I’d take boring sometimes

Another blank weekend with no Premier League action until the 17th but as is normally the case with Spurs, there is still plenty of off field drama to keep us ‘entertained’ for want of a better word.

The current intelligence doing the rounds is that Harry was questioned by the fuzz for four hours on Tuesday and bailed until the 21st. I find it all a bit confusing. Surely if he’d done anything that bad they would have some hard evidence to charge him with something by now. It would appear the authorities are clutching at straws.

I hope Redknapp’s current issues aren’t affecting the players. It doesn’t seem to have had a negative impact thus far but if the case does drag on and the tabloids continue to run stories, that could change.

Now we finally have some stability and are moving in the right direction, something had to happen. That’s just the Spurs way. It wouldn’t be right if we had the same manager for more than a season and a half would it?!

No offence to either club, but it must be nice supporting teams like Stoke and Wolves. While you may not be setting the world on fire, at least there is a certain level of stability. As interesting as it is being a Spurs supporter, I’d take boring sometimes.

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