Let’s all laugh at Arsenal

After all, they have been doing plenty of laughing at us since the weekend.

Apparently, Arsenal could have signed Arshavin but they couldn’t afford his wages.

According to Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lachter, Arshavin wanted just too much money.

“Wenger was serious about buying Arshavin,” said Lachter in the Daily Express.

“If Andrei could have tempered his financial appetite, it was quite possible he would be playing at the Emirates right now.

“Arsenal were prepared to pay about £15million for him.

“(Arsene) Wenger is indeed a cunning fox who always says one thing and does the other. He wanted Andrei, but Arsenal are the only top English club who do not pay large salaries.”

While I am a fan of Arsenal’s activity in the transfer market on the whole, their unwillingness to pay decent wages is causing them a lot of problems including losing Hleb, Flamini and almost Adebayor.

I know Arsenal have had a lot more success than Spurs in recent years but over the next few, Spurs are likely to reverse that trend because of their financial clout.

Arsenal haven’t won a trophy since the FA Cup in 2005. As much as their fans said our Carling Cup win meant nothing last season, they would have loved to have been in that position, especially beating Chelsea in the final, something they were unable to achieve the previous year.

We might not have had much to laugh about on Saturday but look at the bigger picture and you’ll soon be smiling again.

37 thoughts on “Let’s all laugh at Arsenal”

  1. Lets all let Arsenal fricking get on with it and sort our our own ship.

    So god damn what they cant afford his wages, thats cos he wants too much money you muppet.

    Unless Asharvin can play central defence he wont help us anyway.

  2. Mabbs you have just made a fool of us , as if the team arent doing enough of that. Its not that Arsenal cant afford the wages its they dont think he is worth what he wants as a salary. i for one think the money could be spent better elsewhere

  3. Arsenal are falling apart because of their refusal to pay big wages though, at least Spurs are putting their money where their mouth is to try and achieve success.

    In this day and age when you are up against Chelsea and the like you have to be willing to pay over the odds sometimes if you want to keep up.

  4. My goodness me, Tottenham fans are truly a breed of their own.

    ‘I know Arsenal have had a lot more success than Spurs in recent years…’

    RECENT YEARS!!! The simple fact is, we are at least 12 years ahead of you as a club. When will you learn? The only reason you are held in the same breath as Arsenal is because you are lucky enough to be located but a few stone throws from our glorious stadium.

    Of course Arsenal could have afforded Arshavin, but it’s clear to see he is no different from all the other money grabbing arseholes out there who put finances before heart. You know the type…Berbatov. we want somebody who WANTS to play for us, not some soviet union minded one semi-successful European Championship wannabee.

    Tell yourself this at all times…: the only reason a player signs for you instead of us is because we didn’t want him first. There is no way someone would choose Tottenham over Arsenal.

  5. I admire (that’s a bit strong actually) the Spurs fans who ridicule this article because as an Arsenal fan, I would not want a player who is ‘pimping himself out’ to the highest bidder. If you guys want to pay him masses of money even though he openly said he wants to play in the champions league at Barca then more fool you. Oh and also – MIND THE GAP – it’s three points already.

  6. One sad point to remember is he would have chosen Arsenal over Spurs if they had paid his wages, he always wanted to play for a big club.

    Why do so many players not consider us a big club?

    Oh, have we actually signed Ashavin, thought not.

  7. All the wages are tied up in that pretty stadium, that’s why they still have Senderos rather than someone like Richards.

  8. Or Dawson? You’ve sold players to buy. Secretly your manager would love Senderos in the first team, remember, he’s only back up at Arsenal but your only decent centre-half is always injured! The last one you had wanted to go to a big club – oh yes, it was Arsenal!

  9. u guys only won 1-0 against the newly promoted team @ home??? I think a*senal is definitely fallin apart!

  10. Pretty ridiculous article, and I’m a Spurs fan! arsenick – sorry mate but I think Woody is classed as a quality defender, who I believe you were after. And Daws is better than Senderos and I’ve heard many Arsenal fans say that! Personally I think this season will be a close one between the 2 of us – apart from last season the last 2 were very close, it’s still early days yet boys – oh, and I don’t want Arshavin either – we’re both right not to pay his wages, he’s been pimped out left right and centre!!

