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I wasn’t going to write anything today but an injury picked up last night has meant my ankle is currently a bit bigger than Jermaine Jenas‘ head meaning I’m stuck indoors so I’ll just do a quick round up of the always reliable stories in the Sunday papers.

There are conflicting reports about Berbatov today. The Express claims he will be moving to Manchester United next week for around £24m but The Sunday Times says different. According to them, Fergie’s interest in Berbatov has cooled due to Levy’s ridiculous valuation of £38m which he isn’t willing to negotiate.

Robbie Keane will join Liverpool early next week in a five year deal that will earn him over £20m so say The Daily Star. Keane apparently came to an agreement with Ramos to be left out of the side so as not to pick up an injury before his big move.

My favourite story of the day is not transfer related and again concerns Dimitar Berbatov, this comes courtesy of The News Of The World.

Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov never goes to nightclubs and says he prefers to stay at home and feed squirrels from his balcony.

7 thoughts on “Sunday paper talk”

  1. The season starts in 3 weeks and the whole pre season has been wrecked by the constant speculation about whsoe going whose coming in .

    Whats happened to the bentley deal ? I thought it was in the proverbial bag , now keane is leaving and we dont even have a replacement .

  2. Can we have a proper update on the Keane, Berbatov and Bentley situations pls, as going by the press today it would seem that none of them actually have a clue what’s really going on (as usual)!

  3. Jaoquin is far more reasonable, and a much better player than bentley.

    Why is it a ridiulous valuation… Berbs is better than Robinho, and he’s been valued at £35m?

    What You mean; is that a ‘mid-table’ club like Spurs (that will change next season)… should not value their players, like the so-called bigger clubs.

    “I say ‘BOLLOCKS’ to that”!!!


  4. Berbatov to Man U -Daily Express ?
    Keane to Liverpool – Daily Star ?

    Berbatov not going anywhere -times, telegraph ?

    Is it obvious which source nearer to the truth most of the time.

    Bollocks to Daily Express and Daily Star.

    Berbatov is not going anywhere.Keane will only be going until we get Villa or Arshavin Period.

  5. I say bollox to Bentley, Keane & Berbatov. All i wanna know is what is happening with you most important player and skipper Ledley King?

    Bale? Whats happening with him?

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