Sol, Sick Chelsea Fans and Super Crouch

I know as soon as I dare to mention Sol Campbell’s name, hundreds of people get straight on the comments to jump to his defence, but the bloke is seriously unbalanced. He’s gone from one of the best defenders in the country to one of the biggest jokes in a relatively short space of time. I doubt he’d sign for Arsenal if he could have his time again; it all started going wrong from that point! Thankfully Harry has come out and said he would never sign him for Spurs although I doubt anyone with half a brain thought that was even a slight possibility.

I’m assuming most people know about the sick Jermain Defoe song a large proportion of the Chelsea fans were singing on Sunday. I won’t repeat the lyrics here but suffice to say it involves his brother. I know there are a lot of songs that are near the mark but this is too much as far as I’m concerned. If this had been a song directed at Sol, the majority of the Chelsea fans would be behind bars by now!

5-1 victories are a nice habit to be getting into, especially away from home. Hull, Doncaster and now Preston have all been on the end of Spurs’ new favourite score line. I thought it would be a tight nervy encounter last night, not only because of PNE’s solid record but also our makeshift defence, but it proved to be an easy passage into the 4th round of the Carling Cup for Tottenham.

Harry has a bit of a problem with who starts on Saturday with Crouch in such great form. I’d imagine he’ll go with the Keane out of position and Crouch and Defoe starting together option again. I’d prefer to see one of the three on the bench to give us a better balance in midfield but whatever the starting line up, I’m quietly confident Burnley will be the game that sees us get back to winning ways in the league.

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  1. The majority of us thought it was as out of order as you did. While we are all happy to have banter this was wrong. Much as I shouldn’t encourage a spurs fan to visit the chelsea chat rooms but you will see that the general sentiment amongst Chelsea fans is that it was out of order.

  2. Sadly, it didnt really go wrong 4 Sol at Ar5ena1, did it. Nevermind, revenge has ultimately been served!

    We can amass 72pts by winning the games against teams outside the Top 8.

    Average 4th place is 67pts.

    So Burnley at home is far more important a game than Chelsea away. Its more important than playin City or Villa!

  3. Chelsea fans are generally sick animals – the glory hunters and bandwagon jumpers are normal people. But their long-standing supporters have strong ties with the far right. Nasty racist, homophobic, ignorant dogs.

  4. I think most football fans around the world know of the disgusting nature of a large section of Chelsea fans. They are the “Pariah’s of the football world. Nothing surprises me anymore about the depths they sink to. Tottenham fans picked on Sol Campbell and a handfull and only a handfull sank to Chelsea depths. Its a shame they have a great team

  5. Sorry don’t know what the chant was against Defoe but I was at Portsmouth last season and heard the abuse coming from our fans so can’t say we are much better. Either way it’s not acceptable, people who do that are stupid, small minded pieces of excrement who shouldn’t be allowed near people especially a football game

  6. Sadly, people around the world know nothing of Chelsea supporters. They either dont speak English or cant decipher the chanting. The volume of the crowd is often turnd way down in relation to studio commentary. They see the league table, hear local pundits eulogise, and see the shirts in the shops. And believe that we have sat down to watch English football since the dawn of time.

  7. “Stratty”, your ignorant, stereotypical comment on Chelsea fans is no truer than if I was to suggest all Spurs fans are homophobes who suggest the mentally ill top themselves. Grow up.

  8. Stratty you’re pretty fucking ignorant. What about the racist and homophobic comments spurs fans made towards sol huh? Or all the racist and homophobic things ALL teams extremist fans say. Every team has extremist fans, EVERY team not just Chelsea. You’re clearly mad because your team loses to Chelsea and since your team is shit, you have to resort to irrelevant comments on Roman, Money, or fans.

  9. so youre getting upset about a song, yet say nothing about the annual terrorising of fathers and their kids in the concourse under the stamford bridge east stand,by supposed tottenham supporters. every season we have family section members abused by your salt of the earth supporters. i’m talking about fathers with kids under 14,wearing cfc colours. and you’re getting upset about a song?

  10. you aint upset me. just shown yourself up for being a complete mug. internet cyberspace is full of berks like you. keyboard warriors, spouting rubbish from behind a keyboard and screen. even more cowardly than the morons that have a go at kids. at least they do it in the real world.

  11. Chris, why bother coming down here to the “lower end of the league”. Also, were’nt Spurs fans just about the quietest we’ve had at the Birdge in about 10 years?

    I sit in the Matthew Harding Lower and heard no chants about Jermaine Defoe. I did hear the “Freak” screams as Crouchy was warming up.
    As bad as they are he always reacts with a smile and always gets a clap.

  12. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Crouchy stuff, it’s just banter. The Defoe song on the other hand is bang out of order and was being sung by a certain section of the Chelsea fans, it’s always the same group of mugs at the bridge. Not everyone just a section of ignorant chavs who think they are untouchable.

  13. I think Deleuze’s take on the Nietzschean will-to-power is in evidence here – every force seeks to demonstrate its strength. And in that spirit of rabid contradiction, I will add that a good friend is a gay Chelsea supporter. But he is a nasty, violent old Queen, as bad as the rest of that ‘element’ of undisclosed percentage.

  14. hold on John, before you start spouting about ignorance; the chant aimed at rSol, nasty though it was, had nothing to do with racism and the homophobic slant is tenuous at best.

    ignoranjt? pot? kettle? (BTW that’s not a racist saying either).

    enjoy your prawn sandwich and copy of the Daily Mail over lunch, won’t you?

  15. I’m a Chelsea fan who was at the Bridge on Sunday.

    Have to say I didn’t hear the song – so can’t have been the majority of Chelsea fans. Regardless, even without hearing the song it’s clear that to sing it is unnacceptable. When these sorts of things happen (and some Chelsea fans were singing the Adebayor song too, which i think was out of order) it does make you feel ashamed of your fellow supporters.

    I do resent the sorts of comments that are being banded around here though – Chelsea fans being animals, pariahs in football etc. Its nonsense. EVERY club – yes even spurs (!) – has at least a minority of Chelsea fans and I would suggest that its only a local rivalry and a recent 3-0 defeat that’s leading you to chat such nonsense.

  16. Russel, reasonable points made. Fair play to u and United, you have created a TOP 2. I hope there arent a minority of Chelsea fans at every club, although the way they seem scattered throughout the Shelf when we play you at home, I have my concerns.

  17. Spurs lost and will NEVER break into the top 4. Spurs shouldnt even be in the same league as Chelsea. We will always be a better team in my time anyway…sorry, but it seems chelsea has clearly earned their spurs in bragging rights…Chant or no chant the fact of the matter is that this is a football match where obviously football is played and only football matters…you figure it out. You can call us chelsea fans whatever you like, you won’t be the first nor the last to accuse us of being such things…but don’t think we’ll not retaliate and give it right back atcha! cheers!

  18. So it all started going wrong when Sol joined a better side, won championships and played in the Champions League whilst picking up the best part of 100k a week?

    Right oh.

    What was this song then?

  19. i too was at that game and in the harding lower
    i heard the chant and it is sick
    hardly any joined in with it as they didnt with another racist chant started by a mere handful.
    we are not all animals and aint all bandwagon jumpers.
    you spuds are happy to give it out but never happy to take it, especially when you dont have the football on the pitch to back you up.
    top 4!!!

  20. Well i like Chelsea and love to hear some of his songs. Actually i am music loving person and used to download my favorite songs through freemp3 and enjoy music.

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