Poor Pavlyuchenko and Well Done West Ham

He certainly appears to be the 4th choice striker as far as Harry Redknapp is concerned and now Roman Pavlychenko has decided 4th place isn’t good enough and he wants to leave Tottenham because of his lack of first team chances.

‘No footballer likes being on the bench game after game,’ said the 27-year-old.

‘I could lose my place in the Russian squad for the 2010 World Cup.

‘I’m ready now to listen to offers from other clubs. But I can’t say anything concrete right now.’

I’m not surprised by the fact he wants to move on but I am a little surprised at the timing of his decision. Surely it would have made more sense to try and get a move before the season started and not after just three games and on the eve of a Carling Cup tie he is likely to start against Doncaster.

Pavlyuchenko must have realised he would be spending a significant amount of time on the bench this season, especially after the arrival of Peter Crouch, but he has a chance to impress tonight and put some pressure on the manager. If he didn’t start tonight, then I would have understood a decision of this nature after the game but to come out publicly beforehand makes little sense to me. He would have been far better off waiting until January. It only needs one of our other strikers to pick up an injury, and things could change completely for the Russian.

In other news, West Ham fans have likely ruined our chances of hosting a World Cup in the near future. Some of their comments on my post from Monday speak for themselves but their actions last night were a disgrace. Hopefully they get the punishment they deserve but I can’t think of a punishment severe enough for taking away the 2018 World Cup.

Well done West Ham, I hope you are proud of yourselves.

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  1. Although we are not blameless in invading the pitch it was the Millwall thugs that turned up with 1000 ticketless yobs to destroy our pubs and streets!!

  2. Stupid as you are!

    These Actions at Upton Park will definatly not effect the world cup bid, as the hooliganism in parts of germany also didn’t effect their bid for wc 06!

  3. Yea it was just west ham fans wasn’t, it if you read the story, milwall fans broke a police barrier to get to the west ham fans startign the fight, west ham shouldn’t have fought back maybe buyt what would anyone do in that situation, so don’t blame just west ham, milwall are more to blame than them scum

  4. And Bentley is a saint, aswell as King, aswell as Woodgate or perhaps Harry Redknapp. Look closer to home before you sit on your high horse.

  5. Millwall aren’t blameless but West Ham should have known better.

    Those 100o ticketless yobs weren’t invading the pitch though Dave.

  6. To tar all us West Ham fans with the same brush is pretty immature don’t you think? The same kind of mindless attitude that SOME of our ‘fans’ showed last night.

  7. please could my fellow west ham fans stop being massive pricks and accept west ham did wrong, it was a minority but it was still the west ham ‘fans’ who went on the pitch, milwall played there part too, but we know where the majority of the blame lies.

    i apoligise on behalf of real west ham fans

    p.s. Pavlyuchenko is shit

  8. Look, it was both sets of fans but this issue pales into insignificance when it comes to the problems currently encountered in Germany, holland, Italy and the whole of south America. That’s not to say the FA shouldn’t clamp down hard on teams, but put it into perspective.

    3 pts from both teams will have more effect than any fine.

    I think the police have a hard time in these situations, but west ham vs millwall has trouble written all over it. Could more have been done to stop the trouble before it started? I don’t know, cos I wasn’t there but it seems police numbers were low relatively.

  9. What everyone has forgotten is why the pitch got invaded which was because the ref was so poor refused to give any free kicks millwall end and turned down 2 clear cut penalty’s which is why the west ham fans started. Also millwall had been ripping up seats and boardings and throwing them before any invaision including darts being thrown.

    Also just a point 6 spurs fans arrested on sunday at the match in the ground just a reminder 😉

  10. I agree with your comment about the replies to your Mon blog but unfortunatley we also have amongst our supporters those that would make disgusting comments like that.
    About Pavlyuchenko, i do not think he will start tonight anyway from Harry’s comments about Crouch starting the game.

  11. Pav has not had much chance of ajusting since coming to Spurs. I would bet if he teamed up with Arshavin at Arsenal we would realise how good he is.
    He needs a run.

  12. I agree that what happened last night between the two sets of fans was completley unjust and frankly scarring to the English game. But I have to add that there were two sets of fans at the game and frankly to blame just one of them is totaly unjust aswell.

    “There were 500 to 1,000 riot police and Millwall fans managed to break through the divide.”

