I never thought I’d see the day

that Arsenal would concede 5 at the Lane fielding an almost full strength side. Their hero Cesc looked like he did not want to know and two of their players even had a headbutt match. What a glorious glorious night, when was the last time the Goons let in 5?

Wenger was great value after the match. He said: “We go for a policy at the start of the season and stick to it no matter who we play and when we play and where we play.” “I feel that the competitions that matter to us are the championship, the Champions League, and after that, the other competitions”. I think he needs to ask his fans that were walking out half way through the match if they agree. In any case, he ended the match with more or less his strongest side possible on the night.

There was a great line from Poyet, when asked whether victory was devalued by the Gunners’ inexperienced side, he said: “It’s a good excuse.”

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