Submit Your Questions for Harry Redknapp

Here is your chance to ask Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp the question you have always wanted him to answer.

Yahoo are conducting a web interview with Harry and have asked for questions from White Hart Pain readers. Simply submit your questions in the comments section and the best ones will be fired at the Spurs boss on Valentine’s Day.

The more original the question, the better the chance of it being selected, but try and keep the obscene stuff to a minimum please…I know it is probably a waste of time saying that but I’ve done my part. ‘Would you smash it?’ and the like definitely won’t make it through!

Full details can be found at the link below.

Harry Redknapp Interview

49 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions for Harry Redknapp”

  1. Why did you feel that Luis Suarez could not play as a main Striker but felt Forlan could when it’s Forlan who plays off Suarez for Uruguay


  3. Have the club ever heard of pre-contract agreements before the transfer window opens? Instead of the embarrassing last ditch attempt to sign players.

  4. As great a player as Van der vaart is, do you feel that him being in the side is actually having a detrimental effect on our potency infront of goal of late, due to the formation required to accomodate him?

  5. When Bale is unfit why did we play lennon on the left when we apparently have Pienar and Kranjcar as cover for this position?

  6. Harry, why didn’t we go for Connor Wickham, he’s seen as having a big future and we need a big striker. Gutted we messed up in the window.

  7. As much as he might be a decent bloke. Do you think its time Peter Crouch was given lessons on how to jump, as he is the tallest player on the pitch, I have only seen him win 2 or 3 headers this season….
    Granted he scored a good goal against Blackburn, But another Striker is NEEDED to play alongside Defoe and have Rafa behind.


  8. The team cant defend or go forward with any fluidity when Palacios or Huddleston is not playing. Why did we not sign another holding midfielder??? As Sandro does not seem to have picked up the pace of the premiership yet.

  9. Much as we love watching Spurs as an attacking force, there are still concerns about our defence. We all want Spurs to be regulars in the top four, but a solid defence are the foundations of any successful side. Should we not be spending serious money on that? Keep up the good work Harry. You are the best.

  10. This is soo funny its gone from questions to abuse.

    Why do you persist with Jermaine Defoe when he never scores in big games, is 27 and has never scored more than 20 goals a season, his link play is bad, his finishing style of smashing it at the goalkeeper doesnt work, and his assist ratio is poor?

    He wont answer that so my serious one is….
    Who do you feel has the biggest chance to make it out of all the individuals in the academy (Harry Kane, Townsend, Bostock, Caulker etc)?

  11. Why do you feel it seems to be that our form takes a dip each year during the January transfer window? do you feel that maybe you spend too much time chasing potential targets and neglect team motivation or is it purposeful in that Daniel may give you more transfer kitty as the team is struggling?

  12. Rhetorical questions DO NOT count FFS ! The game is called: “Ask Levy a question” NOT “Tell Levy what’s going wrong and then tell him what he needs to do about it” !! LOL.

  13. Harry you’ve continuously said that you would only sign special players that would make a difference to the squad. So why are we trying to sign people like phil Neville esp when two of your signings , both under 21 internationals are out on loan?

  14. I would like to know why we have let two transfer windows go by and we have not signed a top class striker, knowing we had Champions League and it was the ideal opportunity to push on and send out a message to all the others that we mean business. Our strikers are simply just not good enough. You only have to look at the stats to know that.

  15. Hi,

    How come you chose to play Pienaar from start, the day after he arrived, in a similar way you chose to play an unfit Pavlychenko, when you clearly had other options within the team? Dont you think it takes time for new players to gel with the team, and that you might spoil their self confindence with a bad start?

  16. What happened to the young winger who scored a screamer against Arsenal early in the season? He has not featured even on the bench since that dream debut, has he!?

  17. I would like to know on behalf of all our young players at Spurs, how Redknapp can be so disrespectful in naming two keepers on the bench rather than giving someone a chance to get some experience, even if they didn’t get on the pitch…taxi for Redknapp, now being sussed out…

  18. Have you considered extra heading training with Peter Crouch? I think he could develop that skill very very much.

  19. On certain occasions this season, in particular against Young Boys, Inter and Fulham, the team you sent out looked absolutely un-prepared and totally unsure of themselves and started leaking goals at an alarming rate. This type of thing would never happen under the likes of Fergie or Arsene Wenger. Why can’t Kevin Bond, Joe Jordan and Clive Allen get the team fired up and ‘on their toes’ for each and every game. It’s embarrasing to see them running around the place flapping and panicing.

  20. Why did you opt to have 2 substitute goalkeepers for the Blackburn game when we have many reserve team players desperate to make their first-team debuts? Do you not feel the academy is producing enough quality capable of competing in the power and pace of the premier league?

  21. Harry you are not doing a bad job, in fact you are doing a very good job. When is that ‘wheeler dealer’ Levy going to stop buying you players you haven’t asked for ‘VDV and Charlie Adams (tried) and just go out and buy the players you list. He should have got you Neville, but his “Del Boy” tactics are out of order.

  22. Pav should be given more chances than Crouchi, and why not bring in a couple of yound players for the defence?

  23. Is getting rid of Keane a personal issue between you and him after the famous trip to Dublin he organised in 2009? You played him up front on his own v Man Utd against Rio and Vidic? Why? If the other strikers were scoring goals I would understand and I think Keane would have played well with VdeV if he was given a run in the team?