    Aaron Smith, from Hemel Hempstead, who was at the game, said: “I saw one man cornered by at least a dozen Millwall fans before kick-off. Terrifying scenes.”

    Eyewitness Fergal O’Brien said: “I saw a West Ham fan getting punched in the face by a burly bald man who had a coin between his fists.” … Read More


    As a hammers fan myself it would be foolish to say that the same things didnt happen towards the Millwall fans.
    Also many peacefull fans just going to enjoy a football match got caught up in it this is why i decided not to go in the end as i knew some sort of trouble was bound to happen.

    For example the game against you guys uring the weekend was a well battled game on the pitch and between the rival sets of fans but obviously in the way it should always be ! Chanting and being passionate NOT a HOOLIGAN of which those people last night are and no better than common criminals.

    I am sorry if it ends up that this incident has jeoprdised our chances of the world cup and certainly not proud of what my fellow fans have done,
    I geuss what i am trying to say is that please donot think the worst of the club and the majoity of the fans for the T***S who have marred our reputation as a footballing Academy.

  13. tbh I dont think anything could have stopped what happened outside the ground last night, just wish those idiots didnt run onto the pitch – we were booing them and calling for them to get off!!

  14. Do not think this kind of response helps Wet Spams case Millwall have to share in the responsibility of this but it was clear from coverage this was planned on both sides by mindless idiots who claim to be supporters but only bring shame to their clubs.

  15. Its both sets of supporters to blame. Its only a minority that does this. I would think most fans of the teams are purely there to watch a game of football. You can’t the team points, thats to harsh on the players for getting the points in the first place. Any match against millwall and westham should be played behind closed doors. Thats the only way to stomp out this behaviour . COYS

  16. I didn’t see the violence outside; however the general behaviour of the vast majority of the fans inside the ground was as per a ‘normal’ game, with a minority ruining it.

    A lot of the ‘fans’ on the pitch were excitable teenagers/young adults, but they were not violent.

    The ‘violence’ inside the ground was near the away end and I do not support the actions of those near the millwall fans and, whilst there is always likely to be banter, they should have been big enough to not react in the violent manner that occurred.

    Maybe if they had channelled that energy into supporting the team, they could have used their vocal ability to support the team.

    It is a sad day to be a West Ham fan and I thought the shame of Monday morning was bad enough!

  17. I know not all west ham supporters are like that and it amazes me a club that plays attractive football through the years can attract people who are not really football fans, yesterday I braved a west ham site to send condolences to Jack and Calum and their families only for a few hundred mindless idiots (on both sides) to sour the sentiments sent from genuine well wishers, despite all this and the agression and prejudice sent to us by some mindless fools, hope you can cleanse yourselves of these idiots and produce some entertaining football that you have graced us with over the years

  18. Had to laugh at the comments about fans coming down to derstoy their pubs…hmmm, not long ago that some “West Ham Fans” did that at Tottenham (notice i put that in quote marks as I am fully aware it is a very very small minority).

    yesterday it was both sets of fans, Idiot Millwall fans who came without tickets and idiot West Ham Fans who thought invading the pitch was a good idea. Had to laugh at Kenny jackett fawning over how his fans stayed where they were..oh good then, gold stars for them, yippee!!

    I dont know what the answer is though. Play behind closed doors but then that just is not right to the real fans of both clubs. Play the game somewhere else (like Australia) again though to the detrement of the deserving supporters. These people dont care about the club or the players or the supporters up and down the country. In fact they probably don’t even know who played or who won the game even.

    Its a sorry sorry situation…


  19. That is the type of banter that is acceptable, well said on the subject of the few mindless idiots and lets hope they get banned from every ground in country.

    Pavlyuchenko is great


  20. Both teams to a degree were playing on old reputation’s. Chavvy little prick’s giving it the big I am because they have a croud of thugs behind them. If they want to show everybody how Hard they are then take up Boxing or F##k off to Iraq. Silly little Wankers!!!

  21. redknapp has played this one. Only a few weeks ago he was talking Pav up to the media but quite clearly he does not like/rate the bloke as he hasn’t played him this season, apart from 89th minute sub against the scousers. which in my opinion is a total disgrace and lack of respect to one of our best players. Once again the sly bobblehead’s man management has to be called into question. It’s okay if he likes you but if not, you’ve not got a chance no matter how talented you are. It’s a joke that he places keane and crouch higher in the pecking in than Pav. I’m afraid that if Pav does go this one will certainly come back to haunt us, just like Dos Santos will, but redknapp won’t care because he’ll be long gone by then.

