Pipe down West Ham

The amount of abuse and racism on here on the back of my last post was quite frankly unreal. Me suggesting Spurs would have too much for West Ham at the Lane was met with a barrage of comments, mainly from very brave anonymous Hammers.

Tottenham should have definitely had one penalty, possibly three. We dominated the game throughout and the deadlock was finally broken by substitute Roman Pavlyuchenko within nine minutes of coming on.

The win puts up into 8th place and within 3 points of West Ham. With home games against Newcastle, West Brom and Manchester City still to come, 7th place now looks a strong possibility.

Hopefully today’s result, as well as the fact we have now done the double over them this season, will have shut the ignorant and racist section of the Hammer’s fan base up.

106 thoughts on “Pipe down West Ham”

  1. fuck off west ham
    u will alwayz be a small club!
    fuk ur famous GSE and ICF!!
    good win 2dai spurs. YIDDD ARMYY !

  2. what can u expect from the eel eating mugs! we pump them home and away, weve put 7 goals past them now without reply…so they have to come up with something…but the best way to shut up a pikey, is to do what we done to them today.

  3. now, now west ham gypsies, dont de slagging off black lads, your hero cass pennant might be reading lol…so you greased up and touched your toes again…you always do when we play you lol.

  4. Err whats black, white or yellow got to do with the spammers getting their annual beating at the lane??…anyone???

  5. well done yids! im a west ham fan you deserved the win with the shambles of a performance we put in! i must say you support was appauling! Im just glad we can save you cunts from relegation.

  6. the west ham firms king, is a black lad, and there most expensive signing ever is a black lad!!!, but they hate black lads??? lets all laugh at the pikeys..LOL

  7. whats with all the pointless racism on here? from both sets of fans tbh. theres no need for it atall. Great win for spurs, we completely deserved it.

  8. yid cunts! dominated the game my arse! they were as poor as us. dirty yid cunts dream on… 7th place pffft fuck off cunts

  9. its so quiet,its so quiet,its so quiet at the lane… its so quiet, its so quiet, its so quiet at the lane!!

  10. its so quiet,its so quiet,its so quiet at the lane… its so quiet, its so quiet, its so quiet at the lane!!

  11. great youth prospects like freddy sears.
    what potential there.
    I will admit jack collison is a great young player, but apart from that i dont see much?
    that tompkins guy or whatever got turned inside out by modriv all day, so maybe in the future hel get turned inside out by modric for 70 mins? instead of the 90?

  12. its so quiet,its so quiet,its so quiet at the lane… its so quiet, its so quiet, its so quiet at the lane!!

  13. Wet sPAM must have most pikey fans who are so uncultured they just sit in their council estates eating chips with jacket potatoes. Income support rinsing hill billies. No class

  14. how can both sets of fans be so racist? spurs started today with 7 black players.

    and west hams former captain was black (reo coker), top scorer is black, record signing is black.

    its discraseful how racist some fans are for no good reason, my bet is half the people leaving the ignorant racist comments are about 12? and theyre just acting “cool” cos theyve been aloud on their dads laptop without him looking over his shoulder so he can look at bebo.

  15. keep the lane white?
    so shall we tell ledley, defoe, bent, lennon, jenas, gomes, zokora, thudd, and co that theyre no longer welcome?

  16. who ever said about west h ham young prospects there are quite alot actually. if oyu look at collison who is amzing.stanislas looks a good confident young lad. tomkins is qualit still learning his trade bondz n’gala looks good in you still needs to be brought through. josh payne dont no much about him ment to be good. Zavon hines a quality striker not alot seen about him. there are more but im not going into it. the only person the yid cunts have produved is the injury prone king.

  17. sol campbell, stephen carr, peter crouch have all come thru the spurs academy.
    spurs have one of the best U18 teams in the country, and our reserves are chasing the southern league reserve title.

    o’hara came thru the youth side here, n hes twice the player of tompkins.

    weve also got bale, gunter, taarabt and Dos santos hu r all full international regulars, and are all only 19.

    dorian dervitte is having a stormer on loan at southend, and has secured his place in the France under 21 squad.

    John Obika scored again 2day, taking his total to 3 in 3 for yeovil.

    weve also got tomasz perkhart hu is currently injured, buthas scored 6 in 5 for czech republic under 21s.

    Dean Parret and John Bostock have both made their 1st team debuts, and have looked extremely impressive. and theyre both only 17.

