Still a Long Way to go

Although Tottenham bossed possession during Sunday’s 3-0 defeat at the hands of Liverpool, the home side never really looked like they were going to get anything from the match. One shot on target against Liverpool’s eight tells the story and a goal from Raheem Sterling after eight minutes quickly killed the feel good factor generated from the win over QPR just seven days previous. Two goals better than last year you might say but results such as this are still a reminder that Spurs are very likely to be fighting for 6th place in the Premier league and nothing more. Had Mario Balotelli been more clinical in front of goal, this result could have turned embarrassing, and Mauricio Pochettino now has two weeks to reenergise his troops for a tricky trip to Sunderland.

With Liverpool having come to White Hart Lane off the back of a disappointing result at Manchester City, I expected Brendan Rodgers to set them up not to lose and give this new Tottenham side plenty of respect. How wrong I was. Liverpool were very positive from the outset and gained reward with the early goal which meant that Tottenham had to chase the game, and were constantly vulnerable to their opponents rapid counter attacks. Spurs’ first four results under Pochettino were positive however and at least the new manager can draw on this when working with the players over the next couple of weeks between their international commitments.

The slightly depressing realisation for me following Sunday’s result was that Spurs are basically going to finish no better than sixth in the Premier League for the foreseeable future. Manchester United have spent a serious amount of money in the transfer window, and it’s very difficult to see them not forcing their way back into the top four this season with such an array of talent at Luis van Gaal’s disposal. Chelsea and Manchester City are shoe-ins and the Liverpool result illustrates that we are still a long way behind them also. Does this mean we are in a fight with Arsenal and Everton for 5th? I hate to say it but the Gunners squad looks good enough to secure 5th spot at worst. Realistically, 6th or even 7th is the likely finishing spot for Tottenham this season and it is going to be very difficult for us to improve on that anytime soon without massive investment, no matter who is manager. It is a long shot, but Spurs’ best chance of playing Champions League football again may well come via the Europa League, as winning that competition looks less challenging than breaking back into the Premier League’s elite.

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  1. Liverpool pressed us and reduced us to 1 chance on target and that’s how they won the game, we never pressed them and gave them too much room! we also lacked creativity and energy from the centre of midfield and there was no invention or runs forward, when there was the pass didn’t come, we seem to always get beat or struggle when teams deny us space, sometimes going long works or quick passing a moving to avoid 3 players closing us down works but we didn’t do either and just played into Liverpools hands, early days for Poch and i feel if he is given time then he will succeed! Coys! 🙂

  2. Yep, probably agree. I think we have to accept that some players won’t come to us and we cannot afford the world class ones so every window will be difficult. We also have to accept there are players on our books that won’t leave which won’t free up money or space for the squad. Reality is, we cannot compete yet with the elite and we won’t for some time. Our policy on youth hopefully will reap dividends eventually. Kane and Bentaleb are examples of this. Maybe with Poch as a mentor these players alongside Dier, Pritchard, Caroll and Mason might develop into players that can help change that dynamic or at least provide vital revenue for us in terms of sales.

  3. nothing wrong with being realistic and its good to finally see more spurs fans waking up to reality.
    until we get the new stadium and new investment this is as far as we go.
    Sure, we can swap players in and out but it wont make any difference. We are shopping at tesco when the top teams shop at harrods.
    This is the reality of the premier league. Best league in the world ???? 🙄 no chance.

  4. Good article, assumption that we are good enough to win the Europa League and that somehow we ‘haven’t taken the competition seriously’ from certain punters is just plain wrong.

    Apart from Harry Redknapp we have treated the Europa League very seriously it’s just that as soon as we play a drop-out from the Champions League we fall at that hurdle so I can’t see us winning anything.

    It is very clear that what we have been crying out for is more invention, i.e. creative midfielder a left back and another striker. Of the three areas at left back Ben Davies has come in but he is clearly not finished article so will need time, creatively we have Eriksen but nothing else, up front we are really in a hole – Ade will be off to the African Nations Cup and jury is out as to whether Kane can become top-drawer so missing out on Remy and/or Welbeck was a real blunder.

    Apparently we made a ‘last ditch’ bid for Rodriguez but that failed … how is it that a variation of this story always makes the rounds after another botched transfer window (remember Moutinho?)

    Depressed, thoroughly fed-up and can’t see things changing unless we somehow snag an Abramovich or wealthy Arab …

  5. Not are we going to still struggle against the money rich big boy teams but as its going we will never in a month of Sundays be able to catch up on them the future will all ways be tough against the top teams , we may start wishing for Santa at Christmas to bring us Bill Gates or a mega mega rich Russian or a mega mega rich oil Barron Levy and his pal Joe Lewis are not big enough in to-days market .

  6. I’m still pretty confident that we can compete for top the four places. The only thing that the liverpool match showed me is that our team has a lack of self confidence against big team. We have strong players and i think with Pochetino we have a coach who can give the players the confidence to win against big teams. Don’t get me wrong but i’am happy that a game like liverpool came in such a early phase of the season so that we can see what the benchmark is. Lets see what the next weeks brings and hope that we came back stronger and more motivated from the international matches. COYS! 😀

    And sorry for my english i’m a german spurs supporter 🙂

  7. Yes so clear “we have been crying out for invention”…….and who do we sign, another defensive midfielder!!!!!

    Look at the creative players that Chelsea and Arsenal have in their midfield, game changers….players that can thread a ball through to the forwards, run with the ball at their feet, take players on and beat them, clever from dead ball situations??

    It really is not a case of money spent, it`s that we don`t have the right balance to our squad…too many runners, too many tacklers, too many box to box players, too many sideways or backwards passers..and no creativity!

    Our squad on paper is now way behind City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and now even Everton..and probably on a par with Southampton.

    If we get an injury to Eriksen or Lamela does not perform, we are in for a long long season

  8. We’ve always been a cup team, we need to deliver! I would be happy with top 6 and winning the EL. If ee consistently finish in the top 6 season after season we will have a chance down the line, just like we did in 2011/2012, we were nailed on for third until late Feb!

  9. Rubbish. Nothing is decided at all – this is football, inevitability doesn’t exist. Man Utd look vulnerable to me; of course Falcao is top class, but has he fully recovered from long term injury? How long will it take him to adapt? Is Utd’s defence up to much? I think Spurs look as strong in midfield and better at the back than Utd. We might finish above them again. Welbeck is a good buy for the Arse – we were unlucky a Chumps League team came in for him otherwise he’d have come to us. Arse are stronger, sure, but again the midfield and defence are not great. Everton are certainly not better than us. That leaves Liverpool, City and Chelsea. Yeh, they are definitely better although I suspect the Pool result flattered them a little in that we were very naive (and a bit shit on the day). They aren’t world beaters and Balotelli will be sent off very soon.

    Winning the Europa League is not however a short cut to CL. The problem is that some very good teams are dumped in it after CL elimination which makes it very hard to win. We’d prob have to beat City, Athletico, Paris SG or someone to win it which is very tough. One thing for sure… Soldado and Lamela will have to do the business this season; they must step up.

  10. Just about ties in with my asseement at the Lane.We will be very lucky to finish 6th unless we can get to play like a football team and less like a girls night out.We do not have a standout player or anyone with balls enough to take the game by the scruff off the neck and wring something out of it.And once again we have a few virtually unknowns who I hope come really good,Dier looks promising.So its onwards horizontely for the moment but upwards eventually,god I hope so !

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