  22. Claiming and actual events are not always what they seem – anyway how can you call those thugs outside the ground fans anyway (whatever club they follow) ??

  23. I think the way you have to look at is the trouble outside the ground was just yobs the clubs are not responsible as it was just muppets out for a fight. HOWEVER in the ground it was West Ham that ran onto the pitch caused the delay to the game and were being complete dicks! Millwall for their due didnt enter the pitch.

  24. Again as before I agree that a MINORITY of West Ham idiots did run unto the pitch – what they thought they were doing I dont know!!!!

  25. I feel bad for Pav. He should have come on in the past few games instead of Crouch IMO, simply because he’s been with the squad for longer and his preseason performances were positive. But it is blatantly obvious that Harry prefers Crouch.

    I hope they both play tonight and murder the goal!


  26. This is just the type of fan i was talking about earlier, proves the point with comments like that. crap from crap.

  27. I stopped supporting WHU in 1979 after the violence down green street when walking home from the games. Anyone with different colour skin was beaten or had their shop smashed up.

    The people resonsible for the violence then are still the same wankers supporting violence now and they’ve trained their offspring to be just like daddy. ICF were always short of a brain cell or two

  28. I stopped supporting WHU in 1979 after the violence down green street when walking home from the games. Anyone with different colour skin was beaten or had their shop smashed up.

    The people resonsible for the violence then, are still the same wankers supporting violence now and they’ve trained their offspring to be just like daddy. ICF were always short of a brain cell or two

  29. You idiot. Aoart from Woodgate who was charged and acquitted of affray and wasn’t even a Spurs player, was King, Redknapp, and Bentley involved in a violence? If you have nothing to say, shut your mouth or engage your brain before you open your mouth.

  30. arrested for what? Fighting? Then that’s another problem. But you can easily be arrested these days for just been pissed out of your head. So unless we know what they were arrested for, we can’t compare them to yesterday’s incidents.

  31. I was visiting a mate in Dageham yesterday and was had to endure more than 20 to 30 mins delay between Bow and Dagenham in a packed train. It was advised by the cops not to stop at Upton Park. On way back, around 11ish, same problems and eventually got to South london well after midnight cos of these mindless people. If you tails between their legs, they wouldn’t have any difference with animals. My mate was also visiting someome near the stadium and she said people’s gardens had been smashed up as well. Incredible. People had aited years for this game and judging by some Hammers views here and on some Spurs boards, yesterday’s game was their cup final and a must win game.

  32. I was at the west ham spurs game on sunday. The west ham mugs were all pissed and acting like total mongs.In fact they are all idiots and I saw the news on tv and all I could see was fat 45 year old cass pennant wanna bes in claret and blues acting like total dicks. The millwall fans with tickets acted like real fans west ham look and learn millwall know how to behave. YOU SHOULD ALL BE EMBARRASSED

  33. Lol it’s hard being a spurs fan in irons land but I will say these spammers are quite funny at times.

    On a serious note. There are idiot fans with most big clubs (of which both spurs and west ham are) but I can hand on heart say it is very unfair and unjust tarring all west ham fans with the same shitty brush.

    There was always going to be trouble at this game. Sure it’s surprising it happened so close to the stadium but there should have been more police. Millwall v Leeds fixures are the same but the old bill contain the crowds near each stadium for that game.

    As for the pitch invasion, west ham fans are not the first to do it and won’t be the last. Remember the famous words ‘there’s some people on the pitch….’ It was ok then. Personally I think the FA let fans get away with that. Deduct points for going into administration and throw teams out of cups for fielding cup tied players but they will just fine a big club crowd voilance or for something like this. I think the FA have got it all arse about face.

  34. I hate the appy ammers
    August 26th, 2009
    I was at the west ham spurs game on sunday. The west ham mugs were all pissed and acting like total mongs.In fact they are all idiots and I saw the news on tv and all I could see was fat 45 year old cass pennant wanna bes in claret and blues acting like total dicks. The millwall fans with tickets acted like real fans west ham look and learn millwall know how to behave. YOU SHOULD ALL BE EMBARRASSED

    I Was at the game on Sunday and totally disagree both sets of fans at the spurs match acted within what any other club would do ! as though no doubt you were in the away end yo did get some banter coming your way from the fans nearest you….. but if you cab honestly tell me that this doesnt happen at every ground in the country i will gladly refund you the money for your ticket for the game on sunday !!!!!!

