No progress, Boro update and Fantasy League

It was all going on with Berba, Arshavin and Corluka a few days ago but nothing has progressed. It does still look like they are all a matter of days away from being sorted, especially Berbatov, but Ramos doesn’t seem too concerned by our current situation.

“It is nothing to panic about,” said head coach Ramos.

“We have performed very well in recent friendlies, they have been great attacking performances so it is not something that concerns me.

“We are aware there are only two weeks to go before the end of the window, that is something we are working on constantly anyway.

“We work without rest to look for players and we’ve always known the deadline day is the August 31.

“We are working calming, in the background, on one or two things. We prefer to work with as much discretion as we can.”

If the boss is happy, I’m happy!

A bit of good news is Anthony Gardener making his move to Hull permanent. I had visions of him getting injured and being shipped back to the Lane. He did a job for us and even broke into the England squad at one point so I hope he does well at Hull.

A worrying stat I came across this morning is that we have only won one of our last seven opening fixtures! On a positive note we are unbeaten in six Premier League matches against them.

Fantasy League
Over on EBA we have a Premier Fantasy League every year, be nice to get a few more Yids involved.

Go here to register:

Once you have chosen your team, click on leagues then enter the following code to join the EBA League: 79919-21455

5 thoughts on “No progress, Boro update and Fantasy League”

  1. Ramos is our leader!!!

    This is why it’s so important to have such a strong figure in charge. Last year Martin Jol was saying how he couldn’t sleep because of all the turmoil surrounding berba. Now to me that implies that he has let it affect him and more importantly the team.

    Ramos however has not let it affect the team and has galvanised the team regardless of whether the stroppy bulgarian is there or not.
    We are talking about a man that has beaten Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia on several ocassions.
    And if anybody has the cheek to question his ability he will have no option but to get his medals out!!

    In Juan de la Cruz Ramos we should all trust.

  2. Bang on Carl! I was feeling a bit unsure about Saturday, but with Ramos in charge we should walk through Middlesbrough like they’re a Sunday league team.

    I was thinking 1-2, but sod it, how about 0-5 with Bent to score a hat trick, Bentley a stinging free kick and Woody to wrap it up in the last 10 with a header in the top corner.

    I’m off down the bookies now!

  3. haha – Spurs eye – you look like a massive pr*ck now, don’t you? your guys got soundly whupped – like we knew they would. Boro are a team on the up – shame you idiots were too busy licking yourselves to notice our pre-season.

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