What a stitch up

I’ve refrained from commenting on the Ledley King fiasco until now but another day of bullshit from The Sun and Daily Mail has compelled me to. All these magical quotes and new witnesses that are appearing day after day are quite astounding.

Most people I know would retaliate if a fat head bouncer grappled them into some kind of full nelson on a night out. I bet a 12 stone Ledley King did some real damage to a fat 18 stone doorman. Bouncers that throw their weight around are fair game imo and getting him nicked is obviously nothing more than a money making exercise.

Ledley is probably in a lot of pain with his ongoing injury, if he fancies getting smashed once in a while good luck to him. His performances on the pitch are second to none and that is what matters at the end of the day. It’s not as if he’s out with buxom babes trying to get his picture in the paper everyday.

He’s been done up like a kipper by the tabloids and a load of money grabbing tossers pretending to have been there at the time. Maybe he did dish out a few cringeworthy comments during the fiasco but haven’t we all after a few sherberts. Keep your head up Ledley, you don’t deserve this.

6 thoughts on “What a stitch up”

  1. Great rant. I feel the same way for the most part. The media is doing everything they can to taint the progress we have made since ‘Arry came. Let’s hope Ledley can rise above it and not grant them the satisfaction. COYS!

  2. Great comments Mabbser, Ledley is a true King course he will boast about how rich he is, what King wouldnt….
    As for the bouncers, how many bouncers do we know that would act like such poofs against 1 bloke… yea alright wed be laying on the pavement after receiving a BIG right to the nose…. Money grabbers, as you say….


  3. I agree 100% with you Mabbs, I hate the fucking tabloids, nothing but fiction in them from cover to cover. Ledley deserves our full support.

  4. Good rant but two things puzzle me the fat bouncers dident have a scratch on him .So where is the ABH and secondly the beach ball said he dident no who our king whas is the lad an asylum seeker or a ignorant fat unhealthy money see(king )bastard i think he is the later.But here is some advice for ledders get yourself a VIP.Membership and pillocks like beach ball will not bounce you out of clubs .And getting leggles when you only have one good one isent good for your knee .

  5. They are the same filthy tabloids that helped to spread the lies of that faggot Tony Blair & his illegal invasion of Iraq…

    So lying about Ledley King is no problem to these Toilet-Paper Tabloids…

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