    So no, spurs dont have any youth prospects

  18. Ever seen defoe with a wog bird???? nah didnt think so even the little kunt loves a bit of white meat

  19. All your youth prospect you have bought in not produced except the average o’hara. Tomkins today played out of position. he is a centre half playing at right back aged just 19. The guy will play for england in a few years time no doubt he is quality. The racist stuff is poor but is comming from both sides by the looks of it

  20. You backward caveman cowards. I hope all the anonymous racist comments on here have been written by snot nosed 9 year olds brought up in a barn. Even sadder if they have been written by ‘grown ups’ (?)

    This is London you pricks. If you cannot handle living in a forward thinking, multi cultural city, then fuck off out to the villages where you might feel safer. Go and live somewhere slower and less dynamic, where your backward seeing cabbage brains won’t be so overworked.

    Black or White, we don’t want you racist pricks in our city. This is our city not yours. Football belongs to everyone here.

    I am a white, life long Spurs fan. Born and bred in north London. We all live together in our mixed community. We love our club and our city.

    You love negativity and cowardice. My name is up here for all you cowardly mugs to see. Come and find me in Bar Latina on Tottenham High Rd on match day for a chat anytime, so I can educate you.

    Come on you Lillywhites. Lets get to Europe.

    COYS…… Jamie B

  21. tbh west hame fans r talkin bout stanislas, hes not from london is he? Collison is welsh, so he must have been bort from somewhere, and savio, hes german.

    just cos players arent from the area, dusnt mean theyre not a success from the youth system. clubs still need to help players fulfill theyre potential. and fair play to west ham, they are good at getting young players to fulfill theyre potential

  22. o’haras from arsenal!! you mug! spell his name right its TOMKINS! and he is younger than o’hara and is better currently!

  23. collison has been at west ham scince he was 10. stanislas is the same and is from london.west ham ( the academy of football. you yids are sooo stubben cant admit that west ham have the best youth system in the country.

  24. Jamie B you are so wrong its not true. The area around the lane is a dive because of our black friends. They have ruined the area like asians have ruined east ham. Awful people bring down an area.

  25. best in the country yeh yeh, thats why arsenal kids get to like the semis of the carling cup pretty much every year?

    And Utds is far better than west hams.

    Giggs, Scholes, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Johnny Evans, Marchena, Beckham.


    Tompkins, stanislas, payne, savon, collison.

    I kno who id chose

  26. I’m black Spurs fan and am shocked by what is wriiten by my fellow men. I never thought I’d here this sort of crap from Spurs fans Spammers yes but not sPURS

  27. I live near seven sisters and i feel like the odd one out walking along. Prossies and thier black pimps are everywhere. Horrible area Jamie you are wrong COYS

  28. spammers are hilarious…they big up their kids like there something special, when all they are as average shit!…ledley king is one of the best talents to ever come out of our academy…he is a legend, and still here fighting for the cause, easily in the top 5 centre backs in the league, and described by capello as world class….now how many of the hammers best youth are still there???…rio? no….lampard? no….carrick? no…defoe? no..joe cole? no…..harry was spot on…you sold all of your best ever youth, and now have the shit

  29. turning away from west ham for a sec, do any other spurs fans find it funny how carr left us for “a bigger club”? and that Duff and scott parker turned us down for “a bigger club”? a club thats not battling relegation?

  30. marchena has played like 30 mins premiership football and was bought by united under a year ago you can barely say he was brought through the rnaks. Fact west ham have the best youth academy in the league. the england team is full of west ham boys. the reason they eint with us is because some cunt called glenn roader get us relegated. i can admit ledley king a decent player… has his own physio table with his name on it. Most arsenal youngsters are foreign and have been bought in at 16 17 years of age. at the end of they day home grown ENGLISH talent is made by west ham, and NOT spuds.

  31. west ham are a feeder club yeah alright mate do one. we got relegated cos of the cunt. and couldnt afford to pay their wages cos we was in the fucking championship. now we are back where we belong in da premiership. and can afford to keep our quality youth academy players. best oyuth player at west ham collison! better than ramsey i herd gooners agree with me on that one too.

  32. west ham shud still b in the champ, but luckily for them ineligable player of the year carlos tevez kept them up. west ham shudda had a points deduction and gone down to where they deserve

  33. why has this gone so far away from football?
    this has got nothing to do with football, racism has no place in football.
    you lot are a fukkin discrase to be honest with you.

  34. you say west ham stayed up cos of an inledgible player. he is on the same contract now and owned by a 3rd party the same as what he is at united. but united being united get away with it. Spurs had the same situation years back and got away with it with no point deduction so shut the fuck up.

  35. glad to see zola knows the score….”we were beaten by one of the 6 best teams in england” as he said today after the match.

  36. Paki’s have taken over East London. The wogs have taken over North London. We must unite to reclaim our country.

    Anyway I thought it was a good game today. We put a good performance considering the amount of top players we had out.

