Oh Dear

I didn’t expect us to get anything at the Etihad yesterday. I would have been reasonably satisfied with a spirited one or two nil defeat but after thirty seconds, the writing was very much on the wall. A disastrous clearance from the usually reliable Hugo Lloris gave Jesus Navas an opportunity which he converted via a sublime chip. The most important thing for any team going to Manchester City is to not concede an early goal because a rout is always a possibility against this side and that is exactly what happened. Before this match, Tottenham had conceded just one goal on their travels and that is what makes the manner of this defeat all the more disappointing.

On paper, the Spurs back four looked fairly strong with Younes Kaboul returning to the starting line-up alongside Captain Dawson but they were made to look like complete fools at times by the power, pace and skill of Aguero and company. Other than an early Erik Lamela chance, the away side were never in it. Villas-Boas seemed to think if that opportunity had been converted, this would have been a very different game. I have my doubts. None of our performances in the Premier League thus far this season have been particularly convincing and having suffered big defeats both here and at the hands of West Ham tells us there is still a lot of work to do. The majority of pundits would have pointed to a Manchester City victory in this but not by a margin of six goals.

I’ve always been behind Andre Villas-Boas and I will continue to support the Tottenham manager. Football fans these days expect too much too quickly and while I’m not all that impressed by our brand of football, I do believe the manager will improve both results and performances as the season progresses. The AVB out brigade really aren’t helping anyone and it’s not as if other big sides haven’t already lost a few games in the league this season. It’s how we react to this defeat that’s most important and in particular, how the team performs against Manchester United next Sunday. Although they are a good side, David Moyes men are still very beatable. I hope those Spurs players that have underperformed in recent weeks step up and show exactly what they are capable of.

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  1. 😕 😥 👿

    I cant help but feel a little like the above.. Shocked.

    I have been a big supporter of AVB on blogs, and defended him to my mates, who support, Soton Arsenal Man U Cheatski & Liverpoo… It has been hard wrok, but I can’t defend us this week, that was just utterly terrible.

    I have been arguing that every team has dropped points and we will be right in there come new year due to the topsy-turvy nature of this season. I have continued to point out that whilst we’re in a goal-scoring crisis we have been in the mix due to defending better than ever,…


    I give up. :((( (I wana cry! – Please cheer me up fellow spurs!)

    A few observations from City game/last few weeks:

    Why won’t Lennon sit on his last man? (Full Back) – Why doesn’t he take the FB?!?!

    Or at least make runs in front of Soladado/midfield players? – Its like he’s scared to take a man on or make a posititve/attacking run?!?!?!

    This leads to… Walker doing it! – ..

    OK, we all love to see FB’s over-lapping as per the current trend,. But we may as well have played Lennon RB and Walker RW!

    Paulinhio was Poor!!! – What has happened to the bloke I saw at the Concaf?!?!?!!

    WHY OH F*****G WHY DONT WE HAVE 2 PROPER FULL BACKS FOR EACH SIDE?!!?!?!? – Fryers and Naughton may as well get a run to see if they can even do the job’s theyre getting paid to do.

    Lamela was useful. About as useful as he could be with the dross around him.

    HOLTBY IS NOT A NO.10!! – For me the only bloke I ve seen really look ike a No 10 is Chadli!,.
    Against Hull, he at least attempted to play through balls and act like a No 10, before he got injured after 9 minutes!

    Over the last 5 or so years, all prem teams seem to have forgotten how to defend,. (But this trend is nicely in line with English teams learning how to play out the back so there’s a clear reason for this, and it keeps Hansen et al in a job!)So its nice that we have been able to nail how to play out the back and GENERALLY defend well, but from Lloris out, the balance has been all wrong!!!

    Best team:

    Lloris – (We need an understudy in same mould)

    Rose (Any LB really! And 2 of ’em!!!!)
    Chiriches (Kaboom & youngster on bench, Dawson out)
    (Could really do with someone with a brain tho!.. Heres an idea, what is Naughton like in the position hes actually been raised at?!?! Does anyone even know what hes like at RB yet?!)

    Sandro/Capoue – Both mint.
    Holtby – (IS NOT A NUMBER 10!!!)


    Lennon, Townsend, Dawson, Defoe are all over-rated and not good enough.

  2. After the first goal a rout was always a possibility. But why pass it all the way back directly from the kick-off? What does it achieve?

  3. Agree totally with everything Mabbs and Borris had to say. We’re going nowhere fast, we need players playing in their correct positions and players with a bit of intelligence :mrgreen:

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