  24. Two questions:

    1. Why does Germain Defoe shoot straight at the goalkeeper so often, thereby missing so many scoring chances? Does it ever occur to him that sometimes it is a good tactic to lob the goalkeeper when he has only him to beat?

    2. Why cannot Crouch take full advantage of his height when heading a ball? See what he did to beat Samba and score a great goal against Blackburn. He made an effort to jump high for the ball. Why can’t he do this all the time?

  25. Redknapp has to play the senior pros. I also feel that he will always prefer to farm out our kids as opposed to the real top managers t/o Europe who are not afraid to do so and if those youngsters shine, will continue to select them above the senior pros. The name of the youngster who scored the screamer against arsenal is Danny Rose. He would be better off leaving for another club because he will be thrown by the wayside at Spurs as many of our promising youngsters have done down the years. I’d be surprised if he gets another looking for sometime. I know that some of you wont agree with me but I feel that the young forwards we currently have in reserve would have done a better job than the lot playing up front at the moment, look at Andros Townsend, he had a very good game the other night and a lot of us were saying that he is well worth another run in our first team, all of a sudden he has been farmed out to watford. He is left footed, plays on the wing, Gareth Bale is injured, give the boy another chance !!! but I suppose that Redknapp couldnt afford to take the chance could he? my theory is an old one, if you’re good enough, you are old enough.
    What I would really like to know from Redknapp is why did he farm out Kyle Walker instead of playing him like Villa are doing, surely they think that he is more than good enough at this level and clearly Hutton isnt up to it neither is Charley. It’s blindingly obvious that we very badly need new forwards and a destroyer in the middle of the park who can also score goals when the opportunity arrives because we dont have this sort of player at the moment. I know that Hud is injured and a big presence in the midfield but with such a thunderous shot with either foot, seems afraid to try on a regular basis and Palacios cannot shoot to save his life. Why didnt we line replacements up much earlier than this transfer window instead of the much publicised late rush to try and sign someone. Also Phil Neville and Charlie Adam….God give me strength

  26. Please tell me Harry why Daniel and your self were wasting time trying to sign Neville and Adams when it has been very clear the team desperately needed a top quality striker.I’m fed up with this leaving all the transfer activity until the last few hours hoping the seller caves in on their value of their player.It never works.How the hell did we lose out on Suarez? £23m seems to be the price L’pool paid.yet the other players we were supposedly trying to buy would have cost £10m more.

  27. Since the beginning of the summer transfer window all spurs fans have been saying we need to buy a world class striker, because the ones we have are good but not world class, to compete with the rest we need a world class striker. Just look at chelsea with Torres, manu with Berbatov, arsenal with Van Persie, liverpool with Suarez, its there to see. You now think it will be hard for us to get top four because of what chelsea did in the transfer market, so why have you turned the opportunity away twice?.
    Second question, what are you going to do about it

  28. Does Harry agree that he is a wonderful coach, developing players and helping them reach their true potential but as a Manager he is just a wheeler dealer who loves getting a cheap player or an old player who is past it, or a player he knows and likes – Crouch, Defoe, Kaboul etc. Who was responsible for bringing in our great players – Bale, VDV, Modric, Lennon, Huddlestone, Dawson ? How many great players in the squad were down to Harry?

  29. In light of our qualification for the champions league it is clear that we don’t have the ambition to progress , Our failure to sign much neede forwards i feel is will be the end of our campaign what are your views?

  30. Why is Harry Redknapp such a baggy-eye lidded cunt and when is he is going to skint Spurs out like he did Bournemouth, West Ham, Southampton and Portsmouth?

  31. Why did you waste time on Beckham (and insult the players in the process by saying he was so much better than them at certain things)
    Why do you only play youngsters when forced to
    Why did you not make a serious effort to sign a striker over the last 2 windows
    Why did you go on SkySports and say Suarez and Carroll were great players after they had signed for another club
    Why did you and Levy think it was a good idea to wait until the last day to make bids for players?

  32. firstly i must ask what you see in peter crouch, he is simply useless. pav is twice as good. Secondly and more importantly Giovani dos santos is a great talent we have seen that at international level,so why does he never get a game not even an appearence on the bench,and why has he been loaned out when we are in desperate need of a striker/goal scorer. i mean not signing a striker is bad enough but loaning out two potential hitmen is ridiculous!!!!

  33. How many midfielders can you accomodate in a first team eleven?


    Is it possible to play a 0-10-0 formation?


    If you inherited, potentially one of the best young talents in the world, on the strength of achievements at international level at least, perhaps even better than his team mate who signed for Man U for £7m, perpetually loaned him out and then sold him this summer, theoretically speaking of course, and he proved that he is in fact a great talent, would you feel suitably embarassed?


    Why do you table unrealistic bids for top quality players to have them rejected, then turn your attention to lower quality players and offer the exact money for the lower quality player that an opposition club then buys the original intended target for? Is there an art to it? Is it a form of mind games that I haven’t quite been able to fathom the purpose of?

  34. hi harry always been a fan from when you played @ west ham with the great billy bonds you had a great team glad you are in charge of us spurs boys,harry we /you cant let nicco go he is tottenham through &through just like you were @ west ham we cant let him go he is qaulity like the rest of the spurs team,arry i grew up in london followed spurs since i was a kid u are the one cheer s m8

  35. Havin watched man city a lot this season, silva is the man who makes them tick. I parker man marks silva ( which no other team has done ) i think spurs will take them. Heres hoping parker does a job.

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