We have our own Rory Delap

So why not start using him? Gareth Bale can launch a throw in the same manner as Rory Delap and I think we should utilise this part of his game more. I’m not saying we make it a staple part of our play like Stoke but there would be no harm mixing it up a bit with a few ‘Bale Bombs’.

Yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Everton was unlucky but we have had our fair share of luck since Harry took over so I’m not going to let it get me down. I just think towards the end of the game we ran out of ideas. Although we had plenty of the ball in the last half hour, we needed to mix things up a bit to break down Everton’s two banks of four down. Bale came on with 20 or so mins to go, there would be no harm getting him throwing a few in the mixer.

I’m a bit concerned whether the Bale stat is playing on Harry’s mind now. When Chris Kamara told Harry we hadn’t won a league game Gareth Bale has started prior to us playing Fulham, he laughed it off. Bale hasn’t started either league game since with Harry preferring Benoit Assou-Ekotto. I think anyone would find it hard to make a case for Ekotto being a better player than Bale. He may be slightly better defensively but I don’t think there is an awful lot in it, and Bale is a much better footballer.

Let’s hope Redknapp starts using our own Rory Delap more often!

9 thoughts on “We have our own Rory Delap”

  1. What a stupid post!!! The thing that makes the Delap throw work for Stoke is the number of units they have in the box that can head a ball!!! Did you not notice the lack of winning headers yesterday! If Bale had launched a long throw into the box yesterday, Lescott, Yobo, Felliani and Jagielka would have won every ball!

  2. bale has been shocking lately and was awful when he came on yesterday. At the moment ekotto is 5 times the player bale is

  3. maybe they should try it in the reserves because thats where bale should be playing his football if harry’s got any sense

  4. Bale is quality – give the lad a break. He has a great engine, superb left foot for free kicks (Bentley could hardly do better on Sunday) and as you say a throw that we should utilise more. As I said on another forum earlier, couldnt he be used as a box to box midfielder like Gareth Barry? Ok he isnt great defensively but he is he still learning his trade.

  5. To the owner of this web-site: how can I talk to you? I have something to discuss (about Tottenham players). Could you email me back, please.

  6. So by unrealistic exatecptions you mean that us fans are asking too much for Wenger to improve the squad?He let 2 of our best players from last season go and basically brought in a young Nasri. We are a football club in the business of winning trophies but Wenger doesnt seem to be doing anything to help us do so. Fair enough we came close last season but AW got lucky with Flamini and that was effectively Hlebs only good season here. Also coming rd wins you nothing. Coming close gets you fuck all.And you must be a real idiot to want to die instead of being a Chelsea fan. Dont be so fucking ridiculas and other dramatic.On a lighter note Wrighty, about your post : I do think Wenger is wring. He should spend more time worrying about his own team, not other teams tactics. They work and are legal so just get over it. (sorry thats so long 🙂

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