Is the honeymoon period officially over?

Harry can’t do a lot wrong as far as most Spurs supporters I speak to are concerned. He’s improved the squad, team morale and our league position massively since he took over. Almost 14 months ago, Tottenham looked doomed. Since then, Redknapp has been considered a hero amongst the Spurs faithful. Saturday was the first time I’ve heard more than a handful of people questioning his credentials.

The defeat to Stoke was one of those days, getting turned over by a second string Utd in the Cup was a shame, dropping two points at Everton from a strong position was very disappointing but losing at home to Wolves is unacceptable. It’s no going putting nine past Wigan if we can’t break down teams like Wolves and Stoke. On a more positive note, it was nice to see Modric back and hopefully he’ll be back in the starting line up before too long.

Wednesday’s match against City now takes on extra significance. I think a draw is the most likely outcome but we really can’t afford to lose another home game. Slightly worrying is the fact I’m sure it was a Wednesday night I was sitting with my Granddad watching a Tottenham v Man City game where Tottenham were 3-0 up at half time but still lost. Anybody remember that one?!

For me, the top four dream is looking less and less likely as the season goes on. I know we are still in touch but can you imagine us going to Old Trafford and winning 1-0 like Villa did? I can’t see it happening anytime soon personally. I don’t want to sound too downbeat because I’m quite happy with a top 6 finish which I think is our realistic target this season. We don’t yet have the mental toughness to match the big sides in the Premiership and until we do, a Champions League place will have to wait.

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  1. We’ve had a bad run recently but still in touch near the top. I was at the game saturday and to be honest we were too slow in the build up meaning every time we attacked they had at least eight men behind the ball at all times. They attacked every ball as if their lives depended on it, so for me it is more about credit to Wolves who came with a game plan and stuck to it. Our division is so strong anybody can be turned over if you’re not 100%. What concerned me more was the capitulation at ManU and not putting Villa or Everton away when we should have.
    I can’t believe anyone is questioning Harry, he is the man we have been crying out for, for so long. He will get it right, he is still building his team and we are already one of the best teams in the division.

  2. Absolutely right; we do not have the mental toughness to be a top 4 team
    Our build up is far too slow and poderous with too many back passes- what has happenned to Sgt Wilson?
    We looked as if we were puzzled as to how to break down a solid defence- ceratinly not with 40-60 yard air passes easily dealt with by defenders

  3. I wouldn’t include the Man U result in that. We went 2 down to two good goals and just thought, sod it, Everton away on Sunday, lets concentrate on that.

    A couple of freak results like the Wolves and Stoke ones aren’t the end of all things Tottenham and nor should they be. Did Man U bleat and moan about losing to Burnley? No. Alright we were at home but both those teams came and played to nullify and maybe nick something.

    The thing that is winding me up is the media response. We win and we’re top 4 contentders, we lose and we’re fragile and off the pace. And they say we’re the fickle ones!!

  4. What Redknapp did last season gives him a get out of jail card in this one and rightly so. That’s not to say that questions shouldn’t be asked; no-one is beyond criticism.

    The question of whether or not Redknapp has the tactical nous to make Spurs a top four team can’t really be answered until he has built his own side. Team building nowadays is not something club chairmen, especially ones who have already spent millions, have much time for. The same goes for players who are good enough for the CL, i.e. Modric.

    Those that think Redknapp will be allowed a five or maybe even a three year ‘plan’ are being a bit naive.

    I believe that Redknapp has two (three max) more transfer windows to build a team that will challenge, and players like Peter Crouch just won’t do.

    Both the home defeats at WHL and Old Trafford were written off as ‘one of those days’, but those days at Old Trafford and any club that will challenge are very few and far between.

    I’m not convinced by Redknapp, but he does deserve to be given more time after this season (unless there is a drastic run of results). Lots of experiecnce? Yes. Lots of experience competing at the top end? No. This team needs some experienced winners, especially on the pitch.

  5. He’ll be off to liverpool soon, with another pay off!!

    ###even your own players dont like your fans ha ha

    Top 4 my ass

  6. He’ll be off to liverpool soon, with another pay off!!

    even your own players dont like your fans ha ha

    Top 4 my ass

  7. Blimey, what more do we want. To win the league by 20 clear points just after Christmas. I tell you what, lets sack him and get someone else in and start again shall we. Perhaps employ a director of football again. We are fifth and with a fair wind and a couple of better performances we could be sitting third. Yes, thats right TOP 5. Remember last year when were still in the bottom three or thereabouts. We lose a game, we need to sell everyone, we win a game they should all be knighted. Sometimes we need to get a grip and realise that, with still over twenty games to go we are in there with a REALISTIC shout at the top four, something that was but a distant dream a year ago…

  8. I was at The Lane for that FA Cup versus City game you mention. I was at the North Stand, for my first and last time, along with my girlfriend, for the first and last time (!), all goals happened in front of the South Stand! My God, what a crappy night!

  9. Neilm – well said! We’re our own worse enemy at times – finishing 5th two years running and then undermining the boss anyone?! It just meant we had to start the hard work all over again. We’ve got great foundations to make the big 4 a ‘big 5’, but we just need to be patient and realise it’s not going to happen over night!

  10. Harry has been our savior, but even he can stand a bit of criticism. He is slow to sub, no one can argue that point. He is irrationally attached to Crouch. It’s going to take a bit of time for him to build his side and get them playing well together. We do need a tried and true leader on the field. That is imperative for us. Keane just isn’t it, bless him. Hopefully Harry will be allowed to stick around and see all of this through. Stability at manager is our best bet at a top 4 finish right now.

  11. if any team finishes top 4 with a central midfield of Huddlestone and Palacios I’ll be amazed.

    But Harry says you will finish top 3 anyway.

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