Should Ramos be given until Christmas – YES or NO!

Do you think Juande should be given until Christmas to turn things around?

I’d say it’s about 70-30 in favour of him being given the boot at the moment. My worry is if Levy does stick with the granite faced Spaniard until the end of December, and we are still bottom of the league, our Premier League status will likely be over.

At least if we bring a new man in now, he will hopefully be able to get the team organised and motivated and pick up some points before January when he would be able to bring in his own players.

If we stick with Ramos until then and we make no significant improvement, it’s going to be hard to attract anyone to the club in the transfer window. We have to sign a striker, a ball winner in midfield and another top quality centre back but being in the relegation mixer will seriously limit our options unless we fancy Robbie Savage, Gifton Noel-Williams or perhaps Dean Windass.

People say I have been on Ramos’ back for ages but that isn’t true. I was one of his biggest supporters but the fact is once the press are on a manager’s back to this extent it gets in the player’s heads and it becomes pretty much impossible to rescue the situation.

So what do you think give him till Christmas? YES Or end our misery now. NO

28 thoughts on “Should Ramos be given until Christmas – YES or NO!”

  1. He should be given until the end of the season, we need some fucking stability at the club you moron.

  2. I totally agree he should stay. We completely dominated against Hull, players gave more than 100%, we just haven’t got a striker who knows how to stick the frigging ball in the net. Nice one Levy / Comolli!!!!!!!

  3. Yes i agree with the last guy i have had enough of this revolving dore at Spurs no wonder we are in trouble.Sack comolli not Ramos as he is the route of all are problems.Look what all are last managers have said about him get rid of the moron now and let Ramos run the team .Ramos did not sell all are best players then replace them with poor alternatives give the guy time -that means 3-5 not 1 year .Where would mannure be if they had sacked fergie way back when they were playing so bad .They stuck with him and so must we with Ramos.Any one who says sack him is a MORON

  4. He should be given until the end of the season at the very lest. If we get relegated, fair enough – sack him. If we finish 17th on goal difference, give him another year to prove himself. Stability is what this club needs more than anything.

    For all those who want him sacked now or at Christmas – do you really want another rudderless year? Do you want yet another summer clear-out and mad panic buying on August 31st? Let’s give our manager a chance for once!

  5. Jol got us two top 5’s in a row and then hada bad start and boom gone. Ramos, while maybe a great coach in other places, took credit for something really already in play under Jol (Carling Cup). How is it possible to give Ramos more rope when he hasn’t proven anything, Levy hung Jol at the first sign of trouble. Levy is the guy to go if I had my way but Ramos’ record at WHL speaks for itself. Why should he stay?

  6. Yes, he should get till the end of the season and he desperately needs backing from the club around christmas as the transfer window will be one way to get us out of this shit! provided we buy and fill the right gaps

  7. No! Who would want the job now, who is available? the current bunch of players are not good enough, we have no leader on the pitch. that wont change by changing the manager, all thats gonna do is cost us a shed load of money. stick with him for now.

  8. I’m sure there will be cash available in Jan – we’re well in credit from the sale of Berba and Keane.
    The question is will any decent players want to join a team bottom of the league?!?

  9. Oh yeah and get rid of that commoli, cant beleive we ever employed a friend of wenger. We were doin great with Arnesen and Jol, our downfall started the second that Comolli come on board. REally really annoys me that levy hasnt sacked him along time ago

  10. Lets give him time for gods sake. Changing the team and the manager so often is what got us in this state in the first place.
    We need a stable team for a few years and then maybe we can get a winning team, just winging every time we lose a few games and the lynch mob being formed is no good for the club.
    At Xmas we can get some strikers in with any luck but until then lets give the team a chance, they are getting better and the results will come.

  11. Sack him by Christmas then buy the players he should have had. The new man then won’t want the same players and we’re back to square 1. We need to keep Ramos in place, get him the players he needs and let him turn it around in the new year with his team. If we sack him now we’ll be guilty of making the same mistakes as last year and we should by now at least have learned from out past mistakes. Sack Comolli though, as this is the second season we’ve started with an incomplete team!

  12. I don’t think we should sack him because we need stability and he needs time to learn the team and settle into the league himself. OK, Jol got us to fifth, but I won’t forget losing to Leicester 3-2 Tottenham in the FA cup a few years ago under him. That was depressing!!

    I do question Ramos’ team selections and tactics at the moment. Bent isn’t that bad, but just look at all the goals he scored at Charlton you will see he rarely scores from crosses, mostly from passes to his feet or through balls played just in front of him to run into (e.g. the goal he narrowly missed against Hull). We need to play through the middle to feed balls to Bent, so why do we always go down the wings. Perhaps becase Jenas and Zokora can’t create anything, but the tactics do worry me

  13. Mabbs – sorry for the ‘moron’ comment, it was a bit harsh. It just winds me up that some Spurs fans want a manager sacked when things aren’t going our way. He is a on a mega salary so it will cost lots to get rid of him and then who will we get in instead?

