West Ham are there for the taking

Tottenham can put a disappointing result against Blackburn behind them with victory over West Ham on Saturday at White Hart Lane.

The Hammers deserve a lot of credit for their performances this season and the arrival of Steve Clarke to work alongside Ganfranco Zola seems to have made all the difference.

Unfortunately for West Ham, they face a Tottenham side that are capable of beating anyone at the Lane on their day. Since Palacios and Robbie Keane have joined the squad, Spurs look like a different side. Admittedly, Palacios being suspended is a big miss but a fresh Zokora can prove a solid deputy.

The Hammers are hard to beat, only two defeats in eight games illustrate that, but if they are vulnerable it’s when they play away from Upton Park. They also don’t tend to score many goals away from home.

Although they sit 6 points in front, victory on Saturday would cut that advantage to 3 points and give us a realistic chance of nicking that 7th spot, and the chance of European football next season, from right under their noses.

Our last 2 home games have seen us take a poor Middlesbrough side apart by four goals to nil, followed by a 1-0 win over title challengers Chelsea. I can’t see any reason why West Ham should prove a bigger challenge than the Blues.

We turned the Hammers over 2-0 at Upton Park earlier in the season and I can envisage a similar result come the weekend.

68 thoughts on “West Ham are there for the taking”

  1. Your having a laugh – do us a favour & put gomes in goal – that should get us 3 away points – Europe hahahahahaha

  2. Our away form is outsatnading you mugs we hardly concede. Anyway must go and make a salt beef sarnie

  3. will be business as usual. repeat of last season, 4-0 anyone? lol…the pikeys are getting turned over.

  4. where are the west ham pikeys gonna park all their caravans, is there any halting sites local?…i can just see them now, bowling up the seven sisters road, with tracksuit bottoms on, white socks and black leather shoes…copies of the big issue in hand.

  5. We wont park our caravans anywhere around your mannor as there are so many blacks we will get mugged. Awful area awful fans spurs

  6. All you yid mugs are gonna have a surprise sat when we do all your caravans, your the north london pikeys! wait til sat night will be 9 points clear and will be in europe! You can stick Redknapp up Defoes Arse!

  7. quite amusing really
    that spurs have spent a vast amount of money of around 75% shit and still lurk behind us
    whilst we have a lots of injuries to contest and are fielding a majority youth team of BRITISH players

  8. May i be the first to congatulate spurs on finishing top 4 next season. Fukking idiots every year you set yourself up to look like kunts

  9. Yes, they really set themselves up like “kunts”(?). Not that any Spurs fans actually said they would get in the top 4, I think that was the media.

    When will the media do the same for west Ham?

  10. Every Year we hear spurs saying – champions league.

    If it werent for our old managerial cast-offs you would be playing in the championship!

    Tottenham are the laughing stock of the league. The delusional way the big themselves up.

    1-0 to west ham

  11. whats is really sad and pathetic is this is west hams cup final….they so desperately call themselves our rivals…but you aint you scummy mugs! your rivals are in a lower division, which is where you spent a chunk of your history. roll on sat so we can smash you AGAIN. and have a fucking wash before sat. the fucking smell of you earlier in the season was putrid

  12. To the writer re: your ‘weakness on the road’ comment: I take it you are unaware that West Ham have only lost twice away from the Boleyn since last October? Do your research.

    As for the deliciously ironic ‘pikey’ comments; East London, home to Docklands, one of the richest areas per square mile in the world – or Tottenham, possibly the biggest hole in London?

    I know where I’d rather live … and it aint Broadwater Farm.

  13. So what if we smell the only reason you can smell us is the fact that you yids all have huge noses. IE big nose jews

  14. we piss on you at gypsy park, and we piss on you at WHL…sat will envolve west ham players going home with piss all over them again.

  15. As a spurs fan i would love to have the youth layers that the spammers are pulling through. All we ever do is waste money on rubbish and let em go for jack. Tony carr is amazing well done hammers. By the way i hate all the local blacks as well.

  16. as a west ham fan, i wish we had the fan base of tottenham. and i wish my mum wouldnt send me out with my other west ham chums to sell the big issue

  17. we do west ham home and away. sat will be business as usual. im only gutted defoe isnt playing as i know how much he loves scoring against you. i cant wait to see what modric does to you again…he humiliated you earlier in the season. carved you up like a roast dinner.

  18. ed the west ham pikey, i think you will find east london is one big slum…thats why the olympic village is going there to try and do something with the shithole. it has been a slum since the end of world war 2.

  19. its too big a game for the pikeys, there players cant handle the pressure, it’ll be 3 points as usual

  20. “but if they are vulnerable it’s when they play away from Upton Park”

    Yeah, one league away defeat since October would certainly give credence to that point.

