The Facebook supporters are the reason we won’t win tonight

I’m happy with the way things have gone this season. I never honestly expected to win anything or manage a 4th place finish. Top 6 was always what I realistically thought Spurs would achieve and that still looks like being the case. There has been some good and some bad but overall you’d have to be happy with the strong squad Harry Redknapp has managed to build in a relatively short time.

What has really got to me this season is the new breed of Facebook supporters. Status updates such as ‘The Cup’s coming home to the Lane’ and ‘Top 4 is in the bag’ only ensures the FA Cup will be coming nowhere near the Lane for the foreseeable future, neither will top class European football. I know you are going to have to deal with dickheads whatever club you support but we seem to have more than our fair share at Tottenham. I’m sure any real Millwall fans will be feeling the same pain currently. Their surge in Facebook support the last few weeks has been spectacular and the majority aren’t real wall but will paint their faces and get the big foam fingers out because they have won a few games.

Don’t get me wrong, I went to town when we beat A5ena1 and again when we won the League Cup because we had actually achieved something. As soon as these cocks open their mouths, I’m convinced it puts the mockers on us. What makes it worse is as soon as the inevitable happens, every other football fan is ready to pounce. The amount of status’ on Sunday digging Spurs out was unreal. Even people that have never watched a game of football before and are only interested in Eastenders and M Dubz as lesuire activities were having a pop.

I’m not confident about tonight and I’ll be very surprised if we win but please can we keep the big talk to a minimum until after the game. I hope we can make North London Derby Day a time when real Spurs Supporters unite in denouncing Facebook Tossers and their status updates because they have destroyed our season.

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  1. I agree with u. It’s facebook tossers that put an end to our season. Not shite refs such as Howard Webb and alan wiley. Not injuries to half our squad and not losing at home to shit clubs like wolves! Great article!

  2. u dont have a like button!!…however this i like it just sets us up all the time for a mass piss take when we lose

  3. Not just the cyber fans, Arry in the press again saying we are closing the Ar5ena1 gap.
    I thought the lads had made a wrong turn around the wembley area and driving towards a new M1 exit.

  4. yeah agree – it’s all the facebook peoples fault for spurs losing to portsmouth, wolves home and away, stoke etc… also the fact we can’t beat ars*nal, man utd, chavskis and liverpool away. That we couldn’t beat a sunderland team with nothing to play for where we should have lost 6-1, birmingham, everton and villa away etc – yeah all facebook peoples fault – great article.

  5. Good banter Mabbs, know exactly what you mean!

    I love the way some of these mugs react to your posts.

  6. Yeah it’s all the fault of facebook

    Everybody loved Spurs before Facebook came along and the media never published any anti-Spurs lies

  7. Are you really that superstitious?

    People typing things into a social networking site with regards to a game (or several games) of football really doesn’t affect what happens on the pitch. It’s just like when you’re shouting at the telly – they can’t actually hear you.

    We were poor Sunday. Get over it.

    It’s these types of Blogs, which are readily available for all to read on the Internet which makes us look ridiculous, not ‘friends’ on your Facebook page.

  8. I’ve read some crap articles in my time but seriously, get a grip! Yes the over-excited, under-informed fans do get a bit carried away with a good run as does Harry and half of the squad when they talk to the press, but i’d rather that than a load of negative stuff! We lose i’ll take the shit from other fans, we win I dish it out. Schimples!


  9. It’s very very very stupid to blame facebookers for anything relating to what is solved on a football pitch, but if you are looking to point fingers of blame, point to the staff and players, who come out week after week and talk absolute crap about ambitions and top four spots and wanting to play in the Champions league and wanting to be in an FA Cup final… but lose to flippin’ Sunderland and Pompey?? Always point the finger at the top, and solve the issues there, once that is done, the rest will follow suit.

  10. Look -Spurs have had ,for some time ,supporters who have no real grasp of our limitations as a team.For years now we have lacked backbone in the midfield – continually going for flair players( Fancy- Dans in effect) over power and pace – This is why the likes of Wolves ,Stoke ,Hull City et al can come to WHL and get points – points they were confident of taking prior to the games -and told the press so . Lowly Sunderland gave Spurs a real hammering last week -they closed us down-got behind the ball when not in possession- and won all the tackles – ‘Arry’s description of the game- not mine . So it goes on -season after season – if the opposition let us play -open up the gsme – then its all marvellous – give us a hard time, get in our faces – then its surrender.

  11. You`re all way off! It`s all about Magpies. Seen two of them first thing this fine morning, one for sorrow, two for joy. There you go, sorted, Spurs win tonight.


  12. Never posted anything like that on Facebook or elsewhere, and always advise caution (but I do think there are more reasons for our ‘failures’ than some fans getting hyper on Facebook).
    Two points concern me:
    1) We got knocked out of the semi – dodgy pitch, dodgy ref – and you are talking like the seaosn is already over. CL qualification is IMHO far more important than FA Cup win, and on that it is still all to play for. it won’t be easy BUT IT IS STILL ALL TO PLAY FOR. I think part of the problem is misrable so-and-so’s like you who kneejerk to every disappinting performance!;
    2) Dear lord, will you people never get this. The vast majority of the present Spurs squad was built by Damien Comolli during his tenure as DOF. Comolli had his faults, firing BMJ and hiring Ramos was what he was sacked for, and he leeft some glaring holes in the squad. That is what ‘Arry did, he filled in these glaring holes in the squad. He did not ‘Build this squad in a relatively short space of time’. This is a simple fact, please try to assimilate it!

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