Wise and Poyet in if we lose to Newcastle?!!

I don’t know how true this is, but there is a rumour flying about this afternoon that Dennis Wise could be joining Gus Poyet in a joint managerial role if Newcastle dump us out the Carling Cup on Wednesday night!

I’m not one to take much notice of this sort of stuff but the guy that told me also said we’d sign Bent about six months before it actually happened, that was bad new as well!!

Newcastle are in turmoil at the minute so I can understand the thinking, if we can’t even beat them, how are we going to pick up any league points?

I’ve never had a problem with Dennis Wise and while his reputation has been somewhat tarnished with all the chaos at Newcastle, his managerial record is hard to knock.

Personally, if Ramos and the board have come to some kind of mutual decision for him to leave the club, I’d rather see Gus take charge on his own. That way he would be able to carry on the work they have started, and there would still be some stability.

This could all be just speculation obviously but any manager that hadn’t won after five league games, against mainly inferior opposition, would have their credentials called in question.

27 thoughts on “Wise and Poyet in if we lose to Newcastle?!!”

  1. 15:39, fuck off and go and support someone else you stupid fickle little twat. Wise and Poyet? Yeah lets get two ex-Chelsea boys to take us forward. I dont care if he had a good record at Leeds – they were miles ahead of anyone in that league in terms of quality anyway. Wise or Ramos? Hmmmm. Fuck off fickle Spurs fans, i’ve had just about enough of you all.

  2. I hope this is a joke – We need to have some continuity and though we are struggling at the moment this will not continue for much longer.
    Three games in aweek is difficult when you are gelling a team and need to rotate due to fixture congestion.
    Someone made a BIG mistake with Bentley. Ramos looks like he fancies Lennon more as his pace fits in with his tactics.
    If we lose to the geordies then i will start to worry,

  3. Let’s hope it is true

    What more motivation could you give the Newcastle players than promising a win bonus of getting rid of the little shit that has caused so much trouble on Tyneside

  4. really hope this is true , wise would be great at spurs .
    ramos is rubbish and will never get us where we want to be .
    cant see us beating the geordies , they always walk over us .

  5. Why are we not supporting our team ?
    What is this booing at half time shit ?
    Get behind the lads you muppets – If you’re short on confidence thats the last thing you want to be hearing. We are meant to be at home – f**king worse than chelski.

  6. 15.57 could only be posted by a Geordie….only they have brains that small. As for Wise, you must be fucking joking!

  7. we might have booed at half time but for the last 30 minutes of the match, the fans sang NON STOP supporting the team and i cant remember the fans singing NON STOP for half an hour for years especially whilst we are being treated with totally inept displays at every single game, performances this season are abysmal, look at our record in prem under ramos since february….3 wins, its not good to lose him but he and the players need to adapt to prem and quick, bentley and bale under acheiving massively, bent not good enough, still no decent central midfielder

  8. Wise is a C*nt.

    We need to give the team time to settle. They deserve to be bottom at the moment as they are playing badly, but given time they will turn the corner. They are short of confidence and Ramos record since the Carling Cup final has not been good.

    The players are massively underperforming, however, we are forever changing the squad of players, for which I was of the understanding that our Director of Football was supposed to settle things down – getting a squad that was to be managed by whoever is in charge. This is clearly not the case, the dross that he has bought in the past has been outed by Ramos.

    And how he has not identified that we are desperately short of a left midfielder, A Centre Half, a quality holding midfielder and why he fannied around for so long with the Berbatov and replacing him debacle is anyones guess.

    With a win under our belts I think we will turn the corner. I hope !!

  9. hahaha the only thing that is helping me this season is that you lot are total pap… we ahve lost our manager and 2 main coaches and the club is in turmoil but we are still above you in the league after you have spent so wisely in the summer.!!!!!

    Why oh why did you lot get rid of Jol… big mistake.

    Good luck on Wednesday… you will need it… it would be REALLY embarrassing to not only get beaten by the Mackems but also by the Toon who are sailing in a sinking ship.

