Sunderland, please do us another favour

I’m sick to death of the Berbatov and Arshavin saga’s but someone else appearing on the horizon has taken my attention – Anton Ferdinand.

Please no, it has to be some kind of sick joke. He’s no better than Dawson as far as I’m concerned. In fact, we may as well have held on to Gardener.

Just because he’s got the surname Ferdinand people are under the illusion he’ll be as good as Rio, doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

The good news is our best mate Roy Keane has supposedly made a £6m bid which was turned down. I’m praying he will come up with an improved offer and do us yet another turn.

I don’t know which I’d rather, the 3pts off them at the weekend or that they save us from another shocking defender. Both would be ideal please Roy.

We are solid favourites to beat Sunderland possibly a bit too short on the back of our last result but we will see come Saturday, fingers crossed Anton isn’t watching from the stands, the bench or worst of all from the pitch, that’s unless he has Boyle Sports on his chest of course.

16 thoughts on “Sunderland, please do us another favour”

  1. Agreed, Ferdinand is not even as good as Rocha. This is a step backwards. Why sign a centre back when Huddlestone/Zokora can both play there. Just use that cash to sign Arshavin, his Mum, his Dog, His collection of voles, who gives a shit, JUST SIGN ARSHAVIN and get on with it!!!!!

  2. I disagree. I think he is better technically than Dawson. He might need to work on fitness and concentration. But that leaves you with a Kaboul type player. Pity he left but after his outbursts I guess there was no other option

  3. Quote! We are solid favourites to beat Sunderland… Typical Spurs supporters ..Beginning of last season lots of posts saying they would turn us over mmmmm I think it was 1.0

  4. I totally agree, he is no better than Dawson. We don’t need another one of those, we should be buying better players not ones of equal averageness! I’m bored with the Arshavin saga too, we are going to need a striker to score 20+ league goals and around 40 in all competitions, Arshavin is going to be expensive and wont score anywhere near ass many as Keane or Berbatov. Great player but we are going to have to put the ball in the net to have any chance of qualifying for europe again.

  5. We definitely have problems at the defensive end and it is a mystery to me why we did not look for solution for two months. Ferdinand is not an option for me, at least not one that would help us.

    PS: Is it OK to use your feed at my site?

  6. Dont buy the spammer c**t he is crap, no better than daws and that is saying something. we really missed out on culler the spanish guy who moved from rangers to villa was exalent last year in europe. one more point does any1 agree a midelified of bentley modric jenas santos is simply to weak against teams with lots of big strong midelfielders, you just cant imagine this lot being up for it away to stoke on a cold rainy monday night can u?

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