Is the Europa League actually a good thing for Spurs?
I’ve always felt the Europa League is a bit of a nonsense competition. Having to fly out to various distant parts of Europe to play in the cold on a Thursday night must have a negative effect on Premier League results. The taste of Champions League action probably hasn’t helped and neither did the fact we finished fourth last season only to be cruelly denied another tilt at that elite contest. Seeing Real Madrid and Manchester City play out that classic last night also reminded me exactly what we are missing out on as Tottenham fans.

I do feel that in our current situation, the Europa League could well be a positive thing. Our squad is extremely healthy at the moment and a number of top players are sitting on the bench getting very little game time. While playing in this competition may not keep them all happy, it will maintain their match fitness and also give Andre Villas-Boas the opportunity to assess their talents on the pitch. With Defoe in fine form, it might be a while before Adebayor and Dempsey get a start in the current system so I’d expect them both to play a part in the Europa League.

Andre Villas-Boas also appears to have a strong passion for the Europa League. As Porto manager, Villas-Boas became the youngest ever manager to win a European competition when his team took the 2010–11 Europa League. Although the Premier League and a top four finish will be the manager’s priority, he will also be keen for his new side to do well in this competition, beginning with Lazio this Thursday night. Villas-Boas has been quoted in the press this week saying that he ‘wants to do something special’ in this season’s Europa League and sounds very keen on winning the trophy for a second time.

I expect Spurs to have a successful European campaign this season and while it may not be the Champions League, I think we will be in for some exciting Thursday evenings over the coming months.

7 thoughts on “Is the Europa League actually a good thing for Spurs?”

  1. Listen, if we win the europa league nobody will be saying its a waste of time, we would be playing in the Super Cup next year and it would be the biggest trophy we have won in 20 odd years.

    If we dont take it seriously then yes it is a waste of time.

    Last year Harry went excessive with the use of reserve players in this competition but we have got rid of a lot of crap that we had last year.

    Players like Caulker, Adebayor, Dempsey, Dawson, Huddlestone, Parker and Lloris would start in games like this alongside youngsters who are more proven in Livermore, Townsend and Tom Carroll.

    We no longer have a reserve team we are more balanced as a squad throughout.


    And a huge improvement from last years list of untrustworthy players including Jenas, Gomes, Rose, Bassong, Bentley, Pav and Corluka

  2. I would love us to progress and possibly win this trophy,
    Everyone mocks the europa league trophy in the EPL but every other country rates it and goes for it.

    It will be tough with alot of games in short spurts but it will be worth it COYS :mrgreen:

  3. I belive AVB will use the squad much better than HR did. I think we’ll see changes for this game & players rotated throughout the season. And if so we will have a great year. The EPL, Europa League & the domestic cups will keep all the players playing & happy as a squad. COYS!

  4. It’s an interesting option. Play a bit part in the champs league or win europa? Surely one step at a time. Unlike rednapp I feel playing more games is benefitial not a problem. All the teams who go onto the finals in the champs league play many games, it doesn’t weaken them. A large squad needs to be playing, it’s a great way to gel players, introduce youth players but unlike rednapps version. I mean to actually allow the youth to play alongside our best and truely test them. We win the europa cup and it’s another trophy. Winning becomes a habit. So why not start in the smart lane and win what we look most capable of winning. It can only enhance the teams confidence and test the resolve and depth of the squad. What did we get from rednapps efforts in the europa league? Nothing. no cups, no new players, no youth players it was just a waste of time. if ya in it try and win it.

  5. Agreed with Spursguv and the article. We’ve got to make the best of what we’ve got rather than denigrate it and look for something we can’t have. As Keith Burkinshaw once said – life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

  6. Success breeds success and a trophy would mean everything, especially in Europe. This also helps to get the players ready for a return to the CL, IMO.

    Lazio are treating it seriously, I just read an interview with the coach – – and he expects us to be up for it.

    It spreads our reputation through Europe too and helps attract players not to mention keeps uefa coefficent up so we wont be in a rubbish pot when back in the CL.

    Get behind it!

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