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I did something similar on the Goons over at North London Divide last night and I thought it would be interesting to see who people thought was our player of the season.

I don’t want to dwell on this too much but Arsenal are in a position where they can still win a trophy this season so their player of the season could change if someone drives them to FA Cup or Champions league glory (unlikely I know), but our season is pretty much over other than the battle for 7th place and UEFA Cup football next season. Not that I can see much point in that battle because we probably won’t bother with that competition if we have an important league game away to Wolves or something similar on the agenda.

Here is a list of the leading contenders;

Ledley King – Ledley’s one of the main reasons we aren’t still in a relegation battle for me. His performance’s this season have been of the highest order and what sticks in my mind as pivotal to our season was his goal at West Ham when we were in desperate need of points.

Jamie O’Hara – You’ve got to love him for having a crack at Danielle Lloyd after her previous boyfriends if nothing else. He may be small but he has the heart of a lion. I hope he continues to improve and establishes himself as a key member of our squad in the coming years.

Aaron Lennon – I was ready to write him off at the start of the season, how wrong I was. He’s been magnificent for us in recent months and seems to have really blossomed under Harry Redknapp. The headless chicken has finally found a head and has the world at his feet.

Jonathan Woodgate – He’s proved to be worth every penny of his £7m transfer fee unlike some of the rubbish we have shelled out for in recent times. He’s our rock, seems to have put his injury nightmare behind him since arriving and has been an ever present force this season with 37 appearances thus far.

Verdan Corluka – Some people are still undecided but I am a massive fan of this guy. He works hard and has that touch of class some defenders lack. Other fans I’ve raved to about this guy argue he makes too many individual errors but I don’t believe that is the case. There is no one else I would want alongside King and Woody.

Luka Modric – The ugly little girl is our class act and I don’t even think we have seen the best of him. Had he got the winner against Arsenal at the Lane he’d without doubt be our player of the season, I’m sure he’s most Spurs fan’s choice in any case.

Who is your Tottenham player of the season?

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  1. I think Dawson was the one pulling us through our rough months – and he’s never complained about being left out of the starting eleven in recent weeks.

  2. I agree there, Dawson has been a rock this season, he never moans about being third choice centre back, and his game has improved so much over the last 2 years… BUT lets all not forget how exciting Lick erm up Lennon has been, that geezer is imense… I love it every time he gets the ball and tears down the wing leaving full backs sh8tting their pants…
    Id have to go for Lennon this year, Dawson 2nd, Modric third…


  3. I think its extremely harsh that Benoît Assou-Ekotto has been overlooked (I doubt the official club player of the season will not include him)….most improved player and done a great job down our left side…especially with no out and out left winger!

  4. Around Christmas I was saying Dawson had been our player of the season, and was even debating whether Ledley should replace him in the line up when fit. I feel sorry for Dawson but Ledley’s come in and done a hell of a job, showing just how good he is. The problem for Dawson is he’s nopt been first choice for the whole season so it’s difficult to say he’s been our star man when two others have been starting ahead of him. Palacios has been the main reason for our turn around in my opinion and he seems to get more out of jenas when he plays withy him. If he’d been on board all season he’d have been my shout. As it is I’m going for Lennon ahead of Woodgate, King and Modric, he’s been electric.

  5. 1. King
    2. Lennon
    3. Modric
    4. Pavyluchenko
    5. Corluka
    6. Ekotto

    Worst is a toss up between Bentley & Jenas methinks

  6. btw i think Big Pav deserves a shout, he’s had his off games but has a pretty decent goal ratio and looking at Berbaknob’s performances this season i think that was a great bit of business

  7. Us spurs fans always go with our heart over our heads…1st part of the season not one player stepped up and took the bull by the horns…Lennon player of the season you are avin a laugh ..he may be quick but come on his crossing 99% of the time is utter pants.he has pace and he should do alot more than he does.if anyone has made the team more settled is king most steady player would be our right back not seen him av too many bad games.Modric best games was against stoke and middlesbrough and the goal against cheslki.Since wilsion has come along jj to me has played alot better. I would give my pick to mr ohara a true spurs player passion for the shirt and the only one with big enough nuts to step up and take the 1st pen against united.Who is the manager of the season more to the point.

  8. Best players

    Worst players
    1.Bentley (except for goal against the arse)
    5.Bent(scored alot of goals but missed a lot of sitters)

  9. I know he’s only been with us for 3 months, but Palacios gets my vote. His tireless midfield work has turned our season around.

    Other honourable mentions to Lennon, king, Ekotto (most improved player award) & Dawson who has battled back to his best after 18 months of mediocrity.

  10. What? No Gareth Bale, or Kevin Prince Boateng?
    Seriously, for me it’s Benoit Assou Ekotto, got himself back in the side and had put in performances of steadily improving quality as the season has gone on. Looks like a decent left back and I think the last time we could say that was when Chris Hughton laced his boots up.

  11. I agree, Dawson never moans, and after a fairly poor spell of form he pulled a few amazing performances out the bag and seemed to be the only one trying in performances like burnley away!

  12. I think Corluka deserves it. He has performed admirably at right back or, when needed at centre half. Ekotto has been re-born, O’Hara will be a top player for years to come, and imagine how good Pav will be when he learns the lingo. King and Woody look superb together and when one of them is unfit, Daws is a superb replacement. And as for Modric, great first season, must not let him go the same way as the Bulgarian. Lennon still needs to work on his delivery. And finally, Gomes, despite his errors, he has kept us in many a game this season. The future’s bright, the future’s white. COYS.

  13. I think Lennon has been a big play maker for us this year, but as the season has worn on quite a few Spurs actually stepped their games up.

    The biggest improvements came from Gomes and Assou-Ekotto. It took balls for Gomes to come back after such a humiliating start, and he’s proven to be a solid keeper once he found his confidence. Ekotto was rubbish towards the beginning, but he’s proved to be an incredibly solid player.

    Palacios made a big impact, as did Keane. Moving forward, I think Modric will be one of our most important players too.

  14. He is not technically our greatest player, but for this season it has to be O’Hara. Plays with a big heart and passion, some of the older players could learn from him !!! Well done Jamie – COYS.

  15. Got to be jamie o hara got a lot of balls that kid and for me for a boy who come from arsenal boys he is top man

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