I might start supporting Fulham

So that was a white lie, but it will hurt seeing Martin Jol at another Premiership side if today’s papers are to be believed. Maarten Cornelis Jol should never have lost his job as Tottenham manager and the way he was treated still gets my goat when I think back to it. Obviously it’s all water under the bridge now, and I wouldn’t swap Harry for anyone, but I was very disappointed when the Dutchman was replaced.

His record since leaving Spurs has enforced the fact he is an excellent manager having tasted success at both Hamburg and Ajax. It’s easy to forget what he achieved at Tottenham and how much improvement and consistency he got from the squad during his tenure. Winning the League Cup under Ramos vindicated the club’s decision to replace Jol in the short term, but Ramos’ overall record did nothing of the sort.

I’ve always had a lot of time for Fulham as a football club anyway but now I’ll be keen for them to do well, just so long as it isn’t at Tottenham’s expense. If Martin Jol does take the reigns at Craven Cottage, it will certainly make for a couple of very entertaining fixtures this coming season and it would be no surprise to see Jol’s Fulham side turn us over in at least one of those Premier League meetings. As much as I’m a fan of our former manager, I just hope it isn’t at White Hart Lane!

We will never know what might have been under Martin Jol. I realise he was going through a slightly rough patch when he was removed from office at Tottenham but that was likely due to the fact his position had been undermined by both Levy and Comolli. Fingers crossed it will be a successful 2010/11 season for both Tottenham and Fulham.

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  1. I agree, it will be hard to see him at Fulham. I still think it’s time to move on and forget about the past. We have a great manager in Harry, one who has gotten us to the Champions League. Still, Jol will get his well-deserved standing ovation at the Lane if he is to visit with the Cottagers.


  2. So why don’t you F*UCK off and go and Support Fulham……..A genuine Spurs supporter would never show affection to another club.

  3. I never got that “I don’t like the way he’s treated” angle. We have a fan-base that after 20 years (from 1987) had learnt to accept mediocrity – I was absolutely slaughtered for an article I wrote shortly after Eastlands to suggest that finishing 4th place was not good enough for a club with our history, merely a stepping-stone back to where we belong…

    And a board with a true sense of the position of our club. In most clubs its the fans who know the club’s status and the Board who are short-sighted.

    Jol’s dismissal was a ruthless but welcome step towards future glory, vindicated by present circumstances. It was for the benefit of the club.


  4. Martin Jol should never have lost his job as Tottenham manager and the way he was treated. I love the Jol too, it will be strange seeing him at another club in the Premier League. I hope it just all rumours…. BIG Martin Jol. Yes we do have a great manager who i also love HARRY HARRY HARRY!!!!!!!

  5. It would be awkward, i really liked him. I rated him as one of my favourite managers, but the way he was treated was very harsh. I felt soo sorry for him.

    Come Spurs vs Fulham, lets all spurs fan stand up and cheer for JOL, for what this great man has done for us.

    Lets stand up and sing for JOL.

  6. Yeah, Jol was a bullshitting wanker who desired mediocrity for Spurs just so he would have a job. The back of him was a very good thing to see. He was fired simply because we kept on losing, for no other reason. To suggest that he was unfairly treated is ludicrous. He should be happy at Fulham, its more his speed. Admittedly, Juande Ramos did no better but he was fired too. Long live Harry!

  7. He should have waited for the MC job which will become vacant about xmas time, Fulham is the wrong move if he wished to build a reputation again in the PL. Mind u the Liverpool job will also be avail by xmas as I don’t think Hodgeson has what it takes to manage Liversausage and I think by xmas they will be looking like another David O’leary Leeds team (how’s that song go, oh yeah, down down deeper and down)… so stay where u are MJ for a while longer.

  8. remembering back to the cup final of that year i dont really remember ramos having any significant influence over Jol’s team, it was one of the only games we won in that half of the season too.

    Ramos sold a load of squad players and bought big, humiliated the club and was replaced by a manager who promptly bought back the majority of Jols players, something that should probably be remembered in this part of summer tranfers frenzies

  9. I liked Martin Jol and this Year we will have to not only overcome ex players trying to prove a point but Martin Jol has returned to haunt us. It seems every week we are haunted by our past and if Harry sells anymore players it could be even worse.

  10. Jol’s last season Facts: 2006/7 after 10 games: Won 1, Drew 4, Lost 5. 7 points in 10 (over a quarter of season) -> Projects to 26-27 points at end of season. Even bottom-placed Portsmouth got more than that last season (28 – without points deduction). Yes I know, that this is a crude approximation, but it shows a lot.

