Tottenham’s Top Transfer Targets

Peter Crouch – Crouchy looks the most likely of the current crop of players being linked with Spurs. Harry’s a big fan having signed him for decent money while at Pompey and he seemed to enjoy playing with Defoe during his time there. If Robbie Keane is on the way out then Crouch would be perfect to come in and play alongside Jermain. For all that people like to knock the world’s tallest man, he is a proven Premiership goal scorer and would be worth shelling out for.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar – Spurs were strongly linked with Huntelaar prior to his move to Madrid but how true these stories were I’m not so sure. The fact things haven’t really worked out for him at Real make him a more realistic target now and with his current side splashing the cash like there is no tomorrow, he may be willing to take a step down to guarantee first team football. He won’t be cheap and neither will his wages but I’d prefer we took a punt on a player of his calibre rather than another average English player that will cost just as much such as Bent or Bentley. I don’t include Crouch in this because he has a much better track record.

Ashley Young – I was initially very surprised when we were linked with Ashley Young. I thought Villa were more than ok financially and after having to sell Gareth Barry I would have thought they would have been desperate to hold on to the rest of their star players. Martin O’Neill is supposedly interested in both David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone and either of both of those players could go in the other direction. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the pair of them leaving to be honest. My main concern with Young would be his fee. The fact he’s under 25 and English means he’ll probably valued at close to £20m but if we can get away with £8m and Bentley it wouldn’t be a disaster.

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  1. no to crouch.
    huntelaar won’t come
    young too expensive and wont come even IF he villa let him. hes an arsenal fan just to let u all know.

  2. I agree with aesfg. If these are our top 3 targets we are in trouble.
    Crouch is not good enough and the other 2 will not come.

  3. Aesfg. Do you really think coz young is an arsenal fan he wouldn’t come to tottenham? Horses shit! Berkamp was a tottenham fan. Didn’t stop him. At the end of the day, its a job for him. It depends where the money and prospects are best. Very rare these days that you get a loyal player. Money talks.

  4. Erm gareth Barry is a yid fan money only took him to eastlands instead of the lane ask good old harry!

  5. The worst thing about all of this is, we were to be Champions league debutants a few years ago now all we can hope for is a europa league spot or back to mid table rubbish. But whats worse is we could be building a new stadia to house a championship team. look at Man city, because they can pay better wages they get all of the players we need. I want to ask is HARRY really the man we need?? What happens when we have the usual start after getting rid of several players and buying back the players we sold a year ago. He’s off with a hugh pay off we fight relegation again and have to bear the scum down the road laughing at us.
    We need to get rid of the ‘orrible little bald git of a chairman and get some proper cash in or we will be manchester united’s seedling team forever. Sorry to be so doom and gloom.
    But Crouchie, come on, did defoe and crouch light up the premiership???? No they didn’t.
    Could have got johnson for 4M, but so crap at that time we missed out.
    God i love my team but am so frustrated at being neally boys.

  6. Young is a Spurs fan, his brother is a go*ner.

    I doubt Villa will sell him, the fans would go mental…

  7. I am slightly dismayed at the fact that the only targets are either unrealistic or not good enough to push us up to the holy grail of the EPL. If I remember correctly we already had Modric in the bag this time last year but there is nothing with any foundation this time, slightly worrying. I personally cannot see anyone who is the victim of the Real Madrid fire sale coming apart from Heinze which to be honest do we need when we have BAE, Bale, Hutton etc? I have afeeling there is no one coming who will create a genuine buzz but hopefully it is just early days! What are peoples thoughts on Drenthe, could solve our left sided problem and he looked a cracking player for the Dutch national team in the last U21 tournament. I trust Harry to do the right thing but come on before all these new money teams snap em up and we are left reeling yet again!

  8. So Steveo, do we assume from your comment that you would play for the Wanderers you bad man??

  9. Crouch has a much better track record than bent?? at international level maybe? in the prem, definately not!! this article must’ve been written by someone who knows sweet FA about football!! what about the likes of RVN, Robben, and Mario Mandzukic? we’ve been linked with them, yet no mention? poor article.

  10. Does that really matter, Defoe was an Arsenal fan and Bergkamp a Spurs fan, didn’t bother them though.

  11. Blimey mate you are really negative,azim kommo. considering we had such a bad start i thought we finished on a high. I also think Harry is the man for us. WE ARE A BIG CLUB. If our fans start believing it,as well as the players,i’m sure we’ll be pushing for 4th spot.All we need is slight tinkering.We can compete with anyone,plus play better football than most.I’ll gladly discuss this more in depth with you over a pint in the Bricklayers.

