There is no Zokora deal

There is a story flying about today about Martin Jol wanting to take Didier Zokora to Hamburg. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a total fabrication.

Jol didn’t even want him at Spurs, his transfer was all Comolli’s work, why the hell would he want him at Hamburg?!

I saw Zokora play in a friendly at White Hart Lane against Real Sociedad, must be two years ago now. At the time I was quite impressed. He looked composed on the ball and sprayed around some decent passes.

How my opinion changed as time went on! I was sick at the thought of us paying £8m for this joker. Wanted by Real, Utd and Arsenal but ends up at Spurs, hmmmm.

Eventually I would just hope his name was nowhere to be seen when the team was announced, that he’d pick up a suspension or injury, or best of all, someone would be stupid enough to buy him (what I wouldn’t have given for a Roy Keane in those days!).

Since Ramos has taken over, my opinion has shifted again. I still don’t rate him as a top player, but I’ve really grown to like the guy.

I thought he handled himself really well in the game at Anderlecht when he got some serious grief from their fans culminating in a lighter being launched at his head.

He was a make shift centre back in that game and played really well. Since then, he’s filled every position across the back and slotted into midfield when required.

Dare I say his displays in pre season so far have reminded me of the player I saw against Real Sociedad.

I also really appreciate his personality, he seems to rub off on the other players and must be a good guy to have in the dressing room. Have a look at the video I posted yesterday and you’ll see what I mean.

So hands off please Martin, although I realise your hands were probably nowhere near him anyway.

11 thoughts on “There is no Zokora deal”

  1. Anonymous @14.50 you are spot on and took the exact same words I was about to post except I would have used spell instead of “sepll” other than that you are right on the money.

  2. Get shut – he cannot pass, his shooting is laughable

    He has pace that’s it

    I would be pleased to see him go for anywhere near what we paid.

  3. Zokora is a very good squad-player. Some of you might disagree but Ramos and Poyet are with me on that 🙂

    His pace is not just good but close to incredible. Once he gets a goal he will look more comfortable going forward too. You remember his run against Chelsea in the CC-final? He missed it badly – but it was solely him who created that chance. Took the ball off from a Chelsea-man in our half, burst forward, passed to Keane, ran into space, left the Chelsea-defense 5-meters behind in a second and yeah, missed terribly. 🙂 That said I was a bit angry at him for the free-kick he conceded against Drogba. But that goal was Robbo’s fault ultimately who is absolutely clueless as far as putting up a wall goes (plus corners, long-range shots etc.).

  4. I have to say I really like the guy. Apart from Ledley, he’s probably one of my favourate players. He’s certainly not our best or most accomplished footballer, but he plays with a smile on his face and does not complain when played out of position. With Hutton still injured we could well see him start the season at right back; a position that probably better suits his pace and style of play.

  5. Zakora is a SUPERBLY fit athlete and his willingness to do his best for Spurs has caught my attention.

    His explosive speed over 20 yards is awesome and he uses it with increasing intelligence to unfussily defuse and break forward for the occasional shot at goal – this usually ends up in the top tier of the stand. And he knows he cant shoot for diamonds – look at his facial expression when he blazed over from a good position late in the game v Dortmund. He shared a laugh with his team mates. But one has to note his ability to get into unattended excellent scoring positions!

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