Unfeckingbelievable. I’m still coming down. Arsenal fans are saying why are we celebrating like it’s a win? Because it felt like a fcuking win, one of the greatest comebacks in history. We might well have been battered for large periods of the game but the fact we battled for 94mins speaks volumes. The amount of confidence the players will get off the back of a result like that is unreal.

Modric has suddenly turned into a player. The whole team look like they can compete at the highest level.

I don’t think my body would survive many more night like that but what a way to go.

The future’s bright, the future is Harry!

9 thoughts on “LICK EM UP AARON”

  1. The ref gave the gooners 2 dodgy decisions for the first and second arsenal goals, also mistakes by our defence gifted them the others.

    As for spurs, make no doubt, they competed against arsenal’s strongest team compared to ‘champions league’ sides who just can’t cope on Wednesday nights.

    A wonder goal by Bentley had me off my seat and where did that Jenas goal come from??

    Well done Spurs for never giving up.

    Truth is, Wenger and the gooners ARROGANCE, by taking off Walcott and Van Persie and still trying to score more cost them the whole 3 points.

    Four – Twoooooo and you f****d it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done boys – COYS.


  2. Coooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee oooooooooonnnnnnnnn yyoooouuuuuuuuuu SSSSsssspsppppppppppppppuuuuuuuuu-uuuuurrrrrssssssss!

    And to top it all of a new stadium on the way – where do we play in the meantime?


  3. no its being built next door to the Lane. behind the north stand so we will stay at the Lane for the mean time. and its clear its guna get a sponsor for the naming rights. the mansion anyone?????

  4. We fought so hard to the end in true Tottenham style – the players have been transformed into actual premiership quality! Fantastic entertainment, and I didn’t feel sorry one bit for Wenger’s weasels as they were complacent and arrogant in ther approach to this massive fixture.

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