Moussa Sissoko for £12m?

Seems very pricey to me. I realise he’s only 19 but we have been burnt too many times in recent seasons on young players with potential. To be honest, I’m not an expert on the lad or French football in general but he does seem to have only had the one good season which was last year when Toulouse finished 4th. I’m not sure I’d be prepared to part with £12m on the back of that.

Sissoko has been quoted in the past as saying he would like a move to the Premier League and having watched a few videos he does seem like a busy and tough player who would probably be a welcome addition to our squad, it’s just the price tag that is putting me off.

Although Damien Comolli was to blame the majority of the time, our record when it comes to signing unproven talent from abroad doesn’t read well. You’d hope that things will change with Harry’s eye for talent but his past record when signing foreign imports has been picking up obscure players for peanuts and getting the best out of them, he’s not had this type of cash at his disposal up until now.

I know Joe Cole is probably nothing more than a pipedream but I’d be a lot happier paying that sort of money for his services, even if he does only have a year left on his current deal at Chelsea. The blues appear keen to keep the skilful 27 year old if the papers are to be believed, but Harry’s connection with the player coupled with the fact he doesn’t have long left on his contract at Chelsea, makes me think that there is an outside chance of a deal coming off.

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  1. you sick bastard… the world a favour and go dance on a minefield…

    Spurs don’t need idiots like you as a ‘fan’

  2. Lassana Diarra and Palacios as defensive midfielder, and Luka Modri? as an Attacking (free) midfielder!

    Lennon on one side and a good winger on the other side (Young/Cole/Robben/Rose).

    It would have been nice!!!!!!!!!!

  3. that is sick, what has he ever done to you??? wilson is an absolute hero fr the way he has dealt with this traedy so do us all a favour and fuck off!

  4. White Knight. God Bless You.

    Now, how do you rate this Sissoko fella then? Seeing as this is the reason we came here? Seen much of him?

    I’m off to dance on a minefield, I look forward to a witty response please.

  5. I suspect Si is a Bluescum/Goon fan or one of those pathetci cretins that support that shower of shite from East London.

    Anyway, I have my reservations about paying 12 mill for a 19 yr old, but we should all remember that Fellaini went to Everton at 19 for 15 mill and hardly anyone had heard of him…
    Just because we haven’t heard of him doesn’t mean he isn’t quality.

  6. Sorry all, just thought i’d try something else rather than who i’d rather have play in my Spurs team for the umpteenth time.

    Oh and Wilson Palacios is by far the best player we have at the moment.

    I’ll leave you all to discuss about Jenas/Keane/how much you hate Redknapp/Iblame Comolli rubbish over and over again.

  7. norway – 5 in the middle, well that leaves either just 1 upfront (out of a choice of crouch/keane/defoe/pavlova resulting in 3 pissed off bench warmers, or just 3 at the back leaving our wings exposed putting severe pressure on lennon and young/rose/cole or whoever…

  8. I actually trust Redknapp who has a good eye for good young players coming through but there maybe a few more senior players who can bring stability and leadership (van Bommel? Diarra?). Like the idea of two defensive midfielders (hopefully with some height!!!) to allow Lennon / Modric to do their stuff running the opposing defence ragged.

    Would like to see the defense sorted as I fear Woodgate’s jinx could have returned…

  9. re: Si’s joke, amazing how people love to get on the morale high ground, yeah like this is the born again christians web site…no need for such girly feelings here, honestly get a life!

  10. Afternoon

    Do we really need another central midfielder. surely the left wing, a centreback or three and another front man allowing for Pavluchenko to go on seasons loan to Roma (you heard it here first). Still hopeful Arry has a signing or two/three/four up is sleave.
    Think we should raid Marid for Hunts and Drenthe, Chelsea for Cole and Carvelho, Fulham for Hangeland. If we are determined to sign young players. Mccormack and Ledley at Cardif.

    Just a thought or two…

  11. not sure about sissoko, but we do need additional strength in the middle. I think it’s actually by far our weakest area right now especially with king/dawson/woody all crocked if our central midfield is not strong and experienced we’ll be a soft touch and get off to another horrible start. At the moment we only have palacios, and he’s been great but we need a strong leader there that can go box to box. van bommel would be great, even though he’s old he’d help us a lot for 2 seasons while Harry slowly improves the team. Jenas has flattered to deceive for far to long, Hud has gone downhill under Harry, and is getting bigger and slower by then week, and that’s all we got as far as true CMs go. Very exposed, I think Harry knows it hence even trying out Keano there.

  12. oh, Fabian Delph as backup for Modric and the cups. Naughton for premiership young player of the year…

  13. Sick joke but everyone has there own sense of humor.

    Sissko £12m what will be will be and we shall see.

    If Keane is going to stay and we dont get a lefty then I really can only see him as a midfielder next season or at least 50/50

    Is there really any thruth in the hole Joe Cole thing ? Even if Harry came out and said I would like to sign Cole he’s a really good player (which he normally does) then at least we know his idea of a good player matches ours.

  14. See the problem, but i can not see a Tottenham without Modric in the starting line up. He is a hardworking and creative midfielder who can open a defense easily. He also works fine together with the strikers….
    A good man i expect a lot of this glorious upcoming season….

  15. ok, so sky sports are suggesting Vile have agreed a fee with Leeds for Delph, Common Levy guzumpt the brums and have him from under their noses.
    What we all are forgetting is, and i know it is only pre season, but Jake Livermore…. potential or otherwise. Think he will bench warm more than Hudd, purely because of his athletism, although Hudd without a doubt is the most natural accurate passer in the squad, Massive fan but aaaaaaargh…..Doesn’t he frustrate…

  16. Harry likes Joe, Joe likes Harry, There’s a perfect spot for him at Spurs where he’d be getting a lot of games, whereas at Chelsea it’s uncertain times for him right now with new signings like Zhirkov on the left and a new manager. I’m sure something’s brewing there (but slowly and quietly otherwise Citeh will spoil yet another deal)

  17. andyspurs, yes Hudd is the best passer, and I’ve wanted him to succeed for a long time, but to me he seemed at his best under Ramos (something he got right), now he’s just getting so so stiff and slow, play just goes around him. I think he may be better now at CB next to a quicker defender like, but still if a reasonable offer came in I’d say take it.

  18. No more midfielders!!

    How are the Rose’s, Livermore’s and Bostock’s ever going to get their chance with so many ‘senior ‘ midfielders in their way ?? Not to mention Gio and Tarrabt

    Has anyone seen Livermore and Bostock in preseason?? They look like everything we need to sure up our midfield, without having to spend out on journeymen in that ‘late Bryan Robson’ stage of their career’

    Bent fee should go on the best proven CB we can buy

  19. I love
    I love my spurs club and I think harry is the best manager we’ve had in long time so I’m trusting him in what ever dession he makes for the team as I do believe he has his best interest in spurs

  20. I love you si….. i’ve heard worse jacko jokes which ALL of you have laughed about…

    Wilson is a beast, i love him too….

    sad pathetic losers…get a sense oh humour…

    Spurs forever.

  21. bow down to the omnipresence of Iggle Piggle here who personally witnessed each and everyone of us laughing at jokes about a deceased alleged child abuser……

    PS Iggle – if you bother to respond, take the cock out of your mouth first before typing – it will improve your written vocabulary

  22. i never liked jacko cos he was a nonce, and when the fuck was he a spurs player? wilson’s bro was 16 and he was kidnapped and murdered. he didn’t kill himself with drugs. this is why other fans think we’re fucking idiots; cos some small minded fuckwits mock our own players tragedies.

  23. Anonymous…..

    Typing blips caused you a little spout of anger…..sad. my apologies… you clearly have nothing real in your life to worry about… i’m happy for you.

    Thank you for your view’s on Spurs…. noted.


  24. not even a gooner would say something like that ,i think si is in the same league as sol campbell maybe they can dance on that minefield together ,it would look great on you tube

  25. i`m a spurs fan but fuck have we got a shite team ,i feel almost embarrassed to say some of their names ,ere we go ,keane ,jenas ,bent bentley, one legged king(face it his days are numbered unfortunetley) ,pav,bale ,a sluggish huddlestone (god ,i had high hopes 4 him )chimbonda,hutton ,corluka ,last season dawson (thought he could become the new john terry ,just far to clumsy)& to top it off we go & sign crouch not huntelaar but plain ordinary ,boring & just too average crouch ,i used to drool in anticipation at the forthcoming season but i am actually dreading this one

  26. The Redknapp Revolution… Have faith in your team…Christ on a bike!!All this slagging off is a waste of time,we have good players with good qualities…lets just wait for the season to start before we get our knickers in a twist over something that hasn’t kicked off yet. Imagine if the players were reading this bull, would you want a fan that has zero support in you?! Spurs don’t need negative attitude! I supose you can kick a ball better?Cause you can…silly me!!!

  27. I think Harry has a pretty good eye for who can succeed in the Prem, or at least in our squad. The only one thing I really questioned was the return of Chimbo. Then again, I think at that point, we needed cover bad! For the joke at the top about Palacios’ brother, NOT FUNNY.


  28. Hi!

    It’s me, the NOT FUNNY one.

    Just want to say, if Wilson Palacios played for Arsenal I’m sure you’d all think it was rather hilarious. It was a dark, cruel, horrible joke whilst also pointing out how crucial Wilson is to us. Anyway, dancing on a minefield was not all it cracked up to be. I could say something about Eduardo but I won’t offend anyone else.

  29. Everybody does not need to worry about the lack of signings. I had a strange feeling that this year will be the year whereby spurs will produce another man utd’s class of 95, where all the young players will start to shine and found the core of the team (neville brothers, becks, scholes, giggs, butt)

  30. Now this is the most disgusting joke you have ever read (that is if you read it)
    A man takes his nine year old daughter to the doctor. After several hours in the waiting room, they’re called in.
    “Hello,” the doctor says. “How can I help you?”
    The man nods, “It’s my daughter, I was wondering if you could put her on birth control.”
    “Birth control?” the doctor is incredulous. “She’s too young to be sexually active!”
    “Sexually active?” the father says, “She just lies there like her mother!”

  31. Genius joke I thought Si.

    And Wilson is gonna be great again this season. I love him.

  32. you need to get a life anon…. this is a spurs blog…not a war zone, take your abuse elsewhere… cock!!

  33. Personally i’m not a big fan of redknapp but can’t fault the job he did last season. Since Comolli has gone we have bought some really good players. Wilson palacious is the best player we have bought in the last decade we should build a team around him and modric. The club must not cash in on these players like they did with berbatov. I’d like to see bostock get some first team opportunities as he has some real talent. Unfortunately the latest rumour is that huntelaar is off to AC Milan which is a shame cus he is a real goal machine. Squad still needs strengthening and Bassong would be ideal as well as veloso from sporting lisbon but that is just my opinion no rumours on that one yet. The points made earlier about huddlestone are spot on he always flatters to deceive, no stamina can only play for 60 mins!

  34. Si,
    you must be an undercover Gooner-Faggot…

    We only talk football on here, no sick jokes, especially about General-Palacios & his family.

  35. Hi all,

    Writing from Singapore and i do think this season we are gonna do good with the squad that we have. would be good if we could finally settle the left sided issue instead of pushing Modric there; as well add some steel with sissoko to Palacois. I think Pala is the best signing we had for years…no dis-respect to the other.


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