighter which is respectable in some ways, is the person in the wrong and just can not see it or admit it.

    Now our problem is, Harry Redknapp is the same. He will not drop Gomes, and yet our reserve keepers must be thinking “what the hell has to happen for me to get into the team)
    You can not judge a keeper by age as they tend to get better with age.

    gomes has the ability to be among the best keepers in the world, but he, like robinson has taken it for granted that he is number1 for the spot, and maybe relaxed too much, now struggling to recover form again as a result.

  4. Has anyone thought it might be the goalkeeping coaching setup at WHL. The same crisis of confidence hit Robbo…now he’s playing out of his skin at Blackburn.

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