Is Jermain Defoe up to the Task?

There is always much debate surrounding the merits of Jermain Defoe. Twitter is awash with comments about him being a flat track bully and is nothing more than an impact sub. While I agree with some of the criticism levelled at him, I don’t think Defoe has had enough opportunities at Tottenham to judge him without some level of doubt. If given the chance to lead the line for a full season, would he be able to produce sufficient quality performances and ultimately goals?

Defoe scored the winning goal for England last night and was well backed by the betting public to get on the score sheet. Sportsbook reviews and more sports information on Defoe’s chances of scoring against the Toon Army this weekend tell us he is amongst the favourites to net again. However, I’m sure a large proportion of the Spurs faithful wouldn’t dream of backing him to get the winner away from White Hart Lane.

While some aspects of his personal life are questionable, Defoe has suffered multiple personal tragedies over the last few years but he has continued to be a model professional where Tottenham are concerned. Jermain has never quite hit the heights expected of him earlier in his career and at 29 years of age, it’s now or never as far as fulfilling this promise is concerned. With Spurs light on strikers currently, Defoe has the perfect opportunity to prove all the doubters wrong and become AVB’s main man. It will be interesting to see whether Villas Boas gives him the opportunities that Redknapp did not.

I accept that some of his all round play is lacking, but what Jermain Defoe is all about is goals. If he’s finding the back of the net with enough regularity, the rest quite simply won’t matter. Given a decent run in the side this season, I’m confident that the man who is arguably the best finisher in the Premier League can play a key role in helping Tottenham to achieve great things.

5 thoughts on “Is Jermain Defoe up to the Task?”

  1. Since Defoe joined Spurs, he has had on average 20 starts a season. That is his weakness. He either is not able to produce for a whole season, or he does not become undroppable enough. It is all very well saying: “if he had the chance”, but the fact is that he has not merited the chance. When he got 18 goals that season, he got 15 of those goals in the first half of the season. For the remainder of the season, you are relying on what he gives you when he is not scoring…. which ain’t much. He does not work the channels, chase hard, pressure defence, act as a target, work the offside trap….. That is the main point. Defoe is a 1 in 3 goalscorer, and some of those will be braces and hatricks, so in those 3-5 games without a goal, is he going to help you be a better team?

  2. Have faith in jd he wont dissapoint. The guy will work bhis backside off and he’s a better finisher than adebayor was. He got 17 last season, a fact that is conveniently ignored by his critics, also 16 at the highest level with england. He just needs a proper run of games, ‘arry treated him like shit.

  3. This is the problem Football has moved on and some fans and Managers like an extra midfielder to model Barca passing game without the genius of Messi. The big problem is this you have to have scoring Midfielder with the in stinks of a striker and extra energy to pass and move and press the opposition for the ball for 90 plus mins. If you combine all three disciplines you can win but over a full season its impossible without massive rotation to avoid burn out and serious illness. We failed to play this way last season and won our games with individual brilliants and open games and some luck and unlucky games in equal amounts. The teams using extra energy used lots of players and they never weakened when they had players missing this is another sine of this new way of playing. The truth of what i am saying Defoe is a great out and out goal scorer give him the proper chances and he will score his main provider and one he has praised is Tom Huddlestone defence splitting passes like the one he manufactured for Gallas in pre season. So the debate about Defoe should not be about his scoring but two things why there is so many shocks in football score wise and health wise and Defoe needs the right supplier not a high hopeful pass when he is 5f7 he scored more than all our strikers in mins played. If i was running Spurs my front two would be Ady and Defoe every week with this team New keeper or Gomes without the gaffs. Lennon Walker Dawson Kaboul Vertonghan Lennon Huddlestone Siggy Bale Defoe Ady. and rotate the rest during games and injuries. position 3rd 442 . or 4411 or 451 6th

  4. He’s definitely a proven goal scorer so their is no reason why this lad cant fulfill the pressure place on his shoulders now. Remember Harry never really give him a fair crack at the starting eleven and he was still scoring at a better rate than other striker s in the league playing week-in and week-out.

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