Milan Skriniar Incoming?

Tottenham could well be about to increase their current transfer window spend with the acquisition of Inter Milan centre-back Milan Skriniar. The 25 year old Slovakian has been an integral part of the Serie A side since his arrival from Sampdoria in 2017. Although Inter will be reluctant to part with their star defender, Premier League spending power is likely to win out here, with Tottenham transfer chief Steve Hitchen having already begun negotiations with the Italians over a possible €50 move.

Daniel Levy is certainly giving his full backing to manager Jose Mourinho. With six players having already made the move to north London during this transfer window, Jose appears to have even more sway than the powerplay website as things stand. Off the back of his starring role in the Amazon series All or Nothing, Mourinho’s stock has arguably risen in terms of celebrity at least. While it may be ridiculous to say that this has any impact where his current spending power is concerned, I don’t think the fact he came across well on screen has done his position any harm at all.

Milan Skriniar would be the third defensive player to join the Spurs squad in a relatively short space of time, with Matt Doherty and Sergio Regulion having already signed on the dotted line. Wholesale changes at the back now look very likely, and it will be interesting to see how these big money buys can perform together over the course of the season. With four competitions to compete in, Tottenham will definitely need a dynamic pool of players to choose from, and these additional options at the back are something the team has been crying out for.

Based on the way things are progressing currently, Skriniar could well be a part of the set up in time for the West Ham game on October 17th. Based on the way Tottenham are spending at the moment, there is no doubt that they are targeting a swift return to the Champions League.

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  1. As I understand it, there is a £5 million discrepancy between what Inter as asking and what Levy is prepared to pay. I appreciate Inter are holding firm on this but we were last time over the umming and ahhrring over the signing of Dybala. We didn’t do that over the sake of a few million (Image rights) and it cost us a champions league place. We are also supposed to be signing a striker, who I believe has dodgy knees. (Milik) Last time around we signed Sessignon instead of going that bit extra and signing Dybala. I really hope lightening doesn’t strike twice, because the momentum, the fire and desire that has been whipped up by the highs of signing Bale / Regulion et al would suddenly cause a real anti climax if we lose this chance.

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