One nil to the Arse….sorry Tottenham!

Well, another 1-0 away victory for the lads. I’m not one to get too excited where my football team is concerned, but recent results are very encouraging. Tottenham’s away form over the last few years has always been their Achilles heel. They have never been able to go away from home and nick scrappy 1-0 victories, now they can.

Reading had their fair share of possession last night but Spurs controlled the game and had some good chances to make to 2 or 3-0.

Arguably unlucky in the trip to Old Trafford in the league earlier this season, could another 1-0 win be possible in the FA Cup 4th Round?

Being a realist I’d say a big fat no and I’d be much happier to beat Arsenal next Tuesday but never say never, and we are still owed one for Mendes!

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