Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Harry and for Sol

Last time I commented about Harry Redknapp’s tax problems and shady past I was told in no uncertain terms I was in the wrong. Last time I commented on Sol Campbell I was accused of being all kinds of prejudice. Therefore, I thought why not get them both involved today and you can really go to town on me!

A few weeks ago I said Harry’s tax issues could have an adverse affect on our season. Thus far, you couldn’t say this ongoing issue has been bothering the players at all. It does however put the club in the press for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I don’t really care what he did elsewhere but it’s obviously not a positive thing having his boat on the front page of the tabloids every other day for non football reasons.

I don’t know what the process is from here, if it’s just a case of paying back what he owes or if there is a possible prison term but we can well do without any of it now Man City have a new manager who has managed to teach them how to defend a bit in a matter of weeks. Our top four push is looking a lot tougher now so we need the manager to be able to focus fully on doing some decent business in the transfer window, not stuck in meetings with his brief.

As for our old friend Sol, it’s so nice to see him back at Arsenal. I’m very much keeping my fingers crossed for the lad in the hope he doesn’t have a nervous breakdown during a match this time around. It’s sad that we are no longer treated to pictures of Sol in the tabloids with various females and I find it disgusting that anyone would suggest this has anything to do with the fact he could no longer afford to weigh out Max Clifford. All the best for the season Sol.

11 thoughts on “Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Harry and for Sol”

  1. “if it’s just a case of paying back what he owes”

    Or indeed if he owes anything

    The idea that someone who earns millions is going to risk getting in trouble for 40K is ridiculous

  2. I really do not think Levy would let this destabilize the club if it was taking a lot of HR’s time. If found guilty it is likely that he will have to pay back the cash with lots of interest, a prison sentence is very doubtful.

    I think the revenue is just making an example of him – high profile and all that. They are cracking down on any kind of tax avoidance.

    I wonder if the MP who claimed £100K on doing up his second home will get the same treatment.

    I hope Sol plays against us later in he season. Sol vs Defoe – I wonder who would win.

  3. Lads it a bit more serious than paying the money back that happens before Court and Harry would be admitting (FRAUD)a serious offence.And if found guilty a jail term like Lester Piggot he wouldn’t pay and took is chances and Lost Al Capone Ken Dodd have all fell foul of the dreaded T Man.Lets Hope Harry Wins FA cup Top Four And The Tax Man Loses and Sol fails a Steroid test and Arsenal finish fifth now that would be a good Book To Read. COYS

  4. What a nice manager you’ve got there. Did you see his puke making excuses for nicking pompey’s two best players on SSN? ‘I gave Avram a ring blah blah blah’
    He’ll be found out sooner or later, no mistaking.

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