The Bolton

Toughie. I wouldn’t fancy Kevin Davies big frame in my face for ninety minutes and I doubt Michael Dawson will either. This is the sort of game we’d get turned over in pre Harry. Even with him last season they bashed us up at the Reebok but he’s had time to make the side a bit more resilient since then.

I think it’s a game we can easily win. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go up there and play Bolton off the park, score 3 or 4 and Keane and Corluka having their favourite tipple of Pimms by 5pm.

Equally possible is this scenario; Bolton get the early advantage with their physical presence, score 1 or 2 from set pieces and we end up chasing the game.

It will be interesting to see how Gary Cahill performs against his supposed suitors. He looks some player at the moment but quotes of £20m from the ever reliable Tabloid journalists are fucking ridiculous quite frankly.

After a couple of unlucky 1-0 defeats early season Bolton are on a good little run of only one defeat in five games and that was a game they played very well in against Liverpool. They impressed me in that they took heart from that performance even though they got beat and have won three since.

This is a game where I’ll be hopeful of a win but would take a draw. It may be that we can hit them on the break with devastating effect but I’m not sure how much we can soak up pressure from this Bolton side without them scoring. I hope you’ve got a winning game plan worked out Harry, because I bloody haven’t!

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  1. If you had a game plan to win it, you won’t be writting on a blog but you will be a trainee …

    But agree with the idea of a difficult game.

  2. We got more points against the top teams last season than those in the bottom half. That is a RIDICULOUS statistic, a indictment of the club’s psychology.

    But also perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lose these games and you will be mid-table. And then where is the MOTIVATION to climb to the uncelebrated position of 9th?

    Start poorly, and before you recover to the TOP, you’ll need to beat these challenges of meaninglessness.

    I’m glad everybody realises what an IMPORTANT game this is. The reason is maybe that now we see 3rd place on the menu.

    DAWSON has a terrible habit of getting out-muscled. Wheater in last season’s infamous curtain-raiser is an example that springs to mind.

    Nevermind DEFOE getting in the gym, DAWSON needs to do it more than anyone. But play him.

    Not good in the light of an upcoming trip to the Trotters. PALACIOS needs to do his job and not get too excited by the physical side of the job.

    Every hack can see that CROUCH will start. JENAS has been in terrific form, and is a talented player.

    And let’s hope that the critics are wrong and KEANE has not just put in an annual display of competence.

  3. I think Bolton will just bully you and steal your 3 points.

    This is your first real test against a side like this, I’ll be interested to see how many points you take off sides of a similar ilk: Sunderland, Wigan etc

    also be good to see if Keane isn’t just a flat track bully, although I suspect he is very much like the spurs side as a whole.

    Scraping victories against west ham and birmingham, boyed by man u and chelsea but dominating hull and burnley – well done

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