Top 4, any chance?

The illusive top 4, every Tottenham fan’s dream, the holy grail (not the Rola Cola Cup as we pretend it to be!)

Well Ramos has already splashed some serious cash and we still have a few weeks to go before the 08/09 season gets under way. Modric for £16.6m, Gomes for around £7m, Dos Santos for £4.7m and bargain Bostock for £700,000, although I doubt he will see much first team action this season. So the question is…..Is the top 4 a realistic possibility?

As a betting man, computer well and truly says no for me, top 8 with another cup run or even win on the cards is probably the best we can hope for. From some of the opinions I’ve heard recently, I know other Spurs fans disagree.

Ramos’ first pre-season with the squad should give us a good indication of what he’s about. Do the current crop strip fitter than they have in previous years and has he been able to get the new breed to settle in quickly? Will Huddlestone have learnt the art of tackling? Will Jenas’ head have grown to a normal size?

Things should become more clear in the next couple of weeks as to what players are going and if anymore are coming. If Andy Garcia does head for Man Utd and we sign Luis Garcia to replace him, (I like the thinking behind this move, it will be like no transfer has taken place and we pocket £10m, one Garcia is as good as another Garcia after all.) how does this affect team morale and will Robbie notice he’s playing with someone else if he doesn’t head for Anfield that is?

Let me know your thoughts and how much White Hart Pain you’re currently experiencing.

4 thoughts on “Top 4, any chance?”

  1. Nice post, some interesting points.

    This is the Yids best chance of getting CL football ever. If Modric doesn’t cut it at that sort of price tag and reputation they might as well give up.

    I didn’t realise Huddlestone couldn’t tackle?!

  2. top4 = hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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