    Yes Jol was dismissed in a nasty way, but I am sure he got adequately compensated for it. I like the guy a lot, and wish him well in the future. HOWEVER – It was the right time to go. The season started badly, and didn’t look like it would have improved. He had lost the team – and goodness knows what was going on in the dressing room. He started the ball rolling for us, I will forever be grateful. I do feel that he took Spurs as far as he could at that moment. After managing Hamburg and Ajax, I am sure that he is an even better manager now.

  11. I like Martin Jol also. Very sad to see him go the way he did. How can you dislike anyone who faced down winging wenger as he did.Good luck at Fulham Martin.

  12. You sound like Spurs is your wifey or something. Chill the f@*k out. Of course people can show affection for other clubs, provided the team you support takes priority.

  13. @Stratty

    This thinking is exactly the same problem England national team have. 44years ago, they won the world cup. For 30 odd years idiotic England fans think we have a right to win it again, despite massive evidence to the contrary.

    What they havent considered is that, in those 44 years, the game has changed, different teams have emerged etc etc. However, the fans arent willing to allow a step-by-step improvement, they just remember the cliched picture of bobby moore being carried around wembley, and expect the same from *spit* Terry.

    This is hanging around the england players’/manager’s necks everytime they play.

    So with Tottenham, Jol had us improving while playing decent stuff with a very average team and a couple of class players (he just knew what players he needed… Davids in the middle etc etc). Yet the myopic fans just bang on about history, while forgetting the absolute pish we’d gone through in the last 20 years and needed to turn round step by step.

    Total disgrace that Jol got sacked at that point.

    However, harry is doing a great job, and cant bemoan that fact at all. Just hope the myopic ones amongst us dont expect us to win a double anytime soon just because we did it in 61.

  14. I will never forget The Cup game against the blue scum where after being 3-1 up, BMJ took Berbatov off (Jol said he was injured, Berbatit later said that he wasn’t) and we drew (lost) 3-3.

    It was a dire collapse and one that happened all too often under Jol. I travelled to Leicester for another cup collapse. 2-0 up then knocked out 3-2. Anyone remember all those last minute gaffs?

    As has been said, nice bloke but tactically inept. Perhaps he has learnt from his time at Hamburg and Ajax, but being outwitted by the witless Steve McClaren would suggest not.

    I’m still unsure if Redknapp is tactically astute enough to take us any further but he obviously deserves his chance. People are far to quick to worship or hate. Until a manager has proven his worth consistently, I’ll remain somewhere in between.

  15. People forget so easily how badly we played under BMJ.

    We could hardly ever hold on to a lead. The last ten minutes of a match were always nerve-jangling. BMJ made subs at either the wrong times, always on 60mins, or didn’t make subs when he should have done.

    But essentially, his demise eventually led to Harry. Thus, I don’t regret BMJ’s departure, but would welcome him back in a few years when he has more tactial nous and Harry has retired.

  16. BMJ was an affable enough character, hence his popularity, but in all honesty a choker when it came to the business end of the season – we should have qualified for CL; we were a country mile ahead of ‘that lot’ and manged to lose out. the following season we flattered to decieve in getting 5th then we shocking at the start of the following season. Jol had to go. At Hamburg he set off like a steam train built a good lead, then at the business end of the season….

  17. Some dreadful stuff from some knuckle draggers here. Jol was a good manager and it needs to be remembered that the reason he didn’t take us into the Champions League had nothing to do with lasagne and everything to do with the Mendes goal at Old Trafford. If the ref and lines men agreed with 60,000 at the ground that day who saw the ball go a full meter over the line then we would have had the points which would have put the Gooners fifth. Not saying Jol was the best but am saying he did his best and he also did the best we had seen in some time. Levy treated him badly, that was a disgrace and that is what most of us object to: a decent bloke was treated like s***.

  18. Strangely I thought Santini didn’t do all that badly either. I remember that season being full of promise and direction. That new kit was simplicity… his opening day selection against Liverpool was measured and balanced, and I remember a 17 year old Phil Ifil playing out of his skin.
    Jol Adapted better due to his stronger grasp of the English language.
    Things only started to go pear-shaped when Frank Arnesen saw pound signs from Chelsea. I think him and Jol had a good understanding, whereas Comolli seemed like an android of some sort – buying people in without much discussion before hand I feel.

