I’m not entirely happy that my debut topic is about Paul Robinson but he has given me very little choice.

I have fought his corner no end over the past year while he’s been receiving stick left right and centre and would have continued to do so but if recent reports of him asking for a transfer after being dropped for one game are true, I’m disgusted that I did so.

There is no doubt Robbo has been out of sorts in recent times but I believe a lot of it is down to the press and fans getting on his back after the Croatia game, his first major howler. Every little thing he did from then on was scrutinised to a ridiculous extent. The more he was picked on, the more mistakes he made.

No doubt, the four so called defenders in front of him don’t help but at the same time they likely have very little confidence in their goalkeeper.

Ramos came out and backed Robbo and made him lose a few lbs which should have given him a huge boost but he still managed to make a mess of things and was rightly demoted to the bench for the Carling Cup Semi Final at Arsenal.

Instead of getting his head down and fighting for his place, it looks like he threw his toys right of the pram acting as if he was too good to be dropped. Ramos doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that will stand for Prima Donnas and I’d assume Paul’s White Hart Lane career is all but over.

A good goalkeeper is a good goalkeeper but once their confidence goes it’s hard to get it back. Anyone remember Ian Walker’s career falling apart after a blunder for England? Looks like Paul Robinson’s could well go the same way.

5 thoughts on “Tubbs”

  1. Apparently part of Paul Robinson’s pre-match warm up was to eat five pies and then cover his gloves with butter. Spurs and England will be better off without the fat over-rated two bob shit fuck anyway. The player is a joke, and so are Spurs.

  2. Paul Robinson should his head in shame at throwing his toys out of his pram. He clearly thinks he is above Spurs and although he may weigh more than when the whole stadium is filled I think he has become a liability for Spurs and worst of all his country. Spurs would be better off letting him go on loan to Welling Utd.

  3. Like the blog Mabbser, as you know i have also stuck up for him with you, but i think it is time to get Erik the Viking out of retirement and back between the sticks, that man is a Legend no end.

    Peace out.

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