    URK >.

  10. i agree with daz, you people arent welcome at our club. You wonder where the pressure comes from on the players?? from idiots like you churning out this crap.
    support the team or fuck off.

  11. quote I dont care if he had a good record at Leeds unquote
    He didn’t, he was sh|te. Poyet was the brains at leeds, the spurs board saw that. thats why they took him and not wise. as soon as Poyet left leeds went down hill fast.
    Believe me, you don’t want “the poison dwarf”

  12. Are you all stupid, I am with the comments of get the hell out of our club. Ramos or Wise?? Wise is a twat!!!

    The is Geordie Retoric to try and motivate their team, but unfortunately I am not sure those muppets can read.

    Ramos will sort this out we just have to gel as a team.

    Ramos or Wise thats like saying Ferguson or Bruce??

    Twats the lot of you, support your team.

  13. ramos was a bad choice from the start , we cant keep throwing money at things and expecting them to work out .
    poyet seems proffesional and him and wise did a good job at leeds apart from the relegation .
    the pair of them would be good for us .
    ramos needs to leave now while we still have a chance to turn the season around , he’s not done anything so far to suggest he is going tobe the manager todo it ,
    cut our loses before its to late .

  14. My my.. I didn’t think I could find equally as detrimental fans as we are sometimes (NUFC) but a few of you lot have just blown us out of the water..

    What cracks me up more though, is that a couple of you have insinuated that we can’t read, yet you can’t even word your sentences properly.. Absolute comedy gold.

    Fucking stroll on….

  15. Wise and poyet would make a great team, presumably wise as director of football and poyet as manager, will poyet be given any of the money to spend from the summer sales to strengthen the sqaud ?

  16. Wise knows the english game and would command the respect of the players – something Ramos clearly doesn’t have


  17. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 15 seasons and this is the worst I’ve seen down the lane – I was actually singing Martin Jol’s name yesterday, he was a great man

  18. u lot need to stick with ramos,1 win could change everything,its great watching your games and reading your comments from an afc perspective but come on,wise is a little cunt ,ramos will get it right!

  19. You can have Ashley too, since he loves your two-bit club so much.

    Wise, Ashley, Poyet and Spurs…match made in heaven.

    Howay the Toon.

  20. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Ramos go, Poyet made Head Coach & Wise as DOF. Ramos hasn't impressed me once, and I'd be very happy if that fruity little frenchman in charge of transfers was shown the door. The DOF position is nonsense to me anyway so whoever fills it (if someone has to) is meaningless unless the two main men are in complete tandem. This would be a possibility if this were true.
    Some real muppets about. Geezer writes an article based on a RUMOUR he has heeard that he has no idea if true (he states this) and all the idiots come crawling out with their "support your team" latest slogan to make themselves feel better about themselves and the mess the club's in. They're sadly everywhere. – Fuzzy Dunlop

  21. why are people too scared to blame ramos, . All this talk of losing our strikers blah blah, need to gel blah blah, did you not know that berba and keane were playing last season when this awful run started in feb. Its not about being fickle,if ramos and his mouthpeice poyet were getting some response since feb last year ie a win here and there, no one would be talking about this and just saying were having a little bad run. But one win in 11 games in prem is awful and the team are just not doing it. More to keane leaving then meets the eye.

  22. Why do we face this every year ? Somebody needs to give us an award for our sheer optimism. Everybody else calls us deluded fans and so far we havent given them any reason to believe otherwise.

    I dont know what the solution is – but changing the team wholesale is not it. I really fear for the future at the moment. I dont mind a reality check and land in championship, because I think that will wake us up. But god forbid and if we end up 13th or 14th, this will all be forgotten and we will be repeating the same shit next year.

  23. i’ll pay for wise’s taxi if this is true!! fu.ck it i’ll give him a piggy back and walk there!! i’ll even put a spurs top on!!

  24. What about getting venables in ?

    He sounds like hed like to come back to management at the moment.

    Wise as DOF, Venables manager and poyet as his assistant.

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