  12. For this time in ages, I think we actually dont know much about who our top targets are. Muntari was one it would seem. Maybe Joe Cole. But if what Harry said was true – i.e we want to get 3-4 experienced players who have done it before, I guess Crouch and Young might fit into this category. Another might be RVN. I would have liked to have seen Muntari, Young, RVN and Cole at Spurs.

  13. well fucking said i agree with it all 😉 hi5 no more shit get baldy out money and good players in crouch ffs wise up hes crap keane an defo r good but we need a smasher plus young would be great

  14. we need to buy good players wat ever the age im fed up with like beating liverpool then losing 8 on the trot and just about finishing top half get harry out bring back martin jol to fuck hes a ledgend

  15. On the Young issue – is he spurs is he arsenal. The team a player supported as a child doesn’t mean he will play any better/ worse for the team. Look at Bentley as point in fact – a mad spurs fan all his life, had a grin as big as anything when first interviewed having joined his childhood heroes. And he has hardly set the world alight since he moved.

  16. ashley young would be my first choice but i dont think villa will let him come but to build the squad on the cheep we should go for david wheater or steven taylor as cover for king and kevin nolan to team up with palacios in the centre and downing for the left and martins up front.simple

  17. well said bro,some needed firepower and some one to load them guns on the left and we will blow most teams away,we have craft and skill in the side now,strenght and grit in the middle,class and brains at the back and a absolute legend in goal, yes i said legend, ihope that Harry sticks with Gomes as i am his no 1 fan and i think that he will prove to all his doubters this year that he is one of the best keepers on the planet.

  18. i think you lot need to get out more! Your pathetic!! Why dont you just wait and see who we sign instead of this pointless speculation!! YOU ALL KNOW NOTHING!!!!! FACT!

  19. For a start, we’re not gonna have the “usual bad start”. The only reason for that the last two seasons was because we made an horrendous amount of changes to the playing staff every summer. Selling 7 or 8 and bringing in the same number. There is no continuity and we have to start from scratch again. This time, like the last three seasons, we only need TWO OR THREE PLAYERS. If we do that, we will have stability.
    Plus, I don’t really give a shit if Arse fans are laughing at us. At this point in time, we’re not at a level to challenge them to become champions of 4th place yet. That is gonna take time. But people like you will be advocating a change of manager if we’re not top of the league after 4 games…

  20. Whats your problem Bobbles ? and how do you know we signed Iquinta (whoever the fu*k he is)

    Young Perfect I dont think so though

    Cole Great Possible if Harry goes all out attack on him

    Crouch not fussed either way really

    RVN He has said alredy its not happening

    Klaas Jan Huntelaar No chance

    Heinse Why the hell do we need him

    Robben No chance

    Jones its ok we already have Bent thanks

    This year its being kept under raps the only thing we do know is that Levy Boy has been spotted in Madrid ? ? ?

  21. how the fck can you slag levy off.
    over the last four years we are 1 of the clubs who have spent the most money on players.
    he fcked up employing that prk comolli yes but the fact is spurs have been one of the top spenders.
    harry is the best manager we have had since burkinshaw the only 1 who has come in and realised we need to stop conceding so many goals.

  22. young would be good however we wouldnt get him. crouch is shit and my nan is better than him. why the f*ck would hunteleer want to come to us when he is on £100,000 a week when we would give him a max of 60. levy is shit no matter how much he spent he spent it on bollocks. levy could have been on holiday when he was spotted in madrid? i think bobbles speack the truth. no one knows what is happening until it would be published on the spurs website. like the kit thing. you lot dont no a thing and need to get a life

  23. Unfortunatly being a yid is a big part of most our lives and if we need to get off this site and get a life what the f*** are yuo doing on here.

  24. he wanted to cum to us before he went villa but we wudnt pay what watford wanted for him now hes worth twice as much

  25. if Ashley Young joins spurs it will show his total lack of ambition and just how much he wants the pound more than success.

    Also what is happening with the Robben deal

    lol, spurs are a joke – I love pre season with you mugs

  26. I love spurs but until Daniel Levy leaves we will never win anythign worth winning or finish in top 4.He has no targets except for making money for the owner!!!…The wage cap is a sham, especially as we spent 45m plus on Pav,Bent,Bentley….that money could of gone on wages!!!….Levy is the worse Chaitman in the premiership….whats he achieved?….sweet F.A….please quit Mr Levy

  27. Why can`t anyone slag off the bald c**t when Spurs have spent tens of millions more over the last few years than the arse and can`t even get into europe.

  28. tottally right. they WOULD be brill signings. We need someone who can finish and someone who can do some skills and cross it to crouchy(if we get him).I don’t think we’ll get them though.good shot though yido.We should also get a good left-back.

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