What can we realistically achieve this season?

After seven games, things all look very rosy. I certainly would have taken 15pts and 4th place in the table at this stage if you had asked me at the start of the season. We can’t stop scoring and our only defeats have been to arguably the best two sides in the country. We are certainly improving and very much going the right way under Harry but for me there are still five teams in the league that are better than us and I don’t see what we can do about that.

It isn’t a term I like to use because it annoys me when pundits keeping banging on about it, but the fact is I don’t think we can break into the top four this season or any season in the foreseeable future for that matter. It’s probably too early to be making judgements like that especially when we are playing so well but if you look at the teams that are likely to fill the places this season, they just have too much about them.

Man City are nowhere near the finished article, but are already playing as well as anyone in the Premiership. They are only going to get better and I’ll be shocked if they don’t break into the top five this season, third or forth place would not surprise me either. Obviously, Man Utd and Chelsea aren’t going to finish outside the first three positions so our only chance is to displace two of Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City.

While Spurs don’t have the distraction of European football and can concentration on the Premier League, we will still fall just short. The defeats against Chelsea and Man Utd have shown our players don’t quite yet have the mental toughness I thought they did. To concede three goals in both games is a sign of a slight lack of belief rather than ability. I know we have been brushing lesser teams aside with ease but I worry we won’t pick up enough points against teams like Everton, Villa and even Sunderland.

Sixth spot and a cup semi final would be a good season as far as I’m concerned and that is more or less what I think we will end up with. Whether Harry can unearth enough in the transfer market to improve Tottenham past these achievements in future seasons is unlikely. Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea are untouchable and while I’d like to think Arsenal and Liverpool are on the downgrade, form so far this season suggests they aren’t.

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  1. I’ll be constructive shall I? What can we achieve? Fifth or sixth I believe we CAN achieve this season. Because the ‘big 4’ are better than us and will consistently get more points than us. Your point about defeats against top 2 showing weakness is not a strong point because Chelsea themselves lost to Wigan. Does that show weakness? Or is it just a blip? I think we had a blip against Chelsea & Man Utd. The injuries to Modric and King affected us badly – and this is the main reason the big 4 stay good – injuries do not hit them that hard. If we keep it up, and keep improving top four is achievable (not this season). It is too early to see right now. (I am still not convinced about Man City for top 5)

  2. Fair comment. You’ll get slated by a lot of fans who want to dream about Wembley and Top 4 – but I think (regrettably) you will be proven right for this season at least.

    Where you let yourself down though is to say that Spurs will NEVER get there. Last season no-one would’ve said Man City would get there – so stop being so pessimistic. Even I would join in and slate you on that score.

  3. im a little girl and i dont think we can challenge for anything.

    i think i will just whine about how we cant ever win anything because other fans tell me this is the case ,and i dont want to upset them

    although we are playing really well and have a great manager and players i think we wont ever win anything ever and there is no point trying cos other suipporters say so and i always bend over and take it and be a little sissygirl

    oh i always take it from teh gooners and city fans when they say i have to because theya re rright and im just a little whiner who is scared of upsetting others

    i am a snivelly little girl.

  4. I’d agree for the most part with the current structure in place. TShill, Man City have only got there with unlimited funds, Spurs would need the same sort of investment to have any chance.

  5. we will neever catch up and will just go down and downer until even bolton and blackburn are bigger than us

    im goign to cry about the injustive of it all

    although i know i shouldnt be such a little wimpy sissygirl and should enjoy the wonderful start we have had i just cant

    we will neevr ever challenge for anything ever and although we beat liverpool we are still rubbish cos we didnt beat chelsea dn utd easily

    ive just pooped my pants. im so pathetic.

  6. I can see where you are coming fro, but your views on City show you know nothing about football.

    They have beaten Arsenal, but they did that last season too. So who else have they beaten to show they are, as you say, playing as well as anyone?

    Well we have the might of Blackburn, followed by Wolves, Pompey and Fulham. They were destroyed by United (forget the score). Next they have the Spam and Villa.