    Hope you beat Newcastle and send those deluded cunts down.

    Beware of RedCunt. He left us in debt and ruined Soton and Pompey. Once he’s spunked all your money he’ll piss off somewhere else. Tony Carr produced ALL the West Ham kids, not RedCunt. He’s a shifty wanker.

  37. if you do its because of the fact we have to many injury players. zola is a better manager than redknapp by a country mile. and corse zolas gona say that he felt sorry for ya cos you in the worst 6 teams in the country

  38. i find it funny west ham have to resort to racism everytime we beat them, they know there team are so shit and we are better thay have to resort to it. 6 Games in a row u bunch of muppets. I got a quiz for everyone…. when was the last time west ham won a major trophy?

  39. When was the last time you won the world cup? when was the last time you won a major trophy and no the micky mouse cup does not count. Everyone puts out a reserve team for that cup even us. its the cheapist way into europe. And mate the spurs fans are the most racist on this shitty blog.

  40. Also if your better than us why eint you above us in the league. we beat you in the league last year too. The league table never lies. We lost to you todya cos we had a weak team out. Two shit centre forwards and fair doos you beat us but play us when we have a full strength team and we will see what happens you muppet.

  41. u muppet, west ham would love to be in a carling cup final, even zola said we are one of the six best teams in the country, and u still dident answer my question, when was the last time west ham won a trophy?

  42. This is a shit blog.

    Tomkins will be as good as Rio. Collison will be the best of the lot. Harry should keep his gob shut for once.

    He takes the credit when things go well and blames someone else when things go wrong. Cappello has shown him to be an idiot.

    Redknapp sold Rio to pocket some of the money himself. Beware of the twitchy cunt. He stabbed his best man, Billy Bonds, in the back.

    And get anyone that insults our soldiers should get fucked off out of the country.


  43. play off final haha. when you last win dat. you get more money for finishing bottom of the premiership than you do for winning the micky mouse cup. face it its a shit cup. and soo what if zola said it dont mean its correct if you was in the top six surely you would b in 6th place you mug.1966! zolas a better manager than redknapp will ever be.

  44. play off final cup, what a cnut u are, your trying to tell me that counts compared to the carling cup that gets u into europe, silly muppet.If thats somethin to bang on about u are a very sad indervidual.

  45. sinve 2000 spurs have beaten westham 9 times and lost to westham on 2 occasions with about 4 draws. although this is not the be all and end all but it goes some way to giving an accurate picture of the difference between these clubs.when did westham last win anything or even look like achieving anything.its only a matter of time before westham are relegated or bankrupt.take a look at their sad old ground ,you can only cover up rot with cheap paint for so long.someone is going to have westham out of 7th place in the next couple of weeks wich will save them the embaressment of being humbled in europe by a club that isnt impressed by stories of who westham used to be, and no ones interested in.sad but true,clubs like wigan,bolton and sunderland have surpassed you in terms ofmoving foward,finances,ground improvement and players under 30 wanting to join

  46. Mate, face it spurs are a bigger club with better history then yours, simple. Soon we are moving to a state of art stadium while u will still be in your pile of crap. Plus our worst ever start and we are only 3 points behind u and your ment to be having a good season, Says it all really, pmsl

  47. erm your our bogey team if your better than us youl finish above us. but currently you lie below us in the premier league. the league table never lies. And when we was close to winning anything was in 2006 when we should of won the F.A cup thats a proper cup by the way, we deserved that cup final and yould be wrong to disagree with me on that one. We unfortuanatly lost on penalties with reina diving 3 yards of his line making some fantastic saves. Yes congratualtions you beat us today the 3 points seem to be a bigger deal to you than us as your all getting so fucknig happy over it. But 3 points behind so Shhhhh!

  48. your a bigger club yes and you have a better histroy well done keep looking back to the past mate cos your futures bleak. At this current stage we stand higher than you in the league and thats all that counts and nar your stadium eint an exact copy of the emirates.

  49. Anonymous said…
    play off final cup, what a cunt u are, your trying to tell me that counts compared to the carling cup that gets u into europe, silly muppet.If thats somethin to bang on about u are a very sad indervidual.

    11 April 2009 20:37

    Play off Cup Final, what a cunt you are. You’re trying to tell me that counts compared to the Carling Cup that gets you into Europe, silly muppet. If that’s something to bang on about you are a very sad indervidual.

    That looks a bit better. If ever proof was needed that educational standards are slipping….

    Now cnut Off Yid!!

  50. Wow 3 points, is that all u got to cling on to, listen we wooped your asses twice this season. The only reason u are were u are is because other teams dont really put the effort in when they play u because they know u aint a big club.

