Ramos speaks sense where transfers are concerned

Ramos was quoted in the press yesterday basically saying every player has their price, especially those approaching 30.

“At Tottenham, we have had a clear philosophy regarding buying and selling for years. The idea is signing young players, promising and talented ones, and if important offers for older players are made, studying it to see what is the best for the club.”

I completely agree with this philosophy. Every player should have their price and if clubs are willing to pay stupid money then why not take it. The signings Spurs have made so far this Summer have all been good business and I’m confident they will look even better business come the end of the season.

This probably means Keane will be on his way if Liverpool make a substantial offer. Berbatov to Utd already looks done and dusted with Ferguson expecting to tie up a deal in a matter of days.

“We have made Tottenham an offer on Berbatov and we have good expectations that this deal will go through,” Ferguson told The Sun.

If Keane does go as well this will obviously leave us short up front and with Ramos also being quoted as saying he has no interest in signing Luis Garcia, I can only assume he has at least two other strikers in mind for the coming campaign.

Who they might be I have no idea but I have faith in Ramos to replace the departing players with new talent that is equally as good or potentially as good, I just hope Comolli isn’t involved!

3 thoughts on “Ramos speaks sense where transfers are concerned”

  1. Good post Mabbs.

    Every player has his price. The price for Keane being bandied around is £20m! Now that is outreagous, even in this over-inflated transfer market.

    He has been a good player for Spurs but I’d rate him in the £10m range at most.

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