I don’t care what anyone else has to say, we were superb yesterday. A few players didn’t pull their weight as usual but the ones that did, really did.

I am surprised to say this but Zokora was top drawer, he seriously impressed me. He looks like the player I saw 2 and a half years ago. I never thought I’d say this but I’m delighted he’s signed a new deal.

I was getting calls of £16m of sh1t regarding Modric. The mugs that were saying this need to sort their eyes out because he ran that midfield. Keep your Lampard’s and your Deco’s, 5 foot nothing Modric showed you boys how to do it. He is key to our success this season imo. He kept us ticking. His height is the only negative but it wasn’t a problem yesterday, he towered over Lamps anyway!

Woody and Ledley were also excellent. It was great to see our captain play a full game, just ain’t the same with Jenas wearing the armband is it?!

We may have been fortuitous with the goal but I would say the chavs were even more so with theirs.

They whole club needed to step up and be counted at the Bridge and that is exactly what happened. We were a totally different side to the one that lost the first two games.

I can’t wait for the next game now, if we continue to show the same type of spirit and tenacity, we won’t be far off that top 4.


6 thoughts on “Mustard”

  1. Ive never been so torn about Zokora as i was yesterday. At times he looked amazing, breaking up play. turning Chelseas midfield inside out,and then passing the ball out for a Chelsea throw. Nice to see him selected in his proper position though COYS

  2. Zokora was good but he (like a few other players) still tend to have these misplaced passes in critical areas. We almost got caught out with one of them. Otherwise great performance and I was happy to see that many players started in their proper position. I also reckon Bale was going to score a cracker until he was so abruptly brought down

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