Nuls points

I really didn’t think we’d be in this position going into the Chelsea game. My biggest worry now is that we have two games coming up we could easily get nothing from and then The Sun and co jump on the Ramos out bandwagon.

I thought some of the comments I read last week were ludicrous, this week they were so wide of the mark I actually found them hilarious. My two favs are probably ‘Ramos out we need Laudrup’ and ‘Berbatov at 20% is still better than Bent’.

How anyone can criticise Ramos for dropping Berbatov I don’t know. He isn’t fit to wear the shirt anymore and if Levy doesn’t get shot of him this week he is the person we should be levelling our frustrations at, not Ramos.

Spurs didn’t play that terribly today but as with Boro, I just never felt we stamped any authority or control on the game. Every time Sunderland got the ball you felt like they could score. It’s obvious that we need a midfield enforcer but I’m worried there isn’t one on our shopping list.

The Arshavin deal is back on if yesterday’s reports are anything to go by and he can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. All these off field matters aren’t doing us any favours so lets get them sorted and concentrate on getting things right on the pitch.

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  1. the reason the ramos out campaign has started is because we have been awful since feb, no other reason. Do you honestly think we would be talking like this if we have been trying since feb..jol was never given this after 2 games last season because upto then we were still playing well…and why oh why cant ramos come out and talk to the fans and media instead of respect so go ramos go

  2. What a stupid comment! The reason we are 3-5 seasons behind the top 4 is because we bring a different manager in every 2-3 years and start from scratch. We finally find a proven manager who needs time to build a team as did fergie, wenger etc.

  3. Exactly,
    Juande Needs Time.
    Do Any Of You Remember His Time at Sevilla,

    He Turned Them From a Nothing Club With Sum Big Name Players Like,
    Sergio Ramos,
    Julio Baptista, Etc.

    He Sold These Players and Still turned The Club around,

    Have Faith.

  4. Prediction: We will lose the next 2 games and get 1 point from the next 4 & Ramos will be sacked. Sell and don't play your two starting strikers and what do you expect. Bent's not up for it.
    Good news: We wont get relegated – I do think we will finish around 14th this season. We need a experienced central defender, a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder, and two top quality strikers. I don't see how you can do that in a weeks time. So it's more gloom and doom for me.

  5. In our present condition we won’t get out of our current position in the relegation zone. Something has to change – this week. Performance to date suggests losses to Chelsea, Villa and Portswouth. We are in much worse shape than under Martin Jol.

  6. keep he faith.arse won nothing in 3 years are they calling for him to be sacked NO… things are not going right now time to gel cant expect lightening results straight away, lets be realistic ………….COYS

  7. clearly its a joke to even think there is a likelihood of Ramos getting sacked. Think of the face and money the board would lose.
    We could lose the first 15 games of the season and it wouldnt happen.
    Of course he should be stuck with (though the case for doing so with Jol was pretty strong too).
    I feel sorry for him that 2 of our most important players get tapped up over the summer, but he does deserve criticism on 2 fronts: (1) He would’ve known it was very likely Berbatov would leave and the failure to secure a replacements there is concerning. I’m guessing Arshavin will eventually come in at a huge price but that replaces Keane, the less important of the 2.
    (2) As with Jol..still no left-midfielder, midfield enforcer. The world isn’t full of them (just look at how much the likes of Mascerenho cost) but it can’t be THAT hard.
    ANd I agree he should be able to speak to the media by now. Scolari, Ranieri etc. aren’t exactly fluent but as a symbolic gesture of leadership and responsibility he should be doing it by now.

  8. Who cares if he says nothing. The problem is the midfield. No one there who can protect the back 4. Play O’Hara who can at least tackle/ Please get rid of Zoroka, he’s shit!

  9. What a load of bollox. Ramos runs the team with what he has, he still needs a midfield general and those numptys Camoli and Levy should sort it out for him, thats the club structure ! or give it all to Ramos – my choice. AS to Berbatov – get rid of him now. I dont know about you lot but I am sick of all these foreign players – I want some English players proud to wear the badge – where do we get them – god knows !

  10. just accept you are not a big club and all will be good

    I think spurs are now officially in the third tier of the english PL with Fulham, Wigan, Sunderland and Boro

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