You can Duff off

I’ve heard some sick jokes in my time where Tottenham’s transfer targets are concerned but Damien Duff would certainly make the top ten. I’m sure this must be some kind of wind up, I’d rather pull Andy Sinton back out of retirement than sign this leprechaun.

Go back four years or so and yes, I would have been very happy to see him in a Spurs shirt but at 30 years of age with his injury record and lack of decent form for as long as I can remember, no thank you very much. I can’t see that he’s still up to the Premiership, let alone a side supposed to be pushing the top 4 or 5 teams all the way to the line next season.

In what can possibly be considered even worse news, Obafemi Martins’ name is also being banded about. I have a more than a strong dislike for his attitude as it is and that is with him at a rival club, I’d seriously think about defecting to Welling Utd if he turns up at the Lane. I’ve only just recovered from the Djibril Cisse stories, now there is this to contend with!

Obviously the majority of these rumours turn out to be the brainchild of a bored Mirror journalist or a 13 year old kid sitting at home on the internet pretending to be in the know but reading these names still does my ticker no good whatsoever.

Wednesday see the opening of the transfer window and I’d imagine Spurs will be doing some early business with players going both in and out. Let’s hope it’s the likes of Bentley, Chimbonda, Huntelaar and Robben involved rather than Keane, Lennon, Duff and Martins.

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  1. No thanks to Duff infact most of which has been in the Press <<<(they are the people that are ment to let us know whats going on instead they are giving Spurs fans heart attacks all over the country) Young we'll have that one though and a couple of those Real players 🙂

  2. Maybe the medical team want him (and perhaps Owen too). If they get payed by the hour, they probably are feeling a bit short changed. Even the likes of Woodgate are staying injury free.Oh, and I remember Duff saying that he could never join Spurs as he played for Chelsea. Remember he also gets payed a whole stack of money so I cannot see Levy paying those wages. This is an agent trying to engineer something. Maybe they reckon Harry likes to buy some oldies sometimes.

  3. This is a joke i have just read vital wolves on our site saying three clubs battle it out for spurs star tom hudds .So Harry thinks duff offers more than tom this will be tottenhams big mistake ranking alonside carrick and defoe seling tom like lennon last year we just about stopped making another mistake selling him because of the crossing brigade debate and now its toms to slow for the prem.Well he has done a good job for three or four seasons and out of the couple of games Harry trusted him he got 8 out of ten ratings.Thats why teams are fighting over him villa agbonlahor yong fellani and tom 6ft4 and 6ft3 in midfield sunderland bent and jones waiting for tom crosses and through balls.Wake up Harry you have the team just make them play like you did we wont buy any better than we have til we have a 60,000 stadium and finish higher .

  4. Hi there, Great to find another Spurs man who has Welling as his back-up side. Been following these two clubs for year – in fact I started when Welling was Bexleyheath and Welling before Welling took over.

  5. Hi NZSpur,

    Welling would be my local side. They’ve had a few good players over the years, Steve Finnan, Andy Townsend etc. Can’t see them getting promoted to the league proper anytime soon though, something major would need to happen.

    I’m not Huddlestone’s biggest fan dav but you could well be right.

  6. Wow, another Welling fan here!
    Been a few years though as I don’t live down there anymore. I used to go to alot of away games aswell.
    Anyone remember the strikeforce of Terry Robbins & Gary Abbot? Or how about Dichio on loan from QPR? Or when Tony Reynolds broke his neck on the goalpost and played on for the rest of the match!? Or the hatred of the Slough keeper Lawrence Batty!?
    Those were the days!

  7. Lets look at why some spurs fans dont rate tom hudds.Firstly his bad points his weight 15 or 16stones is suppose to be is size and i admit that when ramos took him to 13 stone he looked far more mobile if he went to liverpool or everton he would be 12 stones atleast look at fellani whats there secret trainning method its not ramos is special food that i do no ?.Secondly Harry pointed out and i noticed the same thing he doesent command the ball or look for its making him look even more lazy.But if you watch himplay for the under 21 he does lok for it nd command the games takes penalts free kicks .This is because tom is just 22 years old and comes accros gentle giant he should be more like palacios but carrick has just started to matured into a more dominent players into is 25 or 6th year .This is where Harry should show him tapes of is under21 and say this is how i want you to play. Also with palacios alongside it gives tom more ball to play with because he does the donkey work like fellani does for everton.Now is good points that spurs fans love but want more of and less of .The less is weight 2stones the more is carrying the ball more then pass one or two 50 yard passes more flicks chips through balls and more of them thunderous shots .This will become reality with maturity and weight loss and we will have our very own kyser for the older fans whas germanys finest midfield general.Keep our future england star.

  8. I take offence to your use of leprechaun.
    Do you know that THFC have a big Irish support.?
    Not least here in London.

  9. I really can’t think of ANY Toon players i would want to be honest and Duff, yikes, no thanks; the Irish Darren Anderton.

    Stick Tom in CM with Palacios for the first ten games next season. I think it is too early to give up on a 22 year old with so much ability. Rumour has it we were planning to dispense with Lennon, a player of a similar age, but look how he has kicked on now.

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