Man City – Pain Review

Is Harry actually God? I’ve never believed in God before but I’m starting to see the light.

Since Harry Redknapp took charge.

Played 5
Won 4
Drawn 1 (We can allow God an off day)

Before he took charge I was starting to think we would never win a game ever again.

Yesterday’s three points took us off the bottom of the table and although we aren’t out the woods yet, things look an awful lot better than they did a few weeks ago. In fact, it’s like watching a different team.

Modric was immense again yesterday as he has been in every game under Harry. The boy doesn’t stop trying and he oozes class. He controlled the game. I was worried that the £16.5m was way over the mark with his performances under Ramos, it now looks like a snip. Our mate Wrighty7 seems to think it’s because Harry keeps him in the bags under his eyes on trips to away games so he feels safe. I don’t believe this rumour for a second.

Speaking of £16.5m, Darren Bent is looking like he wasn’t so over priced after all. Confidence are what good strikers are all about, Harry has somehow instilled it by the bucket load into Bent. He looks like scoring every time he gets the ball in and around the box, an absolute predator.

Ekotto and Zokora both look like bit parts and we will hopefully strengthen in those areas come January but as long as we continue to rack up those 3pts, they can continue to plug away being average.

Wednesday’s game against Liverpool does scare me a bit, but not as much as it would have scared me this time last month. They out played us in the league game but we still beat them. I’ll be happy with more of the same!

10 thoughts on “Man City – Pain Review”

  1. That rumour is true. Harry keeps Modric in his left eye bag and Lennon in his right.

    As for Harry is god, I give him a year until you all call for his head.

    I seem to remember you talking about Ramos in the same vein, funny how things change isn’t it?

  2. Difference is Ramos took over an already exciting and successful two year 5th spurs side. Ramos HAD the “GOAL MACHINES” Keano n Bebo but failed to utilise them since the carling cup.
    Redders has taken an destroyed team and made them a winning team in two weeks.. in a year will be even better.
    Remember none of us called for Jols head we loved him.

  3. spot on anon 11:11

    wrighty7 on comes on these spurs sites when Arsenal are winning, he was probably calling for Wenger’s head like the other last week.

  4. It’s the tactics really which are helping! We’re playing down the middle a lot more, getting through-balls into Bent which are the kinds of passes he likes to receive, and he’s showing it! How many goals has Bent scored from crosses or corners, hardly any… but that’s all we had under Ramos

  5. Up until the sending off city were getting well in control it would have ended 3-0 maybe 3-1 but that ruined the game and gave spurs the room they needed to spread the ball around they were never going to outplay city 11v11 even with nine men city created chances so i wouldn’t get carried away with yourselve’s just enjoy the luck your having right now. What goes around comes around usually.

  6. robinhosthumb, did u actually watch the game?until u scored the goal u created nothing!u most definitely wernt in control of the game!we deserved the 3 points so deal with it and move on loser! COYS

  7. Ha ha, me call for Wenger’s head??

    Go to my blog and you will see that you couldn’t be more wrong.

    I’m sorry but I’m not like you fickle Spuds, I support my manager when the going gets tough.

    I’m sure Harry will be getting the same treatment as Ramos, Jol and the rest always do.

  8. Its also quite funny how you thought Harry was a mug for having a pop at you Spuds for giving Big Sol a hard time, now you think he is god?


    Then again he’s just as bad, Harrys only there for the money and the big pay off when he gets the sack in 12 months.

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