Tottenham and transfers, the agents are to blame.

Every season is the same; the transfer window is open so Spurs are linked to every high profile player that may be considering a move.

I’ve lost count of the number of players we have been linked with in the last couple of months but what makes me laugh is the players we are linked to that have gotten desperate because they have yet to tie up a deal with their favoured destination, Samuel Eto’o being my favourite example.

Eto’o was quoted in the press months ago as saying Spurs weren’t even on his radar. He obviously doesn’t want another season at Barcelona but does want a move to a club with instant Champions League football and a club that are of a similar standing to Barca.

His agent hasn’t managed to tie up a deal with Milan, Real Madrid or Chelsea yet so what to do? Oh I know, we will say a few clubs have made offers to hurry things up. Spurs don’t want us and we don’t want to go there but let’s say they have made an offer anyway!

Every agent does the same, not yet got a deal at a CL club, no problem, just put out to the press that Spurs are interested!

The most frustrating thing about this is it gets some of the more naïve fan’s hopes up of signing one of these overpaid megastars when in actual fact the club have no interest whatsoever in signing them. The fans then think we have missed out time and again but the reality is quite different.

Most fans will come to realise the players we have a chance with and the ones we don’t and a bit of speculation coming from agents isn’t a bad thing but where Tottenham Hotspur are concerned it’s beyond ridiculous.

Sorry about the serious tone to that post but don’t worry, I’ll get back to the ‘comedy’ with my next entry!

4 thoughts on “Tottenham and transfers, the agents are to blame.”

  1. what comedy?!

    just kidding Mabbs, you are spot on with the agents but I think the papers are just as much to blame without any help from the agents.

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