Where does Pienaar fit in?

So it looks like Harry Redknapp has pulled off yet another coup in the transfer market by signing Everton’s star midfielder Steven Pienaar on the cheap. Admittedly, his contract was going to expire in the summer, but paying Everton a couple of million to secure his services now makes sense. The only issue is, where exactly do we accommodate him?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great singing and addition to the Tottenham squad. I just don’t see him getting much game time. Obviously, an injury or two and things could change dramatically, but is Piennar going to be happy spending more than 50% of his time warming the bench? I don’t think so. While he can play anywhere across the midfield, his preferred position is as an attacking left winger. Gareth Bale could probably do with a rest from time to time, but I can’t see that being enough game time to satisfy the South African.

An option in center midfield would be playing him instead of Palacios but I don’t really see that working when we are already a bit too attacking in that area as it is. We can generally get away with it at home but in away games especially, I think Palacios should be starting the majority of games despite what his uneducated detractors say. The fact Pienaar is capable of playing across the midfield means he does give us a great option but does this only serve to make him more of a bit part player?

The player’s record at Everton has been impeccable and even this season when there has been so much doubt over his future, Pienaar has continued to give his all. If he sows the same type of commitment and desire at White Hart Lane, I’m sure he will quickly become a favourite with the Spurs fans.

In summary, I consider Steven Pienaar to be a great acquisition for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Only time will tell whether he can carve out a regular place in a midfield already over flowing with talent and options.

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  1. It has already been said by the club and the player, that he will play off the right or left of midfield. Thus we will not have to rely on Bale (especially) and Lennon so much.

  2. I still have believe ‘Arry sees Bale as a left back eventually and I think Pienaar will help accommodate that move. His attacking instincts have been honed by his stint on the wing and his confidence is sky high. I don’t think that anybody could argue that Leighton Baines has been able to get forward and create numerous goal scoring chances for Everton from LB with Pienaarn front. I think this has caught ‘Arry’s eye and he envisages something similiar with Bale and Pienaar but of a higher quality obviously. It would also reduce Bale’s workload and running and allow him to pick and choose his forays forward and reduce the amount of running he currently does. Whether I agree or not is irrelevant, I just think it’s what ‘Arry has in mind. By next January after Pienaar has bedded down I’m sure we will all know exactly what ‘Arry’s motivation was

  3. thank you, Matt. was actually wondering myself where the young man would fit him and you have sortecd me with style. another forward would be useful now.

  4. Matt, why would you look to drop someone into left back having developed them into arguably the best attacking left midfielder in the world? Wenger didn’t turn Henry into a striker of such quality to chuck him back out on the wing. I think the idea of Pienaar being used as left or right has more solid grounds. In Lennon’s case it will definitely offer a different option in the event of raw pace and classic wing play failing to provide the breakthrough.

  5. hes a good signing but harry should have bought michel bastos, both him and bale can play left back but amazingly good attacking. hes the brazilian version of bale but with a stronger shot. but yh dont see pienaar fitting in and its a real shame the fact krancjar seems to have gone missing, he was a great great player for us last season and should be getting more playing time with bale not being in the best of form at the moment..

  6. how about pienaar playing with modders in the centre but have to agree “Matt”, long term Bale moves to LB and I see Harry trying to build a team capable of playing 4-2-3-1 better with multi talented players……..

  7. I reckon Pienaar will fit in the squad well as hes used to hunting Cougers!
    Cougers give any player the ability to succed in the Premiership and the Champions League!

  8. Basically, ‘Arry just likes collecting players, has done at pretty much every club he has been at, underlining why the geezer is an absolute grade A cunt

  9. Yeah, hopefully he doesn’t feel he’s more suited at left back! More an option if BAE is injured (or having a shocker, which has been known).

  10. lol looks at cuntchops comment jealous much are u a liverpool city are a chealsea supporter? how can u say that about harry yes changed tottenham in to a 5th place team in to a team that will in a few years challange for the title hes brought in amazing players and i do support spurs but i can ammit we have long ways to catch up to united but with harry doing what hes doing my guess is 3 years well be up at the top or at least 2nd

  11. Although Pienaar is a good player there has to be some concern about Bale dropping back into the FB position, as his defending sometimes leaves a lot to be desired and we will lose some of his edge going forward. More importantly however is Arry’s failure to secure the signing of a new forward. I have just read today that Newcastle have rebuffed an improved offer of 23m for Carroll and that Liverpool are on the verge of signing Suarez for…drum roll…23m! What the f&*k?! Why aren’t we signing a world class forward that wants to play in the Prem and has the blessing of his club instead of chasing players that are not for sale. Suarez is like getting a second shot at signing Tevez and in my view the sort of player we severely lack that would prevent us losing games to crap opposition. If you read this Arry please please table a late rival bid for Suarez and get the club moving into the top 4; having the best midfield in the league is great, but if you lack the bite that a Tevez, Torres et al gives you it isn’t enough; and I don’t think 3-6-1 is going to get us anywhere.

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