Represent Spurs When We Take On Blackpool!

Blackpool v SpursThe club is looking for a brave fan to take on a Blackpool supporter in the half-time Wonga Cash Dash, when the teams meet at Bloomfield Road on Sunday, December 19.

To enter, CLICK HERE.

The Cash Dash is a race in two giant zorb balls, across the Bloomfield turf, between one home and one away supporter. The winner will be the fan who crosses the finishing line first, and will earn themselves £250. There will also a £250 donation to Blackpool’s Trinity Hospice.

So if you fancy representing Spurs, register your details at

And if you don’t know what a “zorb ball” is, here is Blackpool’s Ian Holloway demonstrating!,,10432~2136928,00.html

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  1. Another great pod has the best analysis of any FPL pod arunod.Also love the PUP intro, it’s always good for a laugh. Vic Vega is a star.Keep up the great work guys.

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