    This season will be the weirdest for years and won’t make sense until after Christmas

  7. on regarding 4th spot, i dont think we can do it 2 b honest unless of course we keep modders, king fit, modders shouldnt b a prob but king impossible. Modric can have a big say if we finish 4th or not . if he played against chelski and manure it would have been different , not saying we would have won but we were missing something in those games and obviously it was modric

  8. littlegirl, not much happening at the gooners today? or is it all in french? goes to show you obviously fear us spurs this season or you wouldn’t be reading our blogs, your team is finished, enjoy your last season of piss taking cause after this season when you have no Champions League money to come your stupid club are gonna go bust cause of your debts, we WILL have the last laugh gooners!! as for editor you talk wank, must be another gooner in disguise. COYS

  9. I cannot agree with you – tmie may conspire to make you right, by default, but your judgements are faulty.
    It has been pointed out, already, that Chelsea lost to Wigan. Yes, and United lost to Burnley. Yes, we lost to the two best teams in the league – but on a different day could have got something. We have done this with two defenders out, one so ‘knackered’ that he can’t train and one young one trying to bed into the team under these difficult circumstances. Against Chelsea we finished the game without a single recognised central defender on the pitch (this is somewhat freakish in terms of injury nightmares). We also had chief-schemer, Modric, out for both games, and part of the cover, Kranks, just arrived (not ideal circumstances). there were so many mitigating factors (Palacios playing at, lie 2000000 AM, 2 seconds before geting his flight, or whatever, and then the Mancs surrounding the refs, oh, no they didn’t ‘cos they weren’t penalised for it, must be my vision, and getting him booked, for instance).
    Get some perspective: United had a worse record than us against the other ‘Big 4’ teams, and still won the Prem. We have played 3 of the ‘Big 4’, and aside form thosse games 2 away games in the first six. That is a very difficult start.
    Sorry, but you appear to have been led by the media. THEY emphasised constantly that our credentials were under srutiny in these two matches. You accept that, I don’t. I believe ourt credentials are more under scrutiny by how we bonce back from those disappoinments (after all, even ManUre and LiverScouse, at the height of their pomp, had a few bad results), and so far that response has been pretty damned emphatic.
    And, yes, you are correct to highlight the mentality against ManUre, in particular, and I said that after the third goal went in – but the fact is that we all learn (or not) from our mistakes. So, let’s see what happens in our next meetings against these two, rather than holing our hands up to a massed chorus of ‘woe is us’, eh!

  10. There is still a long way to go but I’d imagine we will come up just short of the top 4. I’ll be happy with top 6 though.

  11. Spot on, completely agree. I hope we get there but I doubt it will be this season. Loved to be proved wrong though…we all would!.

  12. In my humble opinion the only reason we did not quiet make it against Man U and Chelsea was as follows,

    1,No Luka Modric,as important to us as Rooney or Drogba.

    2,A defence which had no Gommes, Woody,subbed Ledley and Bassong,how would Man U or Chelsea have fared without Rio,Vidic or Cech, Terry,Carvalio.

    3,These are all problems which can be solved this season before the transfer window injuries permitting,or during January with some wheeler dealing from our Harry God bless him,the only question which concerns me is do we have the self belief within the squad to compete when things go against you,i,e bad refering desisions.I have seen glimpse against the Brummies and West Ham,yet it still leaves me a little perplexed.

  13. we were always expected to beat the likes of burnley but i think a good sign of our progress will be what happens this weekend at Bolton, we rarely get a good result there, if we can get a win then 4th place will definitely be possible, if we lose as we usually do then once again our away form could let us down and 6th would more realistic

  14. I think that a top four finish this season is a very real possibility. The Premiership is going to be different this season in that teams will take points off the top four. I believe each of these top teams are over reliant on certain players who, if they get injured, will affect the team’e results.

    Man Utd – Rooney
    Chelsea – Drogba, Terry, Cech
    Liverpool – Torres, Gerrard
    Arsenal – Fabregas, Arshavin, Van Persie

    We have played without two of our most influential players (Modric and King) as well as suffering a nightmare with defensive injuries and yet have still won 5 out of 7, losing only to the best two teams in the country.
    The results that matter are against the likes of Villa, Everton and Man City. We also have to battle for the right to play against the likes of Bolton, Blackburn and Stoke. So far l’ve noticed more of a will to win than l have witnessed for many a season and, with the undoubted talent we now have at the club, l do believe that 4th spot IS achievable. COYS

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