Top 4, maybe Harry wasn’t being unrealistic

A lot of people laughed at Harry Redknapp when he mentioned the Premier League top 4 and Tottenham in the same sentence last week. Arsenal fans around the country were rolling around on the floor and it wasn’t because they were looking for Eduardo’s foot that flew off when he took his penalty against Roma.

Every season the over optimistic Spurs supporters and the many media pundits with little football knowledge tip us to break into the illusive Premier League elite and every season we end up somewhat of a laughing stock.

Villa were nailed on for the top 4 until a couple of weeks ago as far as many people were concerned, Spurs turned them over at Villa Park.

Man Utd are meant to be one of the best sides in the world, Spurs have more than held their own against them on 3 separate occasions this season.

Arsenal are a side who are involved in the title race year on year. Spurs played them off the park at the Lane in February and destroyed them 5-1 in last season’s Carling Cup semi final.

Spurs have beaten Liverpool twice this season and until recently were the only team to have beaten them in the league.

Spurs’ only encounter with Chelsea so far this season ended in us coming away from Stamford Bridge with a point and we beat them in the Carling Cup final prior to that.

Can anyone else see a pattern emerging here? Do the players finally have the belief to get the results against the big 4 that would see us end the dominance of Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool? The signs are there, let us pray that it’s not yet another false dawn and Harry can retire on the back of being the first manager to achieve this colossal feat.

13 thoughts on “Top 4, maybe Harry wasn’t being unrealistic”

  1. its not about the top 4 games. The problem with spurs is when we are going to the boltons and stokes of this world away from home and gettin outfought and outbattled thats where we need to improve to be mentioned in that category.

  2. there it is. 3 or 4 good results and all of a sudden champions league here we come. we are still 11th, and without european football next year to look forward to. stuff like this will have the gooners and the chavs laughing in our faces, please dont give them any more ammunition!

  3. Crazy article after the season we have had. What next Jenas for england? Gomes for Utd? Stop writing this trash.

  4. I’m only trying to be positive and back up the manager’s comments, especially on the back of recent results. Unsual for a Spurs fan I know but there it is. Maybe it was my trip to Millwall on Saturday that’s made me appreciate how lucky I am to have chosen a team as a young lad that plays a decent standard of football.

    Then again, maybe not.

  5. with the exception of Berbatov and Carrick… i think the current team is better than the team that was 4th all season until robbed by the gooners.. i also think that the league is weak – villa really are not a top 4 team – they lack squad depth and everton just lack quality! if we just bloody start a season well for once maybe… just maybe we might finish in the top 5 again – CL is unrealistic but we have a far better squad that Villa and in my op Liverpool – although we dont have a Torres or Gerrard and dont play a certain ‘brand’ of football!

  6. berbatov had not joined us yet when we were in 4th all season long – but as you said its the start of the season that matters – good start and we could challenge – bad start and there’s no chance

  7. we badly need stability , harry will sort it trust 🙂 .
    we have a good squad 2 more atack minded players , done .
    all this talk of top 4 is not the tottenham way (COYS) i want top spot 🙂

  8. if we ever want to finish in the top 4 then its better not to be in the UEFA Cup. Its a waste of time and has no benefits. Champs league or nothing as far as European football is concerned. Its really annoying talking about top 4 every year. The players need to get the results and then talk about it. I dont know about anyone else but im fed up after spurs win all the usual talk from jenas, zokora basically the whole team talking about top 4 and blowing their own trumpet. Its boring now.Why doesnt harry ban them from talking nonsense. Never hear any Man Utd players doin these things.

  9. Sweet Jesus, you lot don’t do yourself any favours do you? You go unbeaten in the league for a few games, for the first time in a year, and all of a sudden it’s Champions League here we come!! All the results you mention can have holes picked in i.e. you lost, you played a weakened team, you were sensationally fortunate (Liverpool 2-1). The Chelsea results in the last year are the only decent guideline, if you are being totally honest.

  10. That whole weak team thing about the 5-1 spanking of the gooners is getting sooooooo thin.

    Check out the teams that played, look at the players international and CL credentials and STFU.

  11. I like the positivity, and the optimism that we can make it to the top four. But same to what anonymous said was that we need to win the smaller games. We actually need to win every game, but those small ones are must win games. I would really appreciated it if you guys could check out my blog and give me some feedback. It’s new so take it easy.
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