  51. Der all modern stadiums are built that way now, benfica’s being the first, because it maximises noise and space, but u wouldn’t know that cos u a typical wet spam head.

  52. Like you, I find the racism disgusting and deplorable. I write a West Ham blog and have been appalled by the vile abuse from both sets of fans. So sad. Idiots like this tarnish the name of both clubs. There’s not much point in telling them to grow up, the attitudes are hopelessly ingrained. Hammersfanno1

  53. westham fans remind me of my ex wife all bitter and twisted,detached from reality and going nowhere fast shame ps hammersley brothers are crying in their beer again

  54. you talk as if your such a big fucking club! your not, someone said earlier on in the blog that duff and parker turned you down to go to a big club. your not even a big club sort it out you yid cunts. well see what happens next year when zolas brought in what he needs to bring in and redknapss been locked up for some dogey dealings.

  55. I suppose next season Tottenham will break into the ‘big four.’

    Like the season before and the season before and the season before…….Zzzzz

    You’re a nothing club. West Ham have the nucleus of a great team. Redknapp will leave you in massive debt, just as he’s done with all his other clubs.

  56. spurs new stadium wont be like the emirates,1 it will be paid for 2 it will be a much better standard of build i have seen initial plans/drawings 3 spurs will not sell soul,arse, history to finance/build stadium .They are called woolwich nomads for a very good reason [ up sticks and off before the bailiffs get there] emptycrates will be like a barratt house cracks appear soon after warranty expires and as its built on the site of the old corporation tip says it all really.

  57. shut up you sad prick it looks like emirates your trying to follow in their footsteps. you eint half the team they are you yid cunt

  58. the guy who said tomkins was gettin skined all the time, he was f**kin playing right back you ignorant twat. if he was playing in his natural position he wouldnt have got done by modric. fair play to tottenham they are a good side but you would expect that when you have spent the money they have. their wage bill must be staggering. id be worried because theres only so long you can sustain that sort of money for what being midtable. west ham are expected to finish midtable considering the money we’ve spent.

  59. You’ve alway been in Arsenal’s shadow you deluded yid cunt.

    A new stadium with RedCrook at the helm will send you into financial meltdown. Be careful what you wish for.

    Good game today. Tomkins, Noble and Stanislas done well.

  60. ha ha ha u gotta laugh at these wet spam fools, there so shite and bitter they have to bring up arsenal, what a bunch tossers.

  61. westham no ground ar5nal soon no wenger man when he goes to a big european team he cant go on with no support from his board and his better players over the last decade have all seen the light. What happens when westham have to pay mega bucks for their cheating ways ,there is a club in Yorkshire that is not going away until it gets its compensation even if it means you lot go bust.You could have a whipround at upton park.That might raise a score if the ground is full.Ask mr Tevez if he wants to bung in after all he got what he could from the deal if you do go out of business we will miss you at least until eastenders comes on they get a bigger following and the cast are better looking than most wetspammers especially fat heather and minty

  62. Big club or little club who cares, at the end of the day all im in intrested in is who I support, could not care if we had 20 fans or 50,000 fans. Came on here to see some sensible comments, but all it is is racist and abusive crap. Im a West Ham fan was at the game today, and considering the team we had out, thought we put up a decent first half performance, but Spurs were much stronger than us the second half and deserved the win. Both clubs have great loyal fans, who turn up week in and week out no matter how well their teams are playing, which is more than can be said for them blue lot, who have only turned up since Abromovich has been there and will certainly dissapear again when he goes. You have great support Spurs fans and play good football, which is what I as a West Ham fan appreciate as thats what I like to see. Shame that their are fans from both sides talking utter bollocks on here.

  63. well said, who actually cares, why should we care what you and Arsenal are doing, we should be intrested in our club only. West Ham play the game the right way and even Arseanl, everyone would love to watch the football they play every week. If your a real football fan you can fail to applaud that style of play. I too was at the game today, and thought that we deserved our win, but must say your support is superb. Not many away teams come to the lane and support and sing like you lot do. Just glad we won though, but think you lot have a great manager in Zola and will do really well under him.

  64. Let’s end the thread on that positive note.

    ‘Banter’ is OK, but plain abuse is ridiculous.

    Spurs were marginally the better team but West Ham had the better support.

  65. sounds like sour grapes to me most of these hammer comments , you wernt good enough end of and all you can do is spout off a load of vile racist dribble hope your all choking on ya jellies tonight ps the ugliest supporters in the world bar none … thfc

  66. if hiddink goes in the summer and that is a real possibility, zola will be a chelsea target and with his chelsea links i am sure he will go. so dont get too attached to him.its a vicious circle and i do not know the answer but every time westham find a player or manager someone further up the evolutionary scale will have them and so it goes on that is what modern [premiership] football has become.the only answer is to sell all you hold dear or get owned by a dodgy rich man like arsenal or chelsea.slowly all the countries clubs are being put under the control of the evil empire how can a club being 600 million in debt be good for the game in general and when it goes wrong it affeccts the quality and reputation of all we claim to hold dear.finally take a look at the scottish prem league that is what could happen if the brakes are not applied soon a sterile mish mash of no account games rising to an occasional burst of interest.how can the prem support a good size 20ish team league with man moneybags utd v stoke signon ub40city surely its time to put the house in order

  67. Mate, im a West Ham fan and am embarrassed to think that tossers like you follow the club I love, spouting off abusive racist crap. Bet you was cheering Marlon Harewood when he scored in the cup semi final. You need to Get a life you ignorant bastard and that goes for every racist abusive tosser on here.

  68. Sol sol wherever you may be
    Not long now to lunacy
    and we dont give a fuck if your hanging from a tree your a judas cunt with HIV.
    Racist song me thinks

  69. spoon playing, cockle eating, caravan living, button wearing east end pikeys. F off back to Pitsea and fcuk your sisters. Mugs. 1-0 in your cup final.

  70. Admin please close this blog to prevent any more idiots posting racist idiotic statements. They are a disgrace to Tottenham and West Ham.

  71. just seen the russians goal again on match of the day,no doubt about it ,a quality strike.Spurs were unlucky not to have got a second goal from robbie keane.Westham fans must accept they were second best today,sorry but one of three teams are going to take your european place if thats what seventh ends up being.You have done well thus far but its about to get too much for your team/squad.YOU WONT BE RELEGATED THIS SEASON SO CHIN UP AND KEEP THE FAITH.Meantime whoever owns your club has to sort the finances out,from what we are hearing tonight you could be the next Woolworths.Is the icelandic clown really the answer.Roman put wedge into Chelsea,glazers put wonga into the Mancs and the shifty yanks even put a bit into the thieves den.What has the smurf put into your camp?

  72. westham lost today,yeah im gutted but have to agree we need those above zola to sort it out.pity some of those who claim to love the club and are wealthy didnt put up the cash.I can see more failure looming next season.

  73. gobby gunner bet me a tenner westham would win today.Bet i wont see him for months now so he can avoid paying up.Took 5 months to get money off of him after semi final and 3 months last bet we had.If you bet a gooner get a time limit on payout times.So pay up mark stevens staple tye harlow essex

  74. A few months back you wet spams were laughing at us and saying we are going down, now the momentum is with us, we are shooting up the table. By the way, we gave you 8 games head start and we still caught up with you. And next week we are home to Newcastle (3 points to us) and you are away to Villa (0 points for you) and that my dear eel eating friends mean we finally take our rightful place above you in the table. So enjoy your temporary status in the league for another 6 days! God we have had a godawful season and were still on a par with you lot. When will you get it in your thick heads that there is absolutely no comparison between the 2 teams. We don’t even consider you as rivals, just another London derby like Charlton or Fulham, but its your loudmouthed ridiculous statements about your crap team that gives us a smile on our faces everytime we beat you.

  75. Well said totally agree with ya, and which idiot said that Zola is a better manager then Redknapp. Buffoon.

  76. ah Bubble9 – the classic ‘rightful place excuse’

    I’m sure you don’t need reminding that you havn’t been above us in the league, in your rightful place, for two years now.

    Admin you need to shut this post, it’s disgusting. You write in your blog that the amount of racist abuse in your first post was unreal – yet you persist in keeping the comments open for this one. Nice one.

    Well done Spurs for fielding millions and millions of pounds worth of players and only being able to scrap a 1-0 against pretty much the worst West Ham line-up I have seen all year.

    Neill – midfield
    Tomkins – Right back
    Combined age of about 67 upfront

    Good win really.

    4th place next year maybe?

  77. Quite obvioulsy all the racists comments are from West Ham fans (including those pretending to be Spurs fans) You sad idiotic bastards – my friend was killed in Afghanistan recently – he was black and a West Ham fan – unfortunately he was aware of vermin like you lot. I’ve served in the military for 24 years and quite frankly I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on the likes of you if you were on fire.

    A Spurs Supporter – with a lot more intelligence than some of you inbred wankers.

  78. Look out . WHUFC are coming , must say the biggest piss take at your place was 1980 .. Ninety minutes of piss take. More coming on the 22nd Irons.

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