    Jol is a very very good manager. I will say that he had me tearing my hair out with some of his substitutions and team selections. Examples being pulling off Berbatov when you have an apparently ‘comfortable’ lead. What’s the point? It’s not like he’s ever going to wear himself out is it??
    I could never understand why he used to let Routledge have a game, and then drop him too. At the time he was actually putting in better performances than Lennon.
    Dean Marney, Reto Ziegler also excelled at times I thought, and yet were dropped immediately afterwards. I think it was his inconsistency that puzzled Levy.

  19. @Jack

    The Mendes goal that wasn’t given was in the 04/05 season, the year we finished 9th. I’m not sure the two extra points would have propelled us to 4th.

  20. Oh, and according to the Ramos camp, the diet for players under Jol had to be seen to be believed! It might just explain why we faded late so often!


  22. I am so glad that he has come back to the premiership!…now all you Jol arse lickers will see how useless he is!

    We did well during his time because of the squad…he actually lost us so many points because of his total lack of understanding tatics….The game at Fulham was a perfect example…if it was not for that pratt we would have made 4th spot both the times we finished 5th!

    The kids liked him cause he reminded them of santa…he was fuc*ing useless!…he went to germany and took the best defensive team in europe (goals conceded) and made them into a team letting in 3 goals a game…tosser.

    So GLAD he is back…we might finally get all these Jol arse lickers to shut the fu*k up!


  23. I kinda of see it as having an ex girlfriend, who u dont particularly want anymore but dont want anyone else to have! Good luck to jol at fulham though, except against us!



  25. Jol’s spell at hamburg a success? LOL you should go ask a hamburg fan what he thinks. At two club with greater resources than his rivals for the title, hamburg and ajax lost the titles to wolfesburg and Twente.
    This shows sacking jol was the right decision.

  26. Daz – Santini’s record was won 3, drew 4, lost 4. A bit of a Gerry Francis record.

    As for that Mendes goal – come on, we were very lucky not to get slaughtered in that game. We had one shot from miles out and it went in, but ref didn’t see it. Grateful to get that point.

    Yes Jol was treated badly, but when was the last time you saw a manager quit mid-season? They don’t, because they forfeit a payoff. When things go badly, the manager has to keep going until he gets sacked these days. Jol knew it was coming.

  27. What success exactly Jol had with Hamburg and Ajax? Anything less than winning the title for Ajax is a failure in a poor Dutch league, Hamburg have been investing heavily in the last 4-5 seasons , their aim was to make the Champions League but Jol could only manage a UEFA place with them under a very very similar circumstances with Spurs (not Lasagne) but so many collapses due to lack of concentration and obvious tactical, formational mistakes by Jol (anyone remember how we dropped so many silly last gasp points under Jol? Which cost us the CL at the time not the lasagne) Jol is nothing more than a mere nearly manager, always will be that, never gonna be the top of the pops unfortunately..he was sacked but he was compensated accordingly at Spurs.

  28. It’s ok, it’s ok fulham are shite and always will be, sorry martin, 3 yrs to make a team there (with ex-spurs players no doubt). jol will be back at WHL in 5 yrs when arry goes to saudi arabia

  29. Matin Jol , Top man would be welcome back by nearly all Spurs supporters> I wish him all the best at fulham and will watch their results with interest . My second fav.club if the big man signs.

  30. Yup that’s correct – it would have got us into the UEFA cup though, in Jol’s first season. That then gives us finances to build on the squad that acquired Berbatov and co… we might not have had to worry about the dodgy Lasagne with a boost like that. Alternatively we might have got bogged down with the extra fixtures – we will never know, thanks to good old Sepp Blatter.

  31. Yeah but Tony – how often to Man U squeak through a game with a disputed goal or complete fluke… then after the match they say ‘Well the top quality sides always get the results when not playing well’ etc… I don’t CARE or remember how well Man U played that day… our GOAL was in and it was effectively a FAKE result. Man U 0-1 Spurs was the real final score.
    The events of the World Cup are hopefully putting video evidence again to the fore… about 20 years too late…. but at least it’s being discussed again everywhere.

  32. Oh and Gerry Francis has one of the best win percentages (36%) of any Spurs manager ever. Harry is currently in the top 3 I believe.
    In his best season (Without Klinsmann) we finished 8th but were only 3 points off 4th spot. The previous season, 7th. Those kinds of positions and being even close to qualifying for Europe at that time were almost unheard of for our squad.
    Francis was a solid manager. I didn’t always agree with his selections but at a time when we needed stability he was solid as a rock.

  33. Tis just a fecking game.
    You can have affection for or follow whatever team you like. There are no rules.
    It’s not a religion – or shouldn’t be.

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