Who should start?

The Tottenham team has pretty much been picking itself in the league since the opening game of season, but after some good performances from the fringe players at Doncaster on Wednesday, do any of them deserve to start at the Lane against Birmingham tomorrow?

It’s a hard one for Harry Redknapp because on paper, Birmingham at home should be an easy 3 points. Obviously nothing should be taken for granted but it must be tempting for him to give Crouch, Pavlyuchenko or Bentley a game. Is it worth tinkering with a winning league side though? Other than having to shuffle the defence when Ledley needed a rest against Hull, it has been the same set of players in all three league victories.

Personally, I’d struggle to know what to do if I were in the manager’s shoes. The only real obvious one would be starting Crouch in place of Keane but even that’s a difficult move with Keane having started the season very confidently and being team captain. Bentley’s been in the dock today so I’m not sure it’s the right time for him to be starting and Pavlychenko has just enlightened us on his desire to leave.

The fact we don’t have another game for two weeks when Man Utd visit the Lane means Harry doesn’t need to rest anyone but he may choose to give those who are likely to feature for their country next weekend a breather.

Not exactly sticking my neck out but whatever the eleven Redknapp decides on, I’m confident of all three points tomorrow. Let’s hope Steven Carr doesn’t come back to haunt us!

13 thoughts on “Who should start?”

  1. Keep it the same although I would like to see Pav get a start in front of Keane and put Bentley on on say the 60th min and take Lennon off. I would like to believe by the 60th min we’ll be 2 up then start giving others a go

  2. It is very strange to have this selection headache for every match, league or cup. I wouldn’t envy ‘Arry in this aspect. However you shouldn’t change a winning formula. In my opinion though, Pav and Bentley should get more playing time. Regardless of the selection I believe we’ll bag the 3 points.


  3. all depends on birmingham have up their sleeve…

    stick to the same side which has beate the others in the league…..sort out subs latter part of game

    if brums players are having a go, substitute to what is needed

  4. Sounds like we are all thinking the same thing. Bloody hope its a good game tomorrow I’ll be singing in the pub by 12 🙂

  5. Give Bentley a start. 1 very well taken goal and 2 assists, albeit against not the best opposition, i reckon he should have a chance to prove himself. can always bring lennon on after 60 minutes to run at them.

  6. what a pointless fucking post, you make a case for saying yes and then another for why not.

    who gives a shit?

    do us a favour and just post when there is something worth posting about, was fucking dead on here last season.

  7. I say leave the team as is, but Birmingham are going to battle and battle hard, so we may need to roll one or both of the big men on up front.

    This’ll be a test for Thudd, i’m not his biggest fan, but he’s been good so far this season. If he battles tomorrow against the nut jobs they have in the center of the park then I may just start to warm to Tommy the Tank!

  8. this is what is wrong with the Yidos they win 3 games and all of a sudden they think they can disrespect Birmingham by playing rubbish players.You have one good team and you have to play that team all season and this is why you will finish in the second half of the table. If you take out Defoe Modric and Palacios you will hit the shit.Come on you Brummies.

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