Slippery Stoke

As I do with most home games against any teams outside the top few teams in the Premier League, I’d expect victory for Spurs against Stoke. Tony Pulis has done wonders firstly to get his club into the league and secondly, turning them into a formidable top flight side.

While Stoke are renowned for their home form, they have also been a lot more solid on the road this season than they were last. Other than the 4-0 drubbing at Liverpool in their first away outing of the season, Stoke have managed to three draws and a win from their four away fixtures since.

It seems like Pulis has decided to take a negative approach to away games and who can blame him? With the winning habit they have at home, just a few points on the road will ensure Stoke’s Premier League survival sooner rather than later.

The problem with taking this approach at the Lane is Spurs ability to score freely. We always come out the blocks with all guns blazing at home and an early goal completely ruins a lock down game plan for the opposition. The longer the game goes without a Tottenham goal, the better for Stoke. They are always dangerous of nicking something from set pieces and we will need to be solid defensively.

This is a key game for Spurs prior to the Arsenal next weekend and for me it’s the sort of game that suits us. I’d fancy a 3-0 or 3-1 score line that can keep us up with the pace at the top of the table and ensure that confidence is high before going to the Emirates.

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  1. No Defoe, no Modric we will need to be at our best to ensure they dont nick an early goal from a set piece and just sit back and battle. Going to be a tough game


  2. We should be beating everyone outside the top four at home. If we want to be taken as contenders this sort of game has to be a banker. Other teams should look at this and think we’re gonna win it just like i look at say..Man U against blackburn or Chelsea against Fulham. If we turn the Lane into a “fortress” and carry on like we are away then CL football will be ours. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If Stoke have played 4 away games, drawn 3 lost 4-0, how did they get to win one ? (minor point but should be corrected). More importantly, Stoke have a far stronger side this season, but so too are Spurs. We`ll be more attractive to watch, and will be a threat against your defence.(never renowned as the best!). Predicted result – 2-1 (to Spurs)or 1-1. Up the Potters !

  4. Could this game be a little like the one against Birmingham,only with Stoke offering slightly more goal threat? perhaps,but if we want to be successful we need to win and win with style(or beat out a victory with graft,)either way we must be professional.

  5. Mabbs: Forget about red and white stripes from the Potteries. Ours are the ones that matter.

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  6. “Blog of a long suffering Spurs fan. This is my occasionally obscure take on the ups and downs of life at the Lane”

    Long Suffering? Fuck me, you should try being a Stoke City supporter for the past 23 years!!!

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