Mark Ha Ha Ha Hughes

The Sun’s top story today is an amazing work of fiction by Ian McGarry claiming Spurs officials have met with Mark Hughes’ advisors with regard to a £20m five year deal to take over at the Lane.

OK, he’ll be under pressure to deliver with the cash at his disposal, but why leave until he has to, especially to come to a club bottom of the Premier League? Even if Hughes gets the sack from Man City at the end of the season, I’m sure he’d get another job just as good as Spurs.

I know our performance was less than convincing at Wisla yesterday but the fact is we are through to the group stage. Wisla Krakow aren’t a bad side and fair enough, it took an own goal to get Tottenham there but they are the sort of things that can turn a season around.

Instead of unsettling Ramos further, lets get behind him for the next few games and get some all important Premier League points on the board! I do think he’s living on borrowed time now but I really hope I’m wrong and that he can use the UEFA Cup as a platform for Sunday.

Hull will be a tough game. Their confidence is riding high while ours is at an all time low but it’s certainly a game we can win. Not just Ramos but also the players need to stand up and be counted and give the fans something to smile about. None of this one up front bullshine, I want to see us take the game to them and put it to bed early. 4-4-2 with all guns blazing, not 4-5-1 with the 5 and the 1 adding up to roughly 2.

4 thoughts on “Mark Ha Ha Ha Hughes”

  1. Its not like Levy doesn’t have form! The statement doesn’t deny any contact has been made. Reminds me of last year when the club denied offering Ramos the job just before he announced a dizzying offer had been made to him.

    OK he probably didn’t ring Sparky up and offer him the job outright but there’s a very good chance that soundings are being taken (and to be fair it’s reasonable to expect the Board to start making plans given Ramos performance).

  2. I think the main problem with changing managers would be more buying and selling of a players. Lets have a bit of stability for 5 minutes please, and see what happens.

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