Reality Check

For me, this is a great time of year to be a Spurs fan. I love all the stories about who we are going to sign that never come to fruition but year on year people still fall for the same old bullshit. If you think of all the big names we have been linked with in the last five years or so, how many have we actually signed?

Samuel Eto’o, Roque Santa Cruz and Arjen Robben are just some of the high profile names that we have been connected with, but in reality, none of them have had Tottenham on their radar. Man City aside, no top quality player in their prime is going to come to a team with no European football on offer, especially those already at a club who are in the Champions League.

The only players we can attract are those who either aren’t quite up to scratch for Utd, Liverpool etc, or they are English and not the finished article, and no other club is stupid enough to pay the kind of money for their services that we are. The thing we have going for us now however is Harry Redknapp’s ability to find decent players for little money. I hope he continues to work this way even though he knows there is plenty of cash at his disposal.

With Manchester City looking more and more likely to crash the top 4 this season, and probably staying there for some time, Spurs chances of ever being able to attract the Samuel Eto’o’s of this world are slim to none.

Personally, I’m quite happy with the position we are in. I’m very keen to see what Harry can do given a complete season and being able to bring in a full compliment of his own players. I realise long term Spurs will likely need a billionaire investor to compete in the Premier League but it’s not something I’m looking forward to.

Having an unlimited budget isn’t healthy and I think football clubs need to be run as viable businesses. It will take a side like Man City or Chelsea going under before something is done but I definitely think there needs to be some kind of transfer and salary cap enforced.

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  1. I agree,,,,, but then we would not so much so if your a Man City fan they wont care, however things could be worse at least we are Tottenham and money CL Fotball aside we are in the top 4 or 5 to come to, we got the fans we got the history all we need are the type of players that can make new history

  2. Totally agree with the article. Hope you guys all remember this when we sign players like Downing and give him some time…

  3. with all the money at chelsea we still were able to beat them in the carling cup final……
    we have talent and it is a well run club ,so
    dedication and hard work whith shrewd moves with levy/redknapp partnership should put us near the mark…..a billionaire owner could leave whith a club in freefall as a consequence etc….some of our players ,eg (like the campbells,carick etc) we have to try and keep as long as poss as we aim to sit in the europe,
    getting there is one thing .staying there is another…..fell there has been a right reality check since redknapp

  4. this is so negative. spurs can attract quality players, we signed luka modric last season didnt we? the star of euro 2008!

    im not saying we can get ronaldo or kaka but look at wigan, they signed a player last year that is now good enough for man utd to want to sign (and real madrid to want as well!) you just have to find these players before the big clubs do!

  5. I love spurs good or bad some tomes like when robbo whas conceding in the last seconds of games and when gomes confidents hit rock bottem i tried to stop myself from getting upset by pretending i dident support them anymore .You see iam one of them breed of fans living next to man utd and liverpool and co. I live in widnes a rugby league town but aged ten i fell in love with the football that whas on television spurs winning the cup winner cup in europe with my second name sake capt bobby smith. And aged 57 still get that sickley feeling in my stomach before a match and that maddness when we lose .I f some super ritch arab or american bought spurs it would be like getting a young women if you won the lottery great for a bit but boring after a while .building a team from good young players costing a couple of million like lennon hudds bale dosntos bostock and the rest gives me more excitment than madrid 80 mill ready made arsole .I hope and pray that HARRY keeps all our team and the fullfill there promise playing the spurs way stylish and fair and somtimes breathtaking Oh and somtimes underperform. but not next year Keep our team and you will see great football at the lane of dreams .

  6. I totally agree with you! Some of these transactions are retarded and don’t make any sustainable sense. It’s sort of like the struggle in F1 right now, the teams want to keep spending but the FIA is worried that their business models are not sustainable and that they will be hurting themselves in the long run.

    The only positive side to teams spending these idiotic sums of money is that eventually, there will be a shift of power (i.e. Leeds) where teams in lower divisions might get a chance of being promoted based on pure and utter stupidity by the big boys.


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