The Fear Factor

Tottenham are probably better equipped to beat Manchester United tomorrow than they have been at any point in the last ten years. I have no doubt Spurs are more than capable of beating Utd at White Hart Lane on Saturday and I think they just might.

Personnel aside, the difference between the current Tottenham squad and those of years gone by is belief. This current crop of players actually believe they can beat anyone. We may have had our ups and downs over the last few years, and some players have come and gone and come again, but the fear that used to mean we could never get anywhere against the top four clubs in the country has now gone.

On current form, Spurs should be the favourites going into this game. Based on history and reputation they are not, but if you look at the actual results and analyse the performances on the pitch so far this season, Spurs have outperformed Utd. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing Man U off and it’s asking a lot for Spurs to continue the 100% record against the current Premier League Champions, but as far as I’m concerned, there is a very good chance of us doing just that.

The two games this season that have really stood out for me have been the first and the last. Think back to when Liverpool were awarded their penalty. The Tottenham sides of years gone by would have fallen apart at that point and very likely lost the match. The current side didn’t panic, took the game by the scruff of the neck and got another goal to ensure the three points.

A similar story could have unfolded against Birmingham. A goal around the 75min mark for the visitors would often have seen past Spurs sides get nervy and concede a scrappy late goal to lose the game. Instead, we kept going and found a winner. While you can say it wasn’t a great performance, in my eyes it was. The difference between the top four Premier League sides and us in the past has been our inability to win games that we might not have dominated or even deserved to win on the balance of play. We now seem to have overcome this failure.

Under Harry, Tottenham play with a new confidence and the fear factor that has been holding us back for so long appears to have almost disappeared completely. Obviously the quality players he’s added to the squad have helped, but the mental aspect of the game is just as important. Win, lose or draw tomorrow, I’m just happy in the knowledge that the players on the pitch believe they can do it.

15 thoughts on “The Fear Factor”

  1. Oh we must not boil over yet lol! But yes we are going well, just wish we had Modric in the team as he is the best thing in our squad at the mo. Get Woody fit and Ledley and rock n roll, the Yid army. But saying all this we are capibile of beating any team on our day.

  2. Firstly lets batter the Goons, finish miles higher up with points to spare lol! If we have had all our major injuries now and can cope, think how we can play with the strongest line up.

  3. We are capable of beating anyone on our day if Ledley and Bassong fit think we have great chance, Modders has been key hope we can do ok without him, think Lennon will be main man as has Evra’s number, bring them on. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. At home we can beat anyone including Man Utd. So looking forward to it, atmosphere should be amazing. Can’t wait to see Kranjcar make his debut either.

  5. Well yes we can beat any team home or away when we really want to. But Fergie has this knack of gettting to peoples minds, so lets hope our lads dont get suckered in by any remarks before the game. Kranjcar will almost certainly want a good debut, so i hope we dont get caught in loads of silly bookings. We are the yids we are the yids we are we are the yids! Hey Gomez hurry back to fitness fella, you are better than Cudd i have a cuppa lol.

  6. Even better news hear Gary Neville might play, any news on Gomez seems to me like he should be fit as only minor injury

  7. Slow down everyone. Don`t get too excited. Unfortunately I am pessimistic. I can`t see us winning.
    The Birmingham match was some of the best Spurs football I have seen, until we lost Modric. The last 20 minuits where terrible, and to be honest I felt we where extremely lucky to get that final goal. We could easily have lost that match.

    There are lots of positives from all the first matches, but I want to see how we cope with Man U and Chelsea before I decide for myself what to expect this season

  8. I agree with some of the above comments but, lets not start doubting our abillity. After all said and done we have turned over Utd before my mate Modric you know. Wiitankscamp please dont start being a defeatist this early in the season.

  9. Looking forward to tomorrows match. It will be very fun, and I sure hope & think there is a chance we can take all 3 points.

    But in the midst of the Spurs blog, I got caught up in some other blogs regarding religions, meaning of life and so on………

    And in that contekst it doesnt really make a big difference if we win or lose. Life goes on anyway, and life should have something extra to offer in addition to our beloved Spurs.

  10. Interesting that the focus is on the Liverpool and Birmingham results.
    Perosnally, I think what is different this year is that after beating Liverpool we went to a relegation candidate team (Hull – no offence Hull fans), and didn’t only not get beat, but actually played stunningly well. And then to Upton Park as well.
    When I saw the first six fixtures I tought ‘3 of the Big 4, home or away (so called) AND two away fixtures – thatt’s tough’.
    Also, Irish Spur is right – Lennon has the beating of Evra and everyone knows it – so if anything the fear factor could at last be turing in our favour!

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