    I also don’t understand how Ramos has suddenly become a shite coach? The answer is he hasn’t, he has just made some bad calls and the players have no confidence on the pitch at all. Look at the second half against Hull, we were literally all over them and any player with an ounce of confidence would have buried those chances.

    I really do think things will come good and in a while we will be thanking our lucky starts that Levy didn’t do his usual!!


  14. Thanks Anon 15:35, no problem.

    I would love to see Ramos given time and turn things around but I can’t see that happening now The Sun and most of the media are ridiculing him every day. Once a manager is in that position it’s basically game over.

    I haven’t seen a Tottenham side this lacking in ideas for a very long time. There is a serious amount of quality in the squad but if you look at the way they have played this season you would not know it.

    I personally can’t see where the next point is going to come from let alone a win and for me, Hull was a must win game. The fixtures coming up after Stoke and Bolton look impossible.

    Imagine getting to the Arsenal game on 2pts. Not only the hiding they will give us but also the serious threat of relegation we will be staring in the face.

    It’s all very well for people to be saying we have too strong of a squad to go down but on recent performances there is not a worst team than Tottenham in the league. Even Newcastle showed a bit of fight at Everton.

  15. What we need to do is sack the fickle fans who couldn’t manage breakfast let a lone a football team!
    Get behind the manager and the team, they will come good.
    The quicker the fans realise that the brave thing to do s hold your nerve the quicker the team will perform.
    Forget Martin Jol, his two 5th place finishes disguised the fact that we played the most negative, boring football in years.

  16. Anyone who thinks Ramos will turn things around is just kidding themselves or donĀ“t want to pay the 15mil compensation.

    OK Keane and Berbac*nt wanted out, but was it necessary to get rid of Chimbonda, Melbranque and Tainio, who where decent squad players.

    If Ramos is not man enough to cement a team together out of what he inherited from Jol, to make sure Comilli brings in the right players for the required positions and to win games then he is light weight and not strong enough to lead us through what is clearly a relegation fight season.

    We play stoke next. If we beat them i will not be saying that Ramos has finally got it right. There are no excuses for the constant tinkering and playing players out of position that has bred instability within the team.

    I want Venebles now and Comilli and Ramos gone. He is the only man (a spurs man) at this moment i trust to come in and get the job done at spurs in the way Wenger and Ferguson have got thier clubs moving in a positive direction. He should maybe never had gone and if he had stayed maybe he would have been our best manager since Bill. If he gets another chance i no he will not want to let either himself nor the fans down.

    But Levy is a chairman that knows nothing about football and we all will have to suffer his stupidity.


  17. No leave ramos in. He is a legend and is doing great, especially if the triangle joke still works at xmas. two words for you. DERBY COUNTY.

  18. Do you really think Ramos wanted to get rid of Chimbonda, Melbranque and Tainio? I would imagine he went to the board saying he wanted to sign some new big players – Arsharvin, Eto etc… all those types we were linked with over the summer. They said fine but if we do so we’ll have to trim down the squad, hence they put all these players up for sale! Now we’re left with nothing. Can’t all be Ramos’s fault. COYS!!

  19. Ramos is a liability, he got lucky with the squad and youth team he inherited at Sevilla – this should not be overlooked

    His record at Espanyol and Malaga before Sevilla was pretty average

    Fck stability, you blew that when you fcked Jol off


  20. we need to sack Ramos as much as we need Mark Huhes to replace him….What we need to do is stick by him and the players who are not bad overnight and give them the backing which in turn will bring confidence then results then glory…..we will win again..can we here the Paxton sing…..Lol

  21. oh yeah and C*ntballs(CAMP BALLS) can cry if (s)he wants to…..we dont care what people say we are gonna hate him till he dies……COYS

  22. he shouldnt go but the board should and levy… its a fucking disgrace…..

    ramos is a mere puppet in their plan. look at the players we let go, look at the players we got in to “replace” them, loo at outr bank balance..

    its bollocks!!! its destroying the club and lefvy should be held accountable for all his actions and not give ramos some kind of ultimatum…i reckon ramos will walk before he is sacked to be honest….

    2-1 at stoke??????? this is a didaster and we are gonna be facing relegation come march, thats a guarantee!!!

    we are a laughing stock at the moment, we could be outclassed by newcastle, we were outclassed by stoke!!! ifve never seen such a bad team since maybe derby last year… yes, thats how serious this is..

    the fans should start serious protests at levys house, office, tat the games, training everywhere……. ramos doesnt have to go, he is a mere puppet!

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