  21. i can’t believe how deluded this board is
    what is with the rascist comments from both sides
    chill the fuck out

  22. and how many home games have spurs lost since october? the pikeys are getting turned over as per usual

  23. what r u tottenham fans on we are playing better away from home we have only lst away three times this season and at least we are going to woop ur asses with r youth players just like we did to sunderland wigan and man city and ask me if u want some advice how to beat blackburn cuz u obiously dont no how to

  24. the west ham pikeys make me laugh. we will smash them 4-0 again! how many times have spurs lost at home since october?…the pikeys are going home with nothing….again.

  25. i remember a time that the yids were too tight to buy proper food so fed their players salt beef bagels, then they got food poisoning and being the bad sports they are tried to have the match postponed but failed and lost to a west ham side which denied you your best chance for years to get into the top 4

  26. You Pikey bastards are so bitter. just because we have £££££££££££. we are more worried about success and earning cash than fighting eachother in the Yok pub and shagging our own daughters/sisters/mothers on the council estates.

    We run things – dont forget that.


  27. you run things? really..
    first i’ve heard of that
    if you really ran things shouldn’t you be up their in the top 4?
    oh yeah i forgot you keep obtaining has been managers since martin jol (your biggest mistake letting him go)
    and since then you’ve had ramos who has fucked your team up beyond dispair
    and a crook as your manager who a decade ago you most probably would have been abusing for being OUR manager
    double standard yid cunts!
    you don’t have a clue at all do you

  28. so typical that when we play west ham the intelligent football discussion dissapears and the pathetic insults and racism come into play. it's disgusting. and i'm not jewish, i'm not black, i'm not a pikey. just fucking grow up all of you.

    back to the game – i think we will win, probably 2-1, as i think we will rise to this game after the blackburn defeat, and will probably have just a bit too much for the spammers. i respect west ham, and i'm glad to see them heading the pack rather than an anti-football team like blackburn or wigan. it's just a shame their fans let zola & co down.

    oh and don't even start on who has the bigger fanbase… come on.

  29. Can anybody tell me in the last two years how many days Tottenham have spent above West Ham in the Premier League?

    Want to know the answer…….


    Want to know how much Tottenham have spent to get to that statistic……


  30. will someone tell me what all this racist and anti semitism abuse is going to achieve sounds like a lot of pathetic insecurity!! .sort out your heads!?……a great london derby and game as spurs on the hammers tail….
    means home win…..!!

  31. why ask a question when you already know the answer?

    i think if you look over those 2 seasons of ‘glory’ that you’ve had, we’ve played far more games (european football – we tend to get past the first round; carling cup – reached the final in both 07/08 and 08/09). as proved by us in 05/06 and by aston villa this season, when you have less games, premiership life becomes a lot easier.

    some spurs fans would rather we didn’t get that 7th spot, so we can play our youth in the CC and let the first team concentrate on the league and fa cup. you may aswell take it, you’ll only get knocked out at the first hurdle as per usual.

    (wow, look at that, a post without using a derogatory racist term!!)

  32. I wish West Ham had loads of money to spend on shit in order to flirt with relegation half the season. I mean, who wants to make a crack of it with homegrown talent and little net spending, and manage fairly well even when they have loads of injuries, anyway?

  33. Essexyid…

    That will be why you went for the record of the fewest games played in a premier league season then…And I thought it was just cos you were crap…

  34. wet spam….a club that should be playing in the championship, the only reason your in the top flight is tevez. he shouldnt of even been playing for you!…your absolutely broke, and dying for someone to buy your clapped out club! spurs on the other hand are are one of the most financially secure clubs around, will soon start construction on the new 58,000 seater, and will soon be back challenging villa and everton at the business end of the table. we have quality all over the pitch and that will show on saturday when west ham suffer the backlash over that freak result last weekend…recent history suggests only one result…spurs win.

  35. I really think the language and content of your comments leave an awful lot to be desired. As a West Ham fan I hope we keep our generally good away form going but nether the less harbour a distinct irrational fear that we will come unstuck against a former manager that knows us well.
    Do come on now you Irons.

  36. west ham are getting pumped again on saturday…what is it, 6 goals weve put past you in the last 2 meetings alone?…no reason why its going to change on saturday. modric+lennon+keane = west ham are fucked.

  37. Oh dear, you silly Tottenham fans.

    As has already been mentioned, we at West Ham can take far more pride in our setup, constant stream of youth players, very little net spend (certainly in comparison to you lot), and coping with a very weakened injury hit squad and flying high in the league at 7th.

    By comparison, you lot have very little coming through your youth ranks, throw outrageous money at all sorts of players to remedy your obvious problems, which let’s face it any team in the world can do, and consistently and disgracefully tap up players from different youth players around the country. All this, to flirt with relegation/midtable, oh and a few lacklustre runs in the UEFA Cup. Judging by the money you have spent, top 4 in the league should be an absolute minimum requirement and anything less really is an embarrassing failure.

    The whole “Tottenham will be in the Top 4 this year” isn’t purely media driven. Year in year out we see droves of Tottenham fans pre-season proclaiming how they are going to break the top 4 this year blah blah, whether it be websites, radio phone in shows, TV interviews, showcased by the lovely media for us, the public, to laugh at. Let’s be fair, it’s embarrassing, and this is one of the main reasons why opposition fans, particularly west ham, dig you out.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, our rivals are Millwall, and yours are Arsenal. However, no matter how much you all bleat, you love beating us and vice versa. There are Tottenham fans that don’t care about West Ham, and by the same token, the are West Ham fans that don’t care about Tottenham. You took great delight in goading West Ham fans when we were relegated, poaching Defoe and Carrick en route, and I can assure you up until this point, most West Ham were indifferent about Tottenham, and it was seen as “another London derby”

    Fanbases – we could argue here all day but no one can possibly win the argument as this really isn’t something that can be factually proven. We both have very large fanbases and West Ham certainly have one of the bigger fanbases in the country, as no doubt do you.

    When Saturday comes, I’ll take a draw, but I think you run the risk of underestimating us….


  38. You lot are pathetic! why try to argue your point to spurs fans? We are better than that! But Piki’s? Russell Brand? Ray Winstone? I think spurs will win, but who gives a fuck? We have spent nowhere near what they have and half of that was on players they sold anyway? Haha, What a waste of money. If spurs make europe at least it would make a change in doing it through results and league standings, rather than narrowly beating man utd and chelsea youth teams and talking about it years after. West ham, a proper team with a proper set-up! Gianfranco Zola’s Claret and Blue army!!

  39. Those poor little Yidos may not be a big club now….. but this time next year the’ll be top 4 for sure:)

  40. World war two was won by easteners, thats a fact you fucking cunt! Look it up if you have the intellegance! So many people from our end died in that war. Character is what the east end has, not a fucking jewish background, where were they during the war? Comparing their curls to the ones on your mums minge, thats where.

  41. Good to know healthy adult debate is still alive and well in the intelligent world of the football fan.

    Spurs to win 3-1 this time, just to keep the run in a little interesting.

    Although I do feel that West Ham will still sneak the europa spot. They’ve been really consistent lately and deserve it more than us this season. If we’d shed Ramos earlier or better still not shed Jol at all we’d be home and dry by now.

  42. why would u want to go to europe and then mug yourself of buy fielding a week team
    can”t see the point in it an u

    anyway see all at


    I am going for a 3-2 win for the hammers

  43. ha ha ha truth my little gypsy friend?…hammers know full well there getting spanked, as per usual…now fuck off and get some brass teeth

  44. contrary to what you might believe there are, as you so quaintly put it “COONS” who support the hammers as well as “COONS” who play for the team. you ignorant arrogant fucks

  45. its nearly a fuckin decade since the spammers done us a whl…we turn them over at gypsy park, regularly. the pikey gypo’s are getting done on saturday because its become a tradition to do so!

  46. how fickle are the west ham gypsies!…coon this, nigger that!…one of the most famous gypsies of all was a black lad! i wonder what old cass pennant would make of his fellow members of the travelling community, slating black lads!

  47. West Hams “Weak” away record –

    Since October 30

    P 9 W3 D5 L1

    And that includes away agmes at Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal

    well researched article there lol

  48. Goals conceded by West Hams dodgy defence in that nine game run – 8

    Less than one a match then

    Goals scored by West Hams crappy attack in those 9 games –


  49. Its so funny that tottenham fans are doing their research on our recent home and away record. Starting to worry lads? Its all talk, we all know west ham can beat anyone on their day, and nice to see home-grown talent in the side. Tottenham fans are the most fickle of all, Redknapp and defoe pulling you out of trouble. Another year where we finish above you. Your living in the past! Hows Lazy King getting on?

  50. Shite hart lane. The new stadium plans look lovely! Not a direct copy of the emirates or anything!! All those empty seats. 11th every year just doesnt quite cut it does it…You’ll never be a big team, get over it! Red Devils Rule!

  51. Shut up you little east end bastards!Tottenham are doing way better than you cunts these days .I find all this Anti Semitism bollocks coming from one of Englands most Multiracial supporter clubs shocking.You mouth off about jews but you have coons in you’re firm.Another thing i must clarify not only is you’re club shit but you’re mob is too.

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