  35. Unfortunately as soon as the draw read WHU V Millwall everyone knew what was to happen. It was pre meditated thugery, not by thans but by wanna be 80’s throwbacks who wanted to relive theire youth. The Invasion was testostrone fueled with 6 pints of Stella and most of the pitch invaders looked like adverts for Fat Camp USA and amazed at the speed they ran. I am sure all will be embarassed and if there Kids were watching shame on you.. No one can condone the violence but it is shamefull how sky have taken the story and have fuelled it further. This wasnt a real fight like the ones in Italy this was just Idiots from both clubs using the tie eo go a little Crazy. COYS

  36. Guvnor, completely agree.

    Mr Moon, are you stupid, why should we all be embaressed? Does that mean al Germans sould be embaressed because of the Nazis?

    The twats who ran on the pitchare complete arseholes, ruined the match for me, which would have ben a good one tocelebrate with acadamy lads winning it for us.

    Outside the ground were fools copying green street.

    and millwall fans with tickets…they didnt go on the pitch because they were surrounded by riot police. and they did rip of hundreds of seats

    2018 bid wont be affected according to uefa, so dont start falsly accusing.

    all in all i think we all want the prats banned for life, and band from the area so they cant participate in planned fights near grounds

  37. look u dirty yids, couldnt you see there were two sets of fans at the game, we might have invaded the pitch but atleast we werent throwing chairs like them millwall scum, im not surprised you didnt blame the world cup bid of food poising

  38. wooooww u got u tube, there not fans, there just mindless thugs, they have got nothing to do with the mighty hammers, they might think there supporters but all they are is scum

  39. yeah fair enough they both have to share the punishments, but far as i concern and i bet alot of other west ham fans think this aswell, they were not fans on both teams and i dont know why they clubs should get punish, the people who did the crime should do the time!!


  41. Tony !!! Nothing to do with west ham????? I was there as a neutral as my company have a box and no one wanted to go. All I saw was middle aged men in ill fitting west ham shirts and caps acting like they were Gary Oldman in the Firm. Screaming lets fucking have it you cunts. (i am unsure who they were shouting at I asume the police)

  42. Most of them looked like they had a wife and kids in doors. Lets face it you do not need much of an excuse to slag off another teams fans but this time it is justifiable. plus everyone called this before the second the draw went up. PRE MEDITATION. shamefull middle aged men mugging themselves off. and it was not one or two blokes it was one or two thousand…….

  43. What happened outside is a matter for the police and legally nothing to do with West Ham. The point im making is that what happened inside will be used to detract from what happened outside and the police failed because someone was stabbed. West Ham appear to have done everything that was asked of them by the authorities prior to the game. Its not fair to make one club and the majority of its supporters suffer for a few idiots. Especially if they have done everything to stop it and were asked to do before the event. They never wanted to be drawn against Millwall, nobody would, thankfully they are out of the competition and no other club will have to suffer them. They would of caused chaos at Spurs, Chelsea or Arsenal etc..
    I just think its unfair that WHU will get all the blame and punishment (guilty of being drawn at home!!), while Millwall get none.In the press its all west hams fault and thats not fair. Surely the stabbing outside is more important than a few fans on the pitch. Im certainly glad they are never likely to play Barca, the nou camps getting old now!!

  44. I think you’re a little harsh with your West Ham fans comment, there are plenty of West Ham fans who are disguisted by the few idiots who ruin the game, but every club has a couple of these.

  45. Yep, it’s a conspiracy. Since West Ham won the World Cup for England in 1966, we don’t want the chance to host the competition again. Well done you for spotting it… and that Elvis assassinated JFK.

  46. Some of the West Ham fans spouting nonsense here. No one is saying Millwall didn’t lay their part, but how do you explain 100s of blokes charging towards cops and screaming ICF, ICF, ICF, ICF. Who the hell are ICF?Bolloks. Maybe, you should watch the hooligan flick, CASS PENNANT and you will know the ICF have been around before some of you were born. My oldman is a Hammer and he stopped going to the Boleyn in the 80s cos of such nonsense. I tried to talk him out of it a few months ago, and unfortunately scenes like this prove his right.

  47. The MillWall faggots deserved what they got, i have to stick up for the hammers on this issue.

    That little team MillWall tried to smash up Upton Park & got what they deserved…End of…

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