  11. Financial Clout like Tottenham!!! 19 million for Darren Bent and 15 for David Bentley haha – so what we wouldnt pay arshavin what he wanted. Arsenal will pay with the best of them as we did with henry – vieira etc.. but only for players we really want.

  12. “u guys only won 1-0 against the newly promoted team @ home??? I think a*senal is definitely fallin apart!”

    A win’s a win, fella. Remind me, did you get more than our three points for losing to a side who aren’t newly promoted? No, thought not.

  13. ha ha ha at Arsenal

    ha ha ha at Henry, Flamini and Hleb leaving over wages

    ha ha ha at them having to break the wage structure to keep Adebayor or face losing Fabregas as well

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. Can’t remember a worse article – talk about clutching at straws!!

    And I don’t know any football fan who would rather win the Carling Cup instead of being in with a chance of the title UNTIL THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON and being in the QUARTER FINALS of the Champs League. Oh, except Spurs fans……

  15. Why do us Arsenal fans lower ourselves to bantering with inferior clubs like Sp*rs? We might as well trade insults with MK Dons! Sh!t Now I’m doing it.

  16. you arsenal fans are all mad, like all the big four teams!!! you actually believe that the gap created as a result of the financial rewards of champions league football has something to do with your club being great, and even more pathetically, you yourselves being great. DOH! Say to your selves at all times: we are a bunch of sad losers because we no longer enjoy anything other than being top dogs; we are not real football fans! talk to any psychologist arseholes….you are the real losers

  17. Same sh*t, different year! Its always the same from you spuds fans. Wages and transfer fees have nothing to do with it – enjoy mid table and tin pot cup success. I will personally be enjoying watching my team play champions league football. Whether we win it or not it will be one hell of a ride so f*ck off 🙂

  18. “All the Gooners big name players leave in the end because they can’t afford to pay them enough!”

    Ha Ha and I suppose all Spuds big name players stick with them through thick and thin!!! At least its the wage structure why players may leave Arsenal not because the club is sh*te 🙂

  19. upforgrabsnow said…

    The only reason you are held in the same breath as Arsenal is because you are lucky enough to be located but a few stone throws from our glorious stadium.

    I think you’ll find your actually lucky enough to be in spitting distance from White Hart Lane, you silly plastic gooner mug. Go on, off you go back to Woolwich…and into your nice comfy armchair, no doubt.


  21. Calm down dear, it’s onlt a commercial.

    Do all Spurs fans do that shouty illiterate thing when they get upset?

  22. Don’t you stupid Spuds fans realize what’s going on. Arshavin is overrated, even Tottnumb won’t pay the asking price, that surely tells you something. Wenger knew about Arshavin before anyone else, including during the January window. He realized, unlike Spuds, that two good games in Euros mean nothing if he has no fitness, maturity, or ability to adapt to the EPL. The Russian league is awful compared to EPL. Add that to the fact that he wants to be paid more than anyone else at either club and you get that he is in no way worth the money.

    The only reason he was considering Tottnumb was because he couldn’t get a move to Barca, Milan, Chelsea, or Arsenal.

  23. what a shit article, fucking embarasing as a spurs fan. wenger is no mug he wont pay so much for a possible re-born revrov! i hope ramos wont either. if the transfer indow closes as it is without signing a left sided mid, centre bk, and a big name striker, then ill admit arsenal fans, ill be happy to finish only 3 points behind you!! were signing okish players but were well unbalanced leaving ourselves well short in certain positions. arsenal by my own admition look far more ballanced!

  24. I used to be keen but I hope we don’t sign him now. Good player probably, but if you believe what you read he’s a c*** and I’d rather have someone with passion and skill please Ramos!

  25. An note to Arsenal fans:

    I am a Spurs fan, and yes I admire what Arsenal have done over the past 12 years, Yes you have been the much better team, No Spurs will not be overtaking you anytime soon. One thing you have got to understand which non of you seem to, is that things change in football, tides change. Always have always will. You won’t be that good forever. you have had your time. Your cogs are falling off. Time to